Are brides ever “too old” for the full meringue?

Is there an age-limit on tulle and a full veil?

If there’s a day when you can wear whatever you want, it’s your wedding day.

Equally, if there’s a day when what you wear says a great deal about you, and the way you see yourself, it’s your wedding day.

For example, all of Kim Kardashian‘s wedding dresses say: I SPRINKLE CRUSHED-UP DIAMONDS ON MY WEETBIX.

too old for wedding dress
Kim Kardashian now has a whole closet full of wedding dresses, and they’re all incredibly… expensive.


too old for wedding dress
Keira Knightley is so cool, she wore this dress to marry her husband. And that’s not even her husband. It’s her ex. That’s how cool she is.

And, of course, Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress said: I AM A PRINCESS. AND STRAPLESS WAS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

too old for wedding dress
The new standard in demure class.

It’s one of the reasons why even the wedding sceptics amongst us love to pore over the frocks chosen by friends and strangers. It’s a moment when, within reason, you can wear whatever you want. So what would you choose?


A generational icon got married at the weekend. Ginger Spice, aka Geri Halliwell, aka the most outspoken, outrageous Spice. The Spice who once pinched Prince Charles’ arse. The Spice who blew up the world’s biggest pop group by marching out without saying goodbye. The Spice who called Mrs Thatcher “the Original Spice Girl”. The ‘feisty’ one.

And what did she choose to wear? Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

too old for wedding dress

Merging her impressive fortune with that of a very rich Formula One Boss in a traditional service at a local church, Ginger chose to express herself as a princess.

Conservative, elegant, classic. White. Corsetted. Veiled. Not a hint of flesh on display. Golden sky-high slippers beneath. Some might call it the Full Disney.

It’s the kind of dress that a little girl would dream of wearing to her wedding.

Which is what makes it a very interesting choice.

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Geri Halliwell is 42. I am not suggesting for a moment that she is old. I am 43. But we are grown-ups, Geri and I. And if there’s any evidence that grown-up women have not yet put away childish things it’s the idea that you can have a 4 in front of your age and still want to wear a huge poufy princess dress, a floaty veil and shoes you can’t walk in to marry the (probably second or third) love of your life.

Okay, I am just going to say it. I think I am too old to wear a wedding dress.

These aren’t quite the wedding dresses little girls dream of. But we cannot look away from these insane dress choices. [Post continues after the gallery]

I am not saying that Geri Halliwell is too old to wear a wedding dress.

Geri Halliwell is Ginger Spice and can do whatever the hell she likes for as long as she likes with whomever she likes. But there’s no escaping the message in that choice – ‘I am a girl in love, and I am having the wedding I have always dreamed of. I might have first dreamt of it when I was 18, but it’s still my dream, and dammit, there will be no editing for age or experience.’

Whereas to my over-40 self, the idea of the meringue, if it every appealed, now seems entirely ridiculous. It speaks of an entirely unrealistic vision of marriage that has nothing to do with the people my partner and I are at this time in our lives – lovers, great friends, parents, yes – but not the charming prince and his virginal, blushing bride.

But Geri is right on trend. Dramatic weddings with the big Dream Dress for the over-40s are on the rise.

Check out other celebrities wearing their dream dresses. 

Because in an era when 54-year-old Madonna can party without her pants and no-one bats an eyelid, and 17-year-old Kylie Jenner is getting surgery on her already-perfect and still-changing face, age has nothing to do with how we see ourselves any more. The rule book is out of the window.

And if you don’t find your Prince Charming until you’re over 40, and you’ve always dreamed of the Full Disney, why wouldn’t you go there?

Leave the tasteful 50s cocktail dresses and the wedding pants to the timid amongst us, right? And let your princess flag fly.

Do you think there’s an age-limit on wearing the Big White Dress? 

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