LEIGH CAMPBELL: 'The $29 glowy primer I like better than a cult $70 one.'

In 2024, the beauty market is positively bursting with jazzy dupes. If there's a spendy product you love but you just can't justify the price, chances are there's a more affordable version on the market that's often just as good (if not better).

The drawback? They're not all created equal. And often you might hear someone raving about the best makeup dupe or skincare dupe on social media, only to buy it and find out it's a total flop. 


And while a lot of these dupes might be pretty affordable — a lot of crappy products can add up to one very expensive sack of disappointments. 

But, look. That's why you've got us! Cute little us.

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Because on a recent episode on the You Beauty podcast, our very own beauty wizard Leigh Campbell shared the affordable illuminating base product she's been loving — and it turns out she actually likes it more than the original.

We love it when that happens!


It's Rimmel Multi Tasker Better Than Filters, $29.95. (Psst... at the time of writing, you can grab it for $18).

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"I've been meaning to talk about it," said Leigh. "It's Rimmel's dupe of the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. MCoBeauty did one as well."

"But out of all the flawless filter/shimmery/primer-y things, this is my favourite. I've got the Charlotte Tilbury one — I've pretty much got all of them."

HUGE call. As someone who writes and chats about beauty for a living, we try a fair whack of products on the regular. So look, if Leigh Campbell rates it — you know it's going to be good!

"The reason I like it the most is because it's the least shimmery," Leigh added.

Have you tried it before? I have. Here's what it looks like:

Here she is!


And you guys, our friend Leigh is right. It really is very good. I've used it under makeup before and mixed it in with my foundation and can truly say this formula is seated firmly in the 'lightbulb in a bottle' category, giving dull, tired skin a little kick up the bum.

Because while illuminating drops can be the bomb at making you look like you have that healthy-looking, lit-from-within glow — sometimes certain formulas can cross into that Tin Man territory, particularly when worn alone, highlighting things you don't really want to highlight. 

"At 42, I've got lines and wrinkles and pores — and I still have great skin," shared Leigh. 

"I love the Charlotte Tilbury [formula] and always mix it in with my foundation. However, this one — if I'm just doing a running around day or don't want to wear makeup — I can wear this on its own and it's not too shimmery to the point where it sits in my pores or picks up my lines. Because it's such a fine line with these sorts of radiant-based products."


"They can make you look radiant or they can make you look like you've got shimmer on your face and sort of settle into your imperfections. So, this one is for you if you're not a shimmery girl."

This Rimmel number comes in six different shades. Notably, as Leigh points out, it's quite a sheer formula that doesn't offer too much coverage. It's more of a 'radiant booster' as opposed to a base product.

"I can use it on its own but I've also been mixing it into my foundation and it's so nice," she added. "I've also been mixing it into moisturiser and applying it on the decolletage. Delicious. It's just really good."

"I've tried ones that are much more expensive, so have been meaning to tell you about it. I know Teresa McNamara — who's been on the pod and she writes for us — she's in her 50s and she loves this one too. I think it's the most forgiving."

Want to read Teresa McNamara's full review on Rimmel Multi Tasker Better Than Filters? Course you do. We all do! Head here.

Now, have you tried Rimmel London Multitasker Better Than Filters before? What's your thoughts? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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