'I make $250,000 a month. When my friends found out, everything changed.'

Annie Knight found success on OnlyFans

She previously told Mia Freedman on No Filter that she'd seen "all of these girls saying they make $50,000 a month [on OnlyFans]" selling explicit content, so the 27-year-old decided to give it a go in August 2020.

After months of hard work and strategic marketing, Annie is in the top 0.02 per cent of earners and taking home an average of $250,000 per month. 

It's a life-changing amount of money

"I get to do things for my parents that I have always dreamed of doing," she says. "I'm taking my mum overseas soon and recently, I helped my dad pay for medical stuff he couldn't quite afford."

"That's a major positive in my eyes because I have always wanted to give back for the life they have given me. Whatever they need, I'd happily give them but they don't really want for anything."

But reaching new heights of success has also come with a "guilt" and a pressure she didn't really expect - especially when it comes to friendships.

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"With most of my friends, nothing has changed," she says. "Like I could pay for dinner and they will transfer me afterwards even though I've told them it's my treat. 

"But of course, there are friends I've had in my life that have completely taken advantage of the fact I make a lot of money which is hard to reckon with because I am a generous person."

Annie Knight says her "heart sank" when a friend asked her for money. Image: Instagram @anniekknight.


Annie says the feeling of being taken advantage of creeps in slowly and then "builds momentum quickly."

"It'll start with dinner, which I'll pay for. I don't necessarily expect them to return the favour next time but then it happens again," she explains. "Then we might go out for lunch and they just don't transfer me. Then it happens again and it just starts to feel like they want a free feed.

"It really escalates quickly to them eventually asking me for thousands of dollars. It starts off slow and builds momentum really quickly."

Annie says she has had to let go of some friendships for good. 

"I had a friend reach out basically to say, 'I am really sorry to do this but I'm in a position where I'm not working at the moment and I have to pay to get my car fixed.' They asked if I would lend them about $4,000," she recalls. 

"As soon as I read the message, my heart just sank which confused me because I never expected to feel that way, because I've always said I'd be happy to help out mates.

"I was not that close to him and I had not seen him for quite a while so it really did feel like he was just taking advantage of me. At first, I said yes to him because I felt bad that he was in that position but then I felt sick because my intuition kept telling me, 'No, don't do it. It's not right.'


"So I ended up telling him no in the end."

Annie Knight makes more than $250,000 every month on OnlyFans. Image: Instagram @anniekknight.


Although Annie knew it was the right decision, the guilt still crept in. 

"I was like, 'Well... I do have the money to be able to [give this money]. Is it selfish to just keep it to myself? To not help someone out that needs it?' Those are the questions I keep asking myself," she says. "I do often feel guilty. All of the time, honestly. But I just have to remind myself that I've made sacrifices and worked really, really hard to get where I am. I'm entitled to that money."

Even now she still feels bad, the content creator admits. She fights it by asking herself if these are the kinds of relationships she wants to foster and grow with. 

"I pull away when I realise they are not my true friend," she explains. "If they were, they would have never asked that of me [by asking for money] or put me in that position because they know how bad it would make me feel to say no."

The upside is Annie feels braver every time she has to awkwardly break the news that she doesn't want to give people money and her friendships are stronger because she's only kept the genuine people in her life.

"I'm very picky now with friendships. I've had all of these bad experiences in the past so my circle is small," she says. "But nothing has changed, really. I'm still the same and my friends still treat me the same."

Feature Image: Instagram @anniekknight.