Get ready to see 'cowgirl curtains' everywhere.

If you're still coming down from the shock that is the comeback of the millennial fringe and the fact that straight hair is dead, we've come bearing more breaking news on the hair trend front.

Because 'cowgirl curtains' are the next big thing — and this might just be the one hairstyle that *finally* convinces us to get a fringe.

Yes! Really.

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Whether you want to thank our dear friend Beyoncé and her recent album Cowboy Carter, the absolute chokehold of Stan's Yellowstone, Pharrell Williams' recent cowboy-Western Louis Vuitton show or all of the above, there's no denying that cowboy culture is here and it's never looked better. 

From music to fashion, the 'cowboy core' look is here and it's now trickling into the beauty world with 'cowgirl curtains' quickly becoming the biggest hair trend of the moment.

Here's everything to know.

What are 'cowgirl curtains'?

Okay but before you hit us with the old, "it's literally just a fringe" — hush. Because 'cowgirl curtains' are so much more, friend. It's really, very different. (*Insert the "cerulean blue" Devil Wears Prada monologue*).


It's bigger. Bouncier. And just.. better than the OG curtain bang trend.

As Travis Balcke, hair director for Albus Lumen, partnered with TRESemmé, said the look is both parts effortless and voluminous. 

"The difference between cowgirl curtains and a curtain fringe is that the cowgirl curtains are a little heavier and embrace more of the natural volume and texture within the hair," he said. 

"Traditional curtain fringing is smooth and soft - cowgirl curtains embraces the natural volume curl and texture within the hair. The cut itself is a little heavier and the framing a little stronger."

What do you think is behind the trend?

In case you missed it, the celebrities have been showing off some serious cowgirl energy for a while now, embracing bigger is better when it comes to hair.

"I definitely think that Beyoncé‘s new country album has had an influence on even the way people are styling their hair," said Balcke. 

"There's an innocence and confidence about country music and you see this coming through in hairstyles where people are embracing the natural textures and highlighting them rather than disguising them. We are seeing a lot more textured shaggy haircuts - think Miley Cyrus at the Grammy's with her rock ‘n’ roll country hairstyle."


There's also singer Sabrina Carpenter's recent look at Coachella, for example.


And then there's Matilda Djerf — the Swedish designer and influencer with annoyingly amazing hair.

"I'm definitely noticing it in the salon that people are feeling a lot more confident to embrace volume and texture. It really is more is more!" added Balcke.


What to know before getting 'cowgirl curtains'.

W-wo-woah! We know we're all excited, but before you jump in on the trend, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

"I think if you’re thinking of trying that country's cowgirl curtain trend the one thing to take into consideration is the length around the face," he said.

"Make sure you pop the cheekbones and highlight the eye area face. Framing is a game changer and the cowgirl curtain trend really hits the spot with this look."

"Also, it is all about embracing your natural texture — especially girls with curly hair. I love the TRESemmé Smooth Curls Oil and TRESemmé Smooth Curl Cream. The coconut and argan oils work to hydrate and define curls while still maintaining the natural texture."

If you're worried you'll get this fringe, go home and wash it and swiftly hate it — Balcke said lasting salon results are all in the overnight prep. 

"I also love using the Lamellar Shine Serum — you can either scrunch in overnight or smooth through once blowdried - the lightweight formulation that won't weigh down hair, works with different textured hair and adds the extra glossy-salon finish we all love." 

Would you try cowgirl curtain bangs? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@sabrinacarpenter.

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