Another Bondi hero has been granted residency.

The Bondi Junction Westfield security guard, who is currently recovering in hospital after being wounded in Saturday's attack, has received a heartwarming update from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. 

Muhammad Taha, from Pakistan, has been offered a permanent residency in Australia after he risked his own life to protect others during Joel Cauchi's stabbing rampage.

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The heroic act led to him being stabbed in the stomach, while also losing his friend and colleague, Faraz Tahir.

The news comes after Albanese promised a permanent visa to French national Damien Guerot, who earned the nickname "bollard man" after a video showed him confronting the attacker with a bollard on an escalator.

Albanese later affirmed that Muhammad would also be receiving similar arrangements.

"We expect to finalise and approve his visa tomorrow," he told A Current Affair

"We’re just going through our processes but we see no reason why this shouldn’t be approved, and I’m very confident it will be approved tomorrow."

The Prime Minister recognised Muhammad's selfless act and said people like him are welcome to stay in Australia.


"This is again another person who is newly arrived, was here working and put his life on the line in order to protect Australians who he didn’t know," he said.

"Amidst all this carnage and sorrow, there are stories of bravery... he certainly is the sort of character that we want to see continuing to contribute here in Australia."

Upon receiving the news, Muhammad expressed his gratitude, telling The Australian, "Yeah, [the government] got in touch with me, so maybe they will soon start the process, hopefully.

"I'm very honoured. It’s a great gesture from the government.

"I've been in Australia for around one-and-a-half years. It's home to me. I love being here. I'm very thankful for this."

Calls for Muhammad to be granted a permanent residency grew after the Prime Minister said "bollard man" was welcome to "stay as long as he likes" in Australia.

Muhammad, who is currently on a graduate visa that is set to expire in the coming weeks, questioned why he wasn't offered the same treatment.

"As a direct victim of the incident, I believe I deserve recognition and consideration for citizenship," Muhammed told The Australian on Thursday.

"As well, the guards working alongside came running towards the point of incident and risking their lives... (they) should be ­offered citizenship as well."

Muhammad is still recovering from his injuries in a Sydney hospital.

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