'A love letter to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Stan, the TV show that changed my life.'

Why is it that some of the best show's ever created are the ones that get the least hype? 

For me, one of the most underrated TV series of the past decade is undoubtedly Rachel Bloom's masterpiece, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Stan and I'm here to convince you why it should go straight to the top of your viewing list. 

This my friends, this is my love letter to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

When it premiered back in 2015 I was blown away from the jump - I had never seen anything like it. 

We were invited into the life of high-flying New York lawyer Rebecca Bunch (played by co-creator and writer, Rachel Bloom) who, for all her professional success, is struggling with depression and anxiety. 

Vincent Rodriguez III and Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Image: The CW.

One day through a chance encounter Rebecca runs into her teenager summer camp love, Josh Chan, who explains that he's moving back to his hometown of West Covina, California. And just like that Rebecca decides to pack up her life in Manhattan and head to West Covina in search of the happiness she once felt all those years ago being in Josh's orbit.


As the first season plays out we are introduced to colourful local West Covinian characters like Rebecca's new colleague and bored housewife Paula, the charming but hapless bar tender Greg or her overzealous boss exploring his newfound bisexuality, Darryl. 

The cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Image: The CW.

We're also welcomed into the mind of Rebecca which plays out her anxieties, fantasies and musings in elaborate musical numbers (a huge coop for a former theatre kid like me) which include "Period Sex", "Horny Angry Tango", "Antidepressants Are So Not A Big Deal", and my personal favourite, "You Stupid Bitch!" Not exactly Broadway approved subject matter but the production value is just as good as anything you'll see on stage, if not better.


But peeking through every episode and growing in intensity as the series goes on is a very distinct theme that becomes the major focal point: mental health. Above all the outrageous costumes, the spirited musical numbers, the brilliant character development and the pop culture references, my favourite part about this show is how it addresses mental health issues.

Early on in the series it becomes clear that Rebecca is struggling with her mental health which only deepens as we discover she has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder amongst her ongoing depression and anxiety. As someone who has struggled with my own personal mental health issues, I can't tell you how refreshing it was to see this reflected with such nuance on a TV series.

Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Image: The CW.

So often we are shown mental health portrayed in TV shows and movies in such a two-dimensional and outdated manner - you know, padded walls, crying in the shower, walking through parks on rainy days. But the truth is mental health has so many different shades and Rebecca Bunch's story perfectly encapsulates this.

In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend humour is used in such an intelligent way to describe mental health which opens up the conversation to be a lot more accessible to viewers. And make people feel less isolated in their own personal journey with mental health.


There is so much heart and humour to this show and across the four seasons we can't help but root for Rebecca as she goes on a journey of self-discovery. She's funny and outrageous and flawed and we love her for her uniqueness not despite it. For a lot of people who struggle with mental health issues this is so important to see - we can be loved for who we are, warts and all.

Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Image: The CW.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was never a ratings hit. In fact, it consistently received incredibly low Nielson ratings, but it was the little show that could. The adoring fans and glowing reviews from critics kept this series alive across four seasons. 


And even though Crazy Ex-Girlfriend never did huge numbers it ultimately received its flowers with Emmy wins and a Golden Globe nomination for Rachel Bloom in 2017. I personally would've given it ALL the awards but maybe this show was never about the awards.

While I carry a bit of umbrage that this show never took off and became a worldwide smash hit, I take great joy in knowing it reached the people it was always meant to - people just like me. 

To this day there's a subsection of devout followers who will shout from the rooftops about how amazing this show is and I think it will always hold a special place for the ones who need it most. 

If you're looking for a feel-good show that isn't afraid to delight, dig deep, entertain and make you laugh, then Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the comfort TV series for you.

All four seasons of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are available to stream now on Stan.

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