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'My dad disowned me when I became a sex worker. Then he found out how much money I make.'

When Maddi Miller turned 18, she decided she no longer cared what people thought of her. 

Finally free from a string of abusive relationships, she realised that she no longer had anyone left to answer to. So she made an OnlyFans

"I just thought... 'Why not?" she told Mamamia. 

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It has proven to be a lucrative career and in less than two years, she's earning on average $25,000 a month. Mostly, Maddi is known for filming racy content in her Ford Falcon and is popular among communities that appreciate classic cars.

"My biggest month was about $60,000. It happened out of nowhere and since then I've been making more than $25,000 every single month. I've definitely had to step back and tell myself, 'I can't blow this money. It might not last forever'," she said. 

The level of financial success has put Maddi in a new financial bracket and changed her life for the better. But it's also been confronting to deal with loved ones who use her for financial gain.

"Some people around me look at me differently and think I'm a walking wallet or something. It's changed in that I can't just ask for a favour now or help from a family member. 

"They expect me to pay for their company, their time — even to babysit my dog when I am in a bind."

Maddi Miller was 18 when she started her career on OnlyFans. Image: Supplied.


Heartbreakingly, the same goes for her father, who Maddi says she adored growing up. Coming from poverty in the rural countryside of Western Australia, the 19-year-old's parents are no longer together.

"My mum has done an amazing job raising me," she told Mamamia, adding that she spent most of her school holidays with her father. 

"My dad and I were close too, but when I was 12 years old, I found out he had struggled with extreme addiction and had overdosed a few times. But my mum hid it really well. She made a good life for me with what she had."


The complex nature of drug addiction and substance abuse can have a serious strain on relationships, but that wasn't the case for Maddi and her dad. Their relationship remained close, until he found out about her lucrative career as a sex worker on OnlyFans. 

"My stepsister found out first about my OnlyFans. She wanted $500 to keep quiet [from] my dad," she explained. 

Maddi Miller was blackmailed by her stepsister in order to keep her OnlyFans career a secret from her father. Image: Supplied.

Maddi paid the hush money, but the promise didn't last and two months later, she got a "furious" call from her father.


"He called me a s**t. He called me a w**re. He told me I was no longer his daughter," Maddi said. "I didn't talk to him for three months afterwards. We were completely no-contact."

But her dad changed his tune when he realised how successful she was, asking to borrow money. He told Maddi he had been "experiencing financial hardship". 

"Of course, I gave it to him. Whatever he asked for, I did it," she recalled. 

It started with a few hundred dollars, then $1,000. Before long, he was asking her for a few thousand every few weeks. He promised to repay her but she only ever recalls getting back $100.

Eventually, Maddi was forced to cut her dad off because of one painful visit.

"It finally clicked about six months ago that he was using me because he had come to town to stay with me. The first night, he promised he was going to be a better father," she said. 

"The next morning, I found him overdosed in one of my spare bedrooms... I had to keep my distance after that."

Maddi still helps her dad from time to time, but the closeness they once shared is gone. 

"You only get one father in this life but I do believe actions speak louder than words. My mother has been nothing but supportive though and I will still spoil some other members of my family," she told Mamamia.

"[But] there's now a line I won't cross when it comes to money. I'm more careful in choosing people to be close to now — blood or not, because it's easy to be pressured into spending money on people. I keep my circle genuine and small now."

Feature Image: Supplied.

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