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The messiest breakup happening in the reality TV world right now.

A hectic feud is brewing between two reality TV exes, proving that apparently, all is fair in Love (Island) and war.

It was love at first 'can I grab you for a chat?' between UK bombshell Lucinda Strafford and Kiwi contestant Zac Nunns on the 2023 season of Love Island Australia.

The couple became the villa's longest-running couple, ending their journey together placing runner-up, and still going strong after the series aired in December.

Zac and Lucinda on Love Island. Image: Nine. 

But then Zac announced in February they had split, in a solo statement — a clear departure from most reality TV couples' coordinated breakup announcements.


"Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know that Lucinda and I have decided to go our separate ways," Zac posted on Instagram. "I'm not feeling too good about the situation and appreciate all the support so far."

Something is suss, right?

At first, Zac was sharing soppy posts on TikTok about their split.


Thanks for the memories x

♬ take a moment to breathe. - normal the kid

However, the mood shifted in April when reports emerged that Lucinda was now dating UK DJ Nathan Dawe. "They’re on holiday together in Dubai right now. It's early days but they really like each other," a source told The Sun.

Nathan has worked with a number of musicians including Little Mix, Anne-Marie and Joel Corry.

After the news came out that Lucinda had started dating someone new, Zac claimed on his podcast The Zac and Trent Show (which he hosts with Love Island co-star Trent Woolman) that he discovered Lucinda had cheated on him while they were still together.

"I picked her up from a party... then she gets a text from this unknown number and it's like, 'Hope you enjoy the rest of your night, talk later x,'" he said. 

"I was like, 'Who the hell is this?' And I opened it and there were all these messages that she's been talking to this guy the whole time behind my back.

"I was devastated, I couldn't believe it," he told Trent. "I'd gone to Portugal for three days, and she'd been talking to this guy the whole time."

Zac claimed the nature of the text exchange was flirty. "He said, 'I'm six foot five,' and she's like, 'Oh, I'm five foot whatever', and he said, 'I want to take you out for dinner,'" Zac claimed.

"It was crazy, it was a soul-destroying moment," he concluded. "I had a few people [warn me about her], but I didn't want to believe it."

@newswithnat Drama between Lucinda Strafford and Zac Nunns #lucindastrafford #lucindaloveisland #zacnunns #loveislandaustralia #lucindazac #lucindastraffordzacnunns ♬ original sound - News with Nat

Zac claims Dawe is the man Lucinda was allegedly texting, but she rejected any suggestion there was anything going on between them. "Her excuse was, 'He's a DJ, he plays at Wimbledon, it's really good for my career to have him as a contact,'" Zac recalled.

The Love Island star went on to suggest that Lucinda was still talking to him when she potentially started dating the DJ.

"We stopped talking about two weeks ago, but we were on and off for the whole two months," Zac said on TikTok. As if this saga couldn't get any messier, he even posted alleged screenshots of the two messaging each other in late March.

@zacnunns For everyone saying i’m lying 🥱 #tea ♬ Yacht Club - MusicBox

But this man doesn't know what messy is. 

On his podcast, Zac claimed that Lucinda was planning to appear on Love Island All-Stars. And on TikTok, he posted a message allegedly from Lucinda that said she wanted to go on Love Island All-Stars to boost her career.


Case closed, nothing left to say your honor 🫳🏽🎤

♬ (I Just) Died In Your Arms - Cutting Crew

Oh my. Anyone tired yet?

In a Q&A, Zac went on to say that he and Lucinda just weren't "a good match" as he wasn't a part of "the influencer scene" like her.

"It's easy to get caught up in clicks and likes and followers, it's like a drug – and if you have people in the industry telling you that's what you NEED to do it puts you in a rough spot," he said.

"So I don’t blame her for it, I forgive her."

I reckon the real question should be: will Lucinda ever forgive Zac for potentially posting her personal messages to live forever on the internet? Just a thought!

Feature image: TikTok/Nine. 

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