Emma Roberts gave a tour of her home, and one room is deeply cursed.

Emma Roberts has (kinda) reinstated herself as a cool girl in the last few years; namely for her starring role on American Horror Story: Delicate, alongside Kim Kardashian. 

And now, she's been knocked down a few pegs in my book because not even Christ himself could have prepared me for Roberts' house of horrors cosy Californian mansion which was recently featured in Architectural Digest's 'Open Door' series.

Emma Roberts is next-level kooky. The kind of kooky where if she were to have human eyeballs in her basement, I wouldn't be surprised. The kind of kooky that explains a disturbing attachment to an ant farm residing in her wardrobe. 

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That's not to say I don't dig it. In fact, I love it. I'm even willing to say that I would possibly consent to sleeping in her haunted house — under very specific stipulations, of course (the main one being that I make it out alive). 

For all of you who have not had the privilege and the honour of watching Roberts' Architectural Digest house tour as of yet, you probably don't really understand what I'm yapping on about. 


Alas, I'm here to show and tell you all about it. 

Roberts starts by showing us her living room, a space that celebrity designers Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward from Pierce and Ward took to styling. It is a mix of old and new with a lot of maximalist features like vintage suitcases, a striped fireplace, and a sofa that looks like the inside of my mattress (read: comfortable). 

Emma Roberts' living room. Image: AD.


I'm not an expert, but this room definitely gets my tick of approval, but only because this space is near the entryway of the home and if I were a new guest, I would not yet know of the horrors about to unfold. 

Next, the actor shows us her bar which is all very "vintage" and lovely and sweet before we move into her office area which is where the scary s**t really begins to unravel. 

First of all, the woman has an inspiration board with herself on it.

Emma Roberts' AD house tour where she shows that SHE is her own inspiration. Image: AD.


Oh, maybe you missed it? 

Do you see it??? Image: AD.


It's a power move, so I won't rag on it too much, but there is something seriously sinister going on in the background. For a moment, you think Roberts might ignore the dozens of eyes staring daggers into her back. 

Instead, she does something oddly surprising. 

"I'm really excited to show you guys," Roberts says before shuffling her desk over to bring us face-to-face with her wall of... dolls.

Yes, dolls. No, not like in Annabelle but close! The one with the terrifying, hollow eyes is actually called 'Blythe' who Roberts says is her "favourite", her "original girl" and "the reason I fell in love with dolls". 

Essentially, 'Blythe' horrifies me but she is only one of many, many dolls that Roberts has. 

Blythe is one doll in Emma Roberts' collection. Image: AD.


The thing is, she's probably not even the scariest by a mile, because honestly... 



This????????????? This is DEEPLY cursed.

Drunk Barbie, another doll in Emma Roberts' collection. Image: AD.


"I heard about her and thought she didn't really exist and she was a joke but it turns out she does exist and she's just amazing," she tells us about 'drunk Barbie'. "Look at her. She's having the time of her life."

Well, I'm glad she is because am certainly not. Alas, we must move on because in case you forgot, Roberts is a child star-turned-successful-adult-actor and therefore, she is rich enough to afford a compound. 

She takes us to her "TV room" which is about as rich as it gets. 

Emma Roberts' TV room. Image: AD.


It's stunning, there's not much to say. The woman loves her antiques. 

And it looks very cosy, classy, rich, stuffy, etc. etc.

Next is her three-year-old son Rhode's room, which is... fantastic and a little eerie with all the dark colours, but nonetheless beautiful. 

One point that became clear to me after the actor said she kept her "time out chair" from when she was a kid in the living room next to her son's toy chest and then later told us that she also has a kiddy stool with her name on it from almost about 30 years ago in Rhodes' room, is that she doesn't know what a storage unit is. 

God bless her. 

Rhodes' room. Image: AD.


Later, she shows us the "primary suite" aka where she sleeps... and if I'm being honest, it is a much less cool version of her son's bedroom. 

There are some curtains, and some gingham-print pillows (which I thought we got rid of after The Block 2022???). It's all a little underwhelming following Roberts' impeccably maintained kiddy stool.

Emma Roberts' less cool bedroom. Image: AD.


Nevertheless, I've learned a lot about Emma Roberts following her house tour with Architectural Digest. 

I've learned she adores flowers, she's obsessed with her childhood toys and trinkets and that her home is a perfect representation of who she is on the inside: kooky.

To that I say, bravo Miss Roberts.

Watch Emma Roberts' full house tour with Architectural Digest here:

Feature Image: Architectural Digest.

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