There's one hair style that will never come back into fashion — and the Met Gala just proved it.

The thing with beauty trends? They usually always come back around. Y2k makeup. Bows. Claw clips. 'Old money' hair. You name it, it's probably made a comeback — usually just with some fancy name that makes it feel different.

However, according to the 2024 Met Gala, there's one one particular hairstyle that's not coming back anytime soon: Straight hair.

Yes! Really!

Just take a look at the red carpet — there was not a sniff of straight hair to be found.

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Leaning into the dreamy dress code "Garden of Time" celebrities wore their long hair (okay but EVERYONE had the most gorgeously lengthy hair) in loose, ethereal waves, embracing soft texture and volume.

From Kim Kardashian's 'slept-in' braid (and... cardigan) to Sarah Jessica Parker's mermaid waves and Kylie Minogue's beachy boho volume.

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There was also Zendaya and JLo, who both wore messy, unfussy hairstyles and 'undone' texture, proving the word 'frizz' is no longer a bad thing — in fact, it's something we should embrace, rather than avoid. 

And honestly, we're here for it.

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And it's not just the celebrities ditching the straight hairstyle. When we spoke with hairstylist Jake Lightfoot from Salon Her, he told us it's something he's noticed in the salon, too. 

Limp, poker-straight hair, according to Lightfoot, is being left behind for good. 

Below, Mamamia asked Lightfoot absolutely everything we have to know about the death of straight hair — including what's replacing it.

Is straight hair really dead?

"Ultimately it is a personal preference but I do believe straight hair is a trend from the past," said Lightfoot. "Nowadays I rarely bring the straighter out [in salon] to completely iron the hair smooth unless someone is after a fun Y2k look!"

"I don’t believe it'll come back — but we also thought the same thing about perms!"

TRUE. Remember when that... happened?

"Right now people want volume and big, bouncy hair," he added. 


So is it really out forever? 

Our expert told us that like most trends, sleek, pin-straight hair will always come back around — however, while it all comes down to personal choice, this style just won't be the 'necessity' it once was. Meaning? It's reign as the default 'must-have' style of the 90s and early 2000s is very much being left behind.

What's replacing it?

While it isn't necessarily a 'new' trend, Lightfoot said that in 2024 people are all about understanding their own hair and embracing their natural texture and volume, rather than going against it for a limited 'cookie-cutter' style.

"I believe big hair will be on trend for quite some time," shared Lightfoot, who also said you can tap into the bouncy hair trend by embracing those 'old money' hairstyles you're seeing everywhere.

"Looking 'expensive' and 'elegant' is always a plus and I believe voluminous hair is a statement. People notice you. People want to know how you achieved the look. It's something they don’t forget. Shiny, healthy, touchable bounce is where it’s at."

So, whether that means embracing your natural texture or getting a helping hand from products and hot tools to add some volume and bounce to your roots, according to Lightfoot, the bigger the better.

"I'm honestly so obsessed with old money luxe looks at the moment and I'll say it again, there’s never too much volume and I'm not just talking at the roots," he said. "You want big hair — hair that moves, bouncy curls, 2000s blowouts and luscious waves."


If you're looking for some easy ways to up your volume, Lightfoot said "adding velcro rollers to set the hair or a hot brush to style out your hair will ultimately give you a similar look to a round brush blow out."

If you're looking for some velcro rollers, there are tons of great options on the market. Try something like Mermade Hair Velcro Roller Kit, $20. For a 90s style bouncy styler, we like Bondi Boost Infrared Bounce Brush, $155, is a great pick.

"Try adding a volumising product to your haircare routine — like a mousse or root lifting spray," Lightfoot added. Check out IGK Pick Me Up Root Spray, $44, Olaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist, $54 and Kristin Ess Instant Lift Volumizing Mousse, $20 — all great options.

"Make sure it’s lightweight so you can achieve maximum hold and volume but the hair is still flexible and is able to move freely."

"Setting the face frame with pins or rollers first will always allow for a more body full look, sweeping around your face. And always, always use an anti humidity spray to keep the moisture out and will make for longer hold."

Are you ready to give up straight hair? Are you a fan of the style? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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