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The MAFS fellas are fighting.

In previous years, the weeks following MAFS wrap-ups have typically been dominated by some girl-on-girl crime, as brides start (or... continue) fighting with each other.

From the historic beef between Jessika Power and Cyrell Paule, to the more recent feud between Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer, MAFS brides have historically extended their fame through internet beefs.

But not this year. This year (rather refreshingly), the fellas are fighting.

Jono McCullough and Ben Walters have a lot in common. They both starred in the 2024 season of MAFS and they both dated Ellie Dix — albeit, one much more successfully than the other.

Ben was matched with Ellie on the show, but their relationship ended very quickly. Jono then slid into Ellie's DMs (while still married to Lauren Dunn, oops) and the rest is history, with the couple recently confirming they're in love and now living together.

A week back, Jono and Ellie did a cover story for New Idea, which became the subject of Ben's rather immature TikTok. In the clip, Ben filmed himself reading their issue of New Idea on the toilet before pretending to use the pages that held the couple's story as toilet paper.

Here it is... yikes.

@walters_tours Such a good read #mafs ♬ original sound - Ben Walters

This was while MAFS was still airing — and Jono has since returned serve.


On his and Ellie's new joint TikTok account, the groom responded, "So this video goes out to Benny Boy. I saw you used me and Ellie's New Idea article to wipe your bum the other day. It's actually pretty good. It's probably the best one you've done."

The video then cut to Jono sitting on a toilet... oh God. 

"I was going to copy you, I was going to do the same thing. But then I realised you don't have a New Idea article... awkward."

@jono.ellie #fyp #mafs #jono ♬ original sound - Jono and Ellie

The way these men have chosen to air their feud on the dunny truly boggles the mind.

And of course, Ben has replied to say that he TOTALLY WAS mentioned in the New Idea article about Ellie finding love with Jono (weird flex but okay), but then made a rather good point about a certain detail in Jono's TikTok.

"You know what's really awkward: you keep the toilet brush on the windowsill."

Yeah... that's even sicker than cheating on your faux wife, tbh.

This is a sick, sad world we live in and I'll be waiting with bated breath for Jono's response to this important toilet tiff.

Feature image: Nine/TikTok/@walters_tours.

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