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MIA FREEDMAN: What I wore in February.

Welcome to a new semi-regular series where I sneak you into my wardrobe and explain what I'm wearing on a bunch of days this month. It's going to be fun.

Before we start, some things to know. 

The idea of this is to give you a bit of outfit inspo; ideas for what to wear or what not to wear. Sometimes it's not until I see a photo of an outfit that I can see that it looks a bit shit.

On that note, I'm very pragmatic about my clothes in that I don’t care what anyone thinks about them. Lord knows if I did, I would have been in a constant state of sadness for much of my adult life.

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I love love love clothes and I adore putting outfits together. It's a vital form of creative expression for me. But they're just clothes. They’re not who I am which is why I never take it personally if someone criticises them. 

I dress to enjoy myself. It's nice when other people appreciate my outfit but it honestly makes no difference to my enjoyment of said outfit. Which is why I don’t care when people say they hate what I'm wearing.

Now that we've cleared that up, there's one more thing. Actually, two more things.

  1. I'm not going to link to where you can buy all the things I'm wearing because that would take a ton of time and make it impossible for me to do these posts. And some of the items aren't available anymore because I bought them ages ago.

  2. This is not intended to be a buying guide. It's just inspo. Just because I buy certain labels doesn't mean I think you should. You do you - within your discretionary budget.

On with the show!

Bassike. Zara (maybe). Husk. Image: Supplied.

This tee is from Bassike and it's wider than it is long. I don't wear a lot of stripes but there’s something fun about these. I like red with khaki. These pants are from Zara maybe? I forget. I wanted to wear trainers with this outfit but I'm trying to mix it up so these are from Husk and they're quite fun. Very chunk.

LMND. Slr. Alias. Image: Supplied.

This looks like a set or even a dress but not so! Shirt is LMND - the chiara which is their best cut IMO and it comes in millions of colours. The skirt is SIr and it does actually have a matching corset/bustier top that I bought but haven't worn yet. I love the way the skirt is draped. Mesh shoes! These are from Alias. I feel like mesh shoes will be over in about three seconds.

The bag is from a label that doesn't exist anymore which is a pity.

Among Equals.Image: Supplied.

This bag is a great one to know about - it's the one I ended up going with. It's from Among Equals, a label that employs women in Papua New Guinea to make these bags and invests in their communities. I collect them because each one is unique and they are always in such brilliant colour combinations.

Luuda. Bec&Bridge. Bassike. Image: Supplied.

This is a classic case of walking into a shop (For Artists Only) and seeing a sales assistant wearing this singlet and matching long shirt and loving it so much (on her) that I bought it for myself. Doesn't look quite as good on me but the label is Luuda and I love the tie-dye. Maybe I should try wearing it as a dress? The woman in the store was wearing blue denim jeans with it but I wanted to freshen it up with white pants from Bec & Bridge and white slides from Bassike.

Zara. Husk. Mary-Jane. Gucci bag. Image: Supplied.

This outfit gets more fun as you go down. Jacket is kinda boring but functional and I wear it a lot - linen Zara. I would normally wear something white under it but I always forget how a dark top under a light jacket can look great. It needed the broach which is Husk and the black, flat, mary-jane sling-backs have really sharp points spikes all over them which make them cool.

Light coloured cargo jeans are from…. I can't remember. And the Gucci bag - yes it's real and it's the only designer bag I have ever bought. 23 years ago!

Haven't wheeled it out for at least 15 years but it suddenly feels right. And I never keep anything this long! Yay me.

Gimaguas. Alias. Mother. Image: Supplied.  

These are my maddest jeans and I love them. The wash is kind of green-ish/grey and they pull up like a toddler's pull-on pants. The waistband folds over and sort of drapes across the vadge. A label called Gimaguas.

And the shoes are from Alias I think? Tee is from a denim brand called Mother. I have a few of their tees, they can be hit or miss. I buy them from Tuchuzy boutique. I like this one because it's oversized and super soft.
I chucked on some mismatched necklaces including the pink diamante one.

Bassike. Byron. Birks. Vestirsi. Image: Supplied.

This is so drapey! I love the pale blue with the grey and white. Shirt is from Bassike. Linen pants are from Byron markets. And shoes are Birks.

I bought this Vestirsi backpack and converts into a shoulder bag. It's brilliant for travel but I also just forgot how much I love backpacks for every day.

Bassike. Hammil & Co. Image: Supplied.   

Weekend uniform! Bassike tank because I like a high neck to protect my chest from the sun. I buy them in size XXL. Shorts are Hammil & Co. I have them in a bunch of colours and they are brilliant because they're summery but also kind of covered and slouchy which makes them feel cool.

Slides are Bassike. And I bought the bag so many years ago, I can't recall where from. It always makes me feel like summer.

Bassike. Zara. Basket bag. Image: Supplied.

I've bought a few minis in the past year or so. This wrap one is Bassike and even though I would usually wear it with trainers, I'm trying to wear flats as we've discussed. These are Zara and they were on sale a while ago for like $40. I saw someone at Mamamia wearing them and I was inspired. It's handy working with 150 women. Lots of fashion inspo. I love band tees even though I'm not a Springsteen fan particularly but hey, this terracotta colour is good for me so here we are. Basket bag elevates it all a bit.

Enzo and Toto. Among Equals. Image: Supplied.

Holy moly, I'm wearing a boiler suit. I'm loathe to wear these usually because of the toilet situation. It's weird sitting on the toilet at work - or anywhere other than home - half naked, don’t you think? I love this colour, who know? I pushed myself to try it on and I just loved the whole situation. It was from Enzo and Toto in Byron bay. The bag is also from Among Equals and I found it at Tuchuzy also The colours! That orange!

The shoes are old cream slingbacks with a kitten heel - not that you can tell because the pants are so long and dragging on the ground. I like that it elevates the boilersuit a bit because you wouldn't expect heels with a boilersuit.

Zimmerman. Cotton On. Zara. By Charlotte. Image: Supplied.

Do you love this shirt? I love this shirt. And I'd want to because it's Zimmerman. I should be humping its leg like a randy dog for what it cost. That's how much I need to love it. And I bought the matching shorts! Heaven help me. The pants look like denim but they're old cotton wide legged pants from Cotton On, I think? Sling-back kitten heels from Zara. And By Charlotte necklace.

Image: Supplied.

I think it looked better tucked in at the front.

Cotton On. Image: Supplied.

I'm not sure what jeans these are but the tee is Cotton On. Super soft and in a very large size. I may have cut the bottom off because I like them wide but not necessarily long. Mesh shoes are from I can't remember. I really like red shoes. I have been wearing them like a neutral.

ASOS. Xirena. Image: Supplied.

See how versatile red mesh shoes are? Shocking, isn't it? These pants are from ASOS and were inspired by something I saw Leigh Campbell wearing because she is a huge style influence on me. The shirt is Xirena and was so exxy but now everyone does that kind of cheesecloth, super soft cotton. I love the bright yellow even though yellow is apparently almost impossible for anyone to wear. No idea if I pull it off but I love the colour so who cares?

Image: Supplied.

Again, the half tuck at the front gives it the shape it very much needs.

Image: Supplied.

Look at the shoes! So fun!

Hammil & Co. Adidas Sambas. Image: Supplied.  

More weekend. Cat Hammil of Hammil & Co does the best fun colour combos and graphics. I love the faded blue with the flouro orange. Look closely and you can see I’m wearing gold socks with my Adidas Sambas because I'm trying to shift my Gen X obsession with invisible socks because apparently only old people don't want their socks to show.

Equipment. Bec & Bridge. Rag & Bone. Image: Supplied.

This silk shirt from Equipment is one I bought many, many years ago, and it's the shade of denim. But more fancy-looking. White pants are Bec & Bridge. And these are very old red, patent Rag & Bone ankle boots that suddenly feel right. More red shoes!

Zara. Dissh. Wittner and Among Equals. Image: Supplied.

It's my Zara linen jacket again with a denim singlet top underneath. A Dissh black linen skort with leopard slides from Wittner a long time ago. And my Among Equals bag.

Alemais. Image: Supplied.

THIS OUTFIT. I reckon I get more compliments on this set than anything else in my wardrobe. It's Alemais and was an investment (in my happiness and in compliments). Took this in a restaurant bathroom.

Top Shop. Husk. Vestirsi. Image: Supplied.

Can you see the red shoes peeping out? What you can't probably see because I'm wearing a Top Shop camo shacket (with Husk brooch), is that I'm wearing a black mini-dress over black pants! I love dresses over pants. Always have and they're coming back, baby. Vestirsi convertible backpack.

Zara. Adidas Sambas. July (wheelie bag). Image: Supplied.

My Springsteen tee with Zara jeans and Adidas Sambas with red stripes. And a July wheelie bag in the colour of light denim which makes me so happy.

ASOS. Bershka. Adidas Sambas. Image Supplied.

I bought this tee from Sportsgirl and I love it. It's for Taylor. Pants are ASOS - a brand called Bershka. Adidas Sambas. Grey and red and white and blue. Fun.

Zara. Mother. Gimaguas. Among Equals. Image: Supplied.

I love this outfit and I must wear it again soon. Zara linen jacket with Mother tee (this is my favourite blue) and those Gimaguas jeans. These denim Mary-Janes look so good in this photo and IRL but they're Zara and very flimsy. Among Equals bag pulls it all together randomly. And I found this blue sparkly necklace in a vintage shop, super cheap.

Feature image: supplied.

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