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'She was very rude.' Brittany Hockley ain’t holding back about her I’m A Celebrity campmates.

She's back in Australia and Brittany Hockley is ready to share some home truths about her time on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here — and exactly what she thought of her fellow campers.

In an episode of her Life Uncut podcast this week, Hockley told co-host Laura Byrne that former Studio 10 panellist and first jungle eliminee Denise Drysdale was not the easiest to get along with.

Laura noticed there was tension between MasterChef's Khanh Ong and Denise in one episode, to which Britt added, "It wasn't just Khanh with Denise — it was everyone and Denise. Denise was really hard — really, really hard. Just very short, very blunt," Hockley said.

"Often very rude, she didn't want to be there... I would hope she didn't realise she was being rude, but then I'm like, surely she had to know?"

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After exiting the series only a few days into her journey, Denise didn't have many positive things to say about her time in the jungle. "It is s**t in there!" she said after being eliminated. "It is s**t, it's unbelievable! The dunnies, the dirt! Now I'm a clean person — there’s dirt upon dirt upon dirt upon dirt."

But Denise had no regrets over her short stint on the show. "I'm so glad that I've done it. I've done it and I'm proud of myself," the TV veteran added.

Brittany also spoke about some viewers taking issue with Candice Warner exposing Skye Wheatley for stashing lip liner in camp, with the podcaster siding with the ironwoman. 


Candice Warner clashed with Skye Wheatley. Image: Ten. 

"Candice was in the right and everyone agreed with her," she said.

"Everyone had two minutes to hand [their contraband] in, or there were consequences like withholding food... everyone handed it in apart from Skye. Candice knew she had it, but no one else did. Candice didn't want to starve, she wasn't throwing anyone under the bus."

The former The Bachelor star shared some of her thoughts on the hygiene habits of her co-stars. "You can shower every day, but you don't," she said. "Frankie [Muniz] and Skye were the grossest by far," she added, as it was earlier revealed on the show that neither of the campers showered for several days at a time.


The only camper who showered without underwear or swimwear on was third place celeb and generally confused gent, Callum Hole. "Callum was the only one who showered naked!" she added.

Speaking of Callum, Laura asked whether the Welsh reality star was playing it up for cameras.

"We all saw each other on camera and off camera. He was a hundred miles an hour on camera and he slept all day off camera," she said.


"I'm not holding that against him, we all did it. But I don't think he's as dumb as he lets on at all. I think he has a lot more upstairs... he did two years of a physio degree... he leant into it a bit, but that's what TV is." 

Brittany had previously told Mamamia in an interview that she felt some of her fellow campers weren't all that interested in getting to know her in the jungle. "Three-quarters the way through the show, I was like, no one's really asked me about me. I'm here as an interviewer for everyone," she told us.

On Life Uncut, Brittany spoke more about this, but noted there was one exception: AFL legend Pete Daicos.

"He had a lot of time for me. He was very curious about my life and not a lot of people in there were," she said. 

The podcaster went on to reveal she almost didn't sign on for the reality show because the initial salary she was offered was so low.

"You have to get paid, because you give up your job," she said. "They offered me a number to go in, and I said no because it didn't cover [her job's salary] — I'd lose money. They renegotiated for me, and everyone had different salaries, but no one talks about it."

Britt didn't share the final figure but did speculate that one former child star probably copped the highest figure. 

"Frankie would have got the most, hands down," she said. 

Sounds like Malcolm was in the Money.

Feature image: Ten.

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