Why do these Aussie supermodels have their nipples pierced? Anyone?

And now for a complete change of pace. Pierced nipples. This is a shot from a fashion shoot in the soon-to-be-released 50th Anniversary issue of Australian Vogue. The story stars reportedly gay Australian model Catherine McNeil and fellow Aussie Big Thing In The Fashion World, Abby-Lee Kershaw (sexuality unconfirmed).

Here’s the fun part: BOTH girls have pierced nipples which you can see after the jump [NSFW]

[source: via frockwriter]

I have spent such a long time looking at these nipples. I am utterly fascinated by the piercings – what do you even call those things….rods? – and what they’re for.

Is it a sexual thing? Or just creative expression like a tattoo or eyebrow or nose ring? Anyone know?

I am so square, all I can think is how impractical they’d be for breastfeeding.


Do you have any piercings? I pierced my belly button once when I was about 21 or 22. It hurt. I went to the piercing place with a girlfriend who got a 2nd piercing in her ear – up the top in the cartilage bit. Her piercing got infected (apparently it’s notoriously dangerous to get that part of your ear pierced…who knew?) and she ended up in hospital with a golden staph infection on an antibiotic drip FOR A WEEK.

Brings new meaning to the term Fashion Victim…

My belly button ring was out in a few months. Still got the scar which looks awesome when I’m pregnant.

Got any good piercing stories? Any thoughts on these model boobs?

I think the boobs are rather lovely although am so square, all I can think is how impractical those piercings would be for breastfeeding…..

UPDATE: here’s how the shot appeared in Australian Vogue – with nipple rings airbrushed out (below)….


[source: Frockwriter]


Has Lady Gaga lost her mind or just her eyebrows?

How old does Lindsay Lohan look? Come on, guess.

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Calvin Klein’s threesome.

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