Geri Halliwell's drastic transformation from Ginger to Posher-than-Posh Spice.

You won’t find Geri Halliwell wearing her famous Union Jack dress anymore.

Geri, a.k.a Ginger Spice, has swapped the infamous dress – made out of tea towels from her sister’s kitchen – and platform shoes for turtlenecks and gumboots, which are much more practical for her life on her estate in the English countryside.

So how does the sassy, brazen Spice Girl, who made headlines by pinching Prince Charles on the bum and caused global hysteria when she quit the group four years into their world domination, transform into a cooking, baking, home-loving housewife?

spice girls brit awards 1997
The iconic Spice Girls performance at the 1997 Brit Awards. Image: Getty.

In 2014, Geri started dating Christian Horner, the team principle of the Red Bull Racing F1 team and a former race driver himself.

The couple married in May 2015 and have one child together - a son named Montague. Geri has a daughter, Bluebell, from her previous relationship with screenwriter Sacha Gervasi, and Christian has a daughter, Olivia, with his previous partner.

With their marriage, Geri joined her 45-year-old OBE recipient husband's social circles and enjoyed her family-orientated weekends in the country.

Geri has previously spoken about how she's happily swapped her wild ways for a more traditional housewife role, telling the Daily Mail's Event magazine in 2015 she liked to make sure her husband was cooked for and taken care of.

Christian and Geri Horner
Christian and Geri. Image: Getty.

For a photo shoot with the magazine, she insisted on having photos of her cooking: "Complete with fetching Fifties, Dora Day-style apron", the profile read.

But Geri has copped flack for her social transition. Her 'plummy' upper-class accent caused confusion when she appeared in (and won) Britain's 2016 Sport Relief Bake Off, with many viewers calling her out on social media for faking it.

Just recently, when Scary Spice Mel B insisted the pair had a one night stand during their time in the Spice Girls, she said Geri would be mad at her for disclosing the details because "she's all posh in her country house with her husband".


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Geri's country home - regularly featured on her Instagram - is as beautiful as you can imagine.


There are animals: Goats, chickens and donkeys. Inside, crystal chandeliers and velvet furniture decorate the living space. There are floral vases, antiques and a grand piano. The kitchen has four ovens.

Hints of Ginger still remain, like her Union Jack mixer atop the kitchen bench.


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Geri told Event that in her 'wilder' days, it would take a lot for her to settle down, her parents divorce contributing to commitment problems.

But when she met Christian, she "knew it was right".

Geri described herself in her Spice Girls days as "fearless". She recalled fighting with a room of all-male music executives to put out Wannabe as a single, and touching Prince Charles' bum was undoubtedly brazen.

She said that in the years since, she's done a lot of growing up and that meant her priorities changed.

"You want to be famous, you want this life and then you get it and it doesn’t necessarily make you happy," she said.

"You go from 'I want to be famous' to 'I want to be happy'."

With the Spice Girls reunion tour just around the corner, Ginger Spice is bound to make a reappearance.

She probably won't pinch a prince's bum this time, though.