The remarkable acts of bravery amidst the Westfield Bondi Junction attack.

On April 13, a senseless tragedy occurred in Westfield Bondi Junction.

A dozen people, including a nine-month-old baby, are in hospital after a deadly stabbing spree at the shopping centre in one of Sydney's most well-known suburbs. It is now known 18 people were stabbed, with six killed during or soon after the attack.

It was the first day of the school holidays, making the already busy weekend hotspot in the eastern suburb beachside town of Bondi even more packed with people.

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Six people have died in the attack, including the 38-year-old mother of the injured baby, Ash Good. Twenty-five-year-old Dawn Singleton, who was months away from marrying her "childhood sweetheart", a NSW Police officer, was also killed. She is the daughter of businessman John Singleton.

But as the country, along with the rest of the world, mourns those murdered during the rampage, stories of hope and bravery have emerged.

Everyday Australian heroes attempted to stop the attacker, who has been identified as 40-year-old Joel Cauchi. Determined shoppers threw tables and chairs at him, while another wielded a bollard to prevent him from getting up the escalator. 

Footage has even shown brave individuals following the NSW police inspector, who eventually shot the attacker dead, in a bid to help.

Here are the stories of courage that have emerged from the Westfield Bondi Junction stabbing.


A solo police officer ended the rampage and "saved lives". 

NSW Police Inspector Amy Scott was the first officer on the scene of the shopping centre attack.

Scott, who ran towards danger without immediate backup, approached the attacker alone, before shooting him dead with a bullet to the chest when he lunged at her.

The officer then performed CPR on the killer, along with a few of the victims who lay on the ground following the attack.

Footage shown on TODAY has also shown the moment several bystanders ran after Scott to help her take down the attacker, with one picking up a chair and running with it as a possible defense weapon.

Amy Scott was the first officer on the scene and took on the attacker alone. Image: Facebook.


In a press conference on Sunday morning, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese thanked police and emergency service workers who responded to the incident.

"The wonderful inspector who ran into danger by herself and removed the threat that was there to others, without thinking about the risks to herself," he said. "She is certainly a hero. There is no doubt that she saved lives through her action.

"We also see the footage of ordinary Australians putting themselves in harm's way in order to help their fellow citizens. That bravery was quite extraordinary that we saw yesterday, the best of Australians amidst this extraordinary tragedy."

Albanese continued, saying the government had been informed of the killer's mental health issues "but the investigations are ongoing and it is not helpful to speculate beyond which the police have found".

'I need to go and help': Bondi Rescue lifeguard helped bleeding victims.

Bondi Rescue lifeguard Andrew Reid was shopping for a bed in Myer in Westfield Bondi Junction on Saturday afternoon when the attacker, 40-year-old Joel Cauchi from Queensland, began his rampage.

He told Nine News on Saturday evening he heard gunshots ring out down on level four of the shopping centre where he saw a woman who had "blood everywhere".

Reid would see many more horrific scenes that day, but immediately jumped into action, attempting to help stop the bleeding of victims and refusing to take refuge inside of the Myer store.


Andrew Reid immediately jumped into action during the Bondi Junction stabbing attack. Image: Network 10.

"[I realised,] 'I need to go help,'" he recalled thinking as he ran down the Myer escalators and out of the shutters. He was among the few left in the shopping centre alongside the public and police and he tried to stem one victim's bleeding.


"I looked down and there were just multiple victims sort of, like, 50 metres apart," he said. "The lady next to us, she was in a really bad way; there was a couple of police working on her."

Reid explained he tried to do compressions on a second woman, and was joined by paramedics, "but I didn't think she was going to make it".

"I went to help the next victim and as I went down... I just saw this empty pram," he recalled. "I've got three young kids... I just thought, 'Oh my God'... then I saw on the news about the [injured] baby."

The lifeguard said that throughout his 20 years of working at Bondi Beach, he had been exposed to "pretty gnarly stuff" but he'd seen "nothing like" what he witnessed on Saturday.

"You don't hear about it in Australia. This is, like, the lucky country," he said — and when asked about his decision to rush into the fray to save lives, despite believing at the time the attacker might still be roaming, he responded: "That's what we do."

A bollard-wielding hero.

One man used a shopping centre bollard to stand up to the armed attacker during the mass stabbing. 

A short clip of the incident shared online has gone viral, showing the attacker walking up an escalator while the other man — now known to be Frenchman Damien Guerot — stands at the top of the escalator, armed with a bollard and attempting to prevent him from climbing any further up the steps.

Reid, the Bondi Rescue lifeguard who also helped during the attack, told Nine News, "I just saw the footage of the guy with the bollard, I reckon he’s the real hero here."


A shopper attempted to stop the Westfield Bondi Junction stabber on Saturday. X @Matt Vandenberg.

Friends have told the Daily Telegraph, "He's okay, just shaken. He says he is no hero, he is just an ordinary guy... he isn't able to talk about it much."

But plenty of others are praising Silas as exactly that — a hero — for taking on the attacker alone.


"That bloke with the bollard at the top of the escalator, confronting the attacker," one user on X wrote. "That's just heroic. That's the very best of humanity confronting the very worst of humanity."

Father's quick thinking to protect kids.

News reporters filmed multiple people fleeing Westfield Bondi Junction on Saturday following the attack, including a father who looked to be shielding his two children from the scene.

"Just saw two young children on the news with eye masks over their eyes, being guided by their father out of Bondi Junction shopping centre," a user wrote on X. 


"That man covered their eyes so they wouldn’t see the horrors of what has just happened. That's a bloody amazing father."

Footage shows the masked children holding onto their dad while he leads them outside the shopping centre and to safety.

Hero brothers praised for helping save nine-month-old baby.

A man who rushed to help save a nine-month-old baby and his mother, Ash Good — who died in hospital — has been praised for leaping into action.


A Nine News broadcast live from the scene was interrupted by a witness who pointed to his brother saying, "He's a hero. He saved the baby."

The man described how he had used clothes from a nearby shop in an effort to stop the child's bleeding.

"The baby got stabbed. The mum got stabbed and came over with a baby and threw it at me — I was holding the baby, it looked pretty bad," he said. "There was a lot of blood on the floor. I hope the baby is all right."

The brothers were on the scene during the attack. 9News.


The man's brother said, "He helped with holding the baby and trying to compress the baby and same with the mother. We just kept yelling out to get some clothes, get some shirts and just help us to compress and stop the baby from bleeding. With my brother holding the baby so well and really compressing, I think the baby's fine."

The man added, "We were just shopping and saw the man run up to the woman with the baby and then we were both ready to go and help out. But I just said to my brother, we've got to run in — ran in, told the guys to lock up the doors and then the mother came with the baby bleeding, stabbed. We got them into the store and just got them safe and then rang for help."

After undergoing surgery last night, the baby in now in a serious but stable condition in the ICU.

The brothers have since been praised for their efforts, with one user on writing, "Pat on the back to those two brothers who helped that mother, and the lone guy with a bollard as well on the escalator."

Australia mourns those lost by the Westfield Bondi Junction stabbing. 

Bondi Junction was a sea of flowers on Sunday morning following the stabbing attack, with mourners coming to give their condolences to victims.

Jack Hahn, a TODAY reporter who was on the scene said it has rocked Australians from "coast to coast". 

"When you think of Sydney, you think of Bondi. It's such an iconic area," Hahn said, adding that there were international correspondents from the United Kingdom to report on the crime.


"The locals of this area are absolutely shattered."

Flowers were laid early Saturday morning to honour the lives of those lost from the attack. Image: Getty.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese supports 'heroes'.

We saw the worst of humanity on Saturday at Westfield Bondi Junction, but also the best of our people, Albanese said on Saturday.

"It was also witness to the humanity and the heroism of our fellow Australians, our brave police, our first responders, and of course, everyday people who could never have imagined that they would face such a moment," he said, paying tribute to the workers at the shopping centre who helped people hide.

"This should have been a normal shift. Shoppers peacefully going about their lives. And yet for these Australians, their first instinct in the face of danger was to help someone else. That is what we hold on to tonight as Australians. That’s confirmation of who we are. Brave, strong. Together."

Feature Image: X @Matt Vandenberg, 10Network.