'The $14 foundation I love more than my $105 one.'

At the risk of sounding like an annoying twat, I get to try a lot of free beauty products. And yes, it's a real job!

You see, it's part of my job to keep up with all the new launches and trends in the rapidly growing (and confusing) beauty industry — and there's no better way than to try it for yourself. Because if it's something that's total poo and really not worth the hype, I'm not going to recommend it to you.

This means that my beauty routine is forever changing — and I'll often be found switching and swapping out products for new releases. And while it's a pretty fun deal, it makes it hard when you come across a product you really love. And it becomes even harder when that new product is quite spendy.

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Because while you'd be forgiven for thinking beauty editors have access to endless free products and refills, we actually have to purchase the stuff we like once we're finished it. So, you know it's gotta be good.

Case in point: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $105.


I know, I know. Seems silly expensive to spend this much when I get so much other foundation that I can use instead. But I always come back to this one, because it just *works* on my face. It's been my go-to coverage for years and I like to pick it up in the beauty sales (ahem, it's on sale now at Adore Beauty!). 

I love it. Heaps. I've said it numerous times, but it's really good, you guys. Beautifully lightweight and silky, it's one of those formulas that feel like you're wearing nothing at all — that second skin kinda stuff. It offers light to medium coverage and I LOVE the fact that I can wear it and you can still see my freckles underneath.

But for reasons I'm not going to bore you with (crisps being $8 and the fact I need to sell my firstborn to get into the housing market. But mainly the crisps thing) I've cut down on spending on unnecessary stuff. Ahem... designer foundation.

So, upon wandering into Chemist Warehouse towards the end of last year, I came across one of Leigh Campbell's top cheap foundation recommendations — Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation.

Here she is:

Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation. Image: Supplied.


Can we already see how well-worn it is?

The range has a total of 15 shades — I'm 'Ivory L2', in case that matters to anyone.

Okay. What's so good about Flower Beauty Illusion Foundation?

Of course, if Leigh Campbell recommends it, it's going to be good. But I didn't quite expect just how much I'd love it. Because it's really very good, you guys. And cheap!

Over the past four months, this affordable formula has graduated from my cheaper 'everyday' choice to my all-the-time-can't-stop-using-it choice. It's my new favourite.

If you haven't heard the (very loud) buzz around Drew Barrymore's brand Flower Beauty, when this foundation hit shelves, it quickly reached cult status — and after trying it, I can totally tell why. It offers a hefty serving of radiance and makes your skin look and feel plump and hydrated which is a dream for someone with a thirsty face like me.


Comfortable and lightweight, it's not the tiniest bit drying on the skin and I love how it doesn't cling to dry patches or go flaky around my eyes or forehead area. It honestly gives you that 'your skin but better' look, and with light to medium coverage you can wear it sheer (it blurs redness, spots and dark spots like a dream) or build it up a bit for special occasions.

It matches seamlessly with my skin and just makes my entire face look better. Everything just looks more even, healthy and fresher and I love how, like Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk, you're still able to see freckles and stuff underneath. 

Compared to the Luminous Silk, the finish is a lot more glowy and radiant and feels a little more hydrating on the skin. In fact, our very own Leigh Campbell describes it here as "a lightbulb in a bottle."

However, what I will say is that I find Luminous Silk formula a little longer lasting in terms of wear (I touch my face a lot during the day - can't help it), but I just apply a hefty dose of setting spray over my face or use my favourite Rae Morris Invisible Mattifier around my T-zone area and it usually does the trick. So, if you do wear it, make sure you use something to set it properly. 

ANYWAY, I really like it — and I think you might, too. 

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