13 women tell us their secrets to a sleeping baby.

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It’s the question that’s baffled new parents for centuries: If babies are so tired, why don’t they just… go to sleep?

Alas, there are so many reasons why it’s not quite that simple. Maybe they’re overtired. Maybe they’re undertired. Maybe they’re hungry, or maybe they’re gassy, or maybe there’s a big poo in the works or maybe they’ve actually eaten too much and need to spew. 

Maybe they’re learning a new skill, or going through a "leap" or getting a tooth. Or maybe they simply enjoy being wide awake between midnight and 4 am.

Although there’s nothing more lonely than trying to settle a baby in the early hours of the morning, the good news is that you’re not actually alone, because stressing over sleep is basically a rite of passage for new parents.

The even better news is that I’ve asked a bunch of mums who’ve valiantly trod this path ahead of you for their top tips on getting newborns to sleep, so you’ll have their expertise on your side for your next witching "hour" (especially if that "hour" tends to actually last, um, the entire night?).

But first, I’ll share my own secret weapon: a sleeping bag. 

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No, I don’t mean the kind you packed on your Year 6 camp, although that could be helpful too for the nights you feel like you may as well sleep on the floor next to the cot. A baby sleeping bag is one of those incredible innovations that makes you wonder what mums did before they were invented.

Let me explain: one of the main reasons babies tend to wake during the night is because they’re too hot or too cold, but a TOG-rated sleeping bag like the Best&Less sleeping bag takes all of the guesswork out of exactly how warm your bub should be. 

If the TOG system sounds complicated, let me assure you it isn’t — the higher the TOG, the warmer the suit will keep your baby.


The flexibility of the TOG system means there’s a sleeping bag for every occasion — I’ve just moved my 4-month-old into a 3 TOG as the temperature is starting to drop overnight in Sydney. Best&Less won the Silver Bounty Baby award for 'Best Baby Sleeping Bag' last year, and I figure if it’s good enough to win awards, it’s good enough for me.

I love the adorable designs, but what I love even more is that I can tick "temperature" off my middle-of-the-night checklist if my baby is unsettled because I’m always sure I’ve nailed it.

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Everything else… well, that’s a work in progress. 

But enough from me — let’s hear from the women on the front lines (aka the mums who’ve been there, done that): 

"White noise is an absolute lifesaver for newborn babies. It means you can actually move around the house without having to be super quiet. You can get portable white noise machines for in the pram or just use your phone so you’re never stuck without it." — Carla 

"My best tip is blockout blinds. It’s amazing how little light can actually disturb a baby and the difference it makes when they’re in a pitch-dark room." — Jodie 

"Wake windows. Who knew they were even a thing and they wouldn’t just go to sleep when they were tired? Learning my baby’s wake windows and actually following them made everything so much easier for us." — Sarah 

"Remember that everything is just a phase. If sleep isn’t happening right now, your baby will sleep through, eventually." — Holly

"Getting into a wind-down routine really helped me with my son. Every night before bed, we gave him a bath and read him a book. He probably didn’t notice when he was really young, but it meant we didn’t have to worry about when the right time to start a routine would be. He’s been in the same nighttime routine for almost a year now." — Emily


"Swaddling! Every baby likes to be swaddled differently, so you sometimes have to play around a bit to find out what works, but once you work it out, it makes a huge difference." — Sarah 

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"Some babies are too wriggly and always breaking out of their swaddles like Alcatraz. A sleeping bag or swaddle suit is so much easier than dealing with blankets." — Jill 

"Play around with location. My baby was ready for his own room much sooner than I thought he would be and slept so much better in there." — Wilhelmina 

"Some babies just like to be held, which is why the carrier was my best friend." — Jackie

"The best advice I ever got was lots of environmental stimulation during the day means a sleepy baby at night — get out and about and take them on walks. But don’t be too stressed about following timetables or routines. Just do what works for you — happy mum, happy bub." — Maddy

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"I wish I got my daughter onto a bottle sooner. Although I absolutely loved breastfeeding, it would have been good to have her used to the bottle so I had the option for my partner to get involved when I was exhausted. Also, don’t be a martyr. If things are hard, ask for help. You’re not meant to know everything and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent if you’re struggling." — Annelies 

"The best thing we did was take it in shifts. I was responsible from 10pm to 2am, and my husband took 2am to 6am. This worked for us because it meant the person settling the baby wasn’t already totally exhausted. I’m naturally a night owl, and my husband likes to wake up early, so it played to our strengths." — Tyler  

"Don’t be afraid of just holding them when needed. It’s okay if that’s the only thing that works; this too shall pass!" — Fiona 

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