'I'm a menopausal beauty writer in my 50s. Here are the 7 best serums to keep you hydrated.'

Since I went through peri and became menopausal, my skin has had a mind of its own. My collagen and oestrogen levels are decreasing, as is my skin's ability to hold on to water. Meaning? Wrinkles and lines are becoming more apparent — and that’s perfectly normal!

I've noticed the changes more over the last six months. My skin has become reactive, dry one minute and oily the next as my skin barrier has weakened. I get one issue under control and another appears. What has become apparent is the absolute importance of well-hydrated skin

For me, this is more important than all the active products I have been using over the last few years. In fact, I have dialled it back a bit and really focused on drenching my skin and its paying off. 

As a result, my skin is looking plumper, more glowy and just... healthy.

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I follow three simple skincare steps — toner, serum and moisturiser. 

For me, toner is the backbone of my routine. It might seem weird, but I spend a bit of time layering. Yep, layering. Sometimes it’s just two layers, other days it can be four or more. I usually use the Goodal Rice Milk Toner, $26.95, followed by the Hada Labo Lotion No.1 Super Hydrator, $35.95. 

These two products really flood my skin with hydration, creating a perfect base for serums to be able to do what the need to. Plump me up, baby!


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Now, let's talk about serums and the reason we're here.

I've mixed it up over the last six months and I really rely on my skin to tell me what it needs. Meaning? Get to know your skin. Make it a sensory experience. Touch your face both with your palms and your fingertips. Trace over it, pay attention to how it feels, to the texture, noticing if it feels dry here or supple there. Push it about and don’t forget to take a look at it in a mirror — closely. 

Not to get all woo-woo but this will really help you understand what it actually needs.

Below, I’ve put together a range of some of the best serums to really flood your skin with an amazing boost of hydration. The best part? With most of these, you'll start to see an instant difference.


Here are seven of the best:

Best chemist serum: L'Oréal Revitalift Filler 1.5% Hyaluronic Serum, $49.99.

Image: L'oreal/Canva.

Formulated with three forms of pure hyaluronic acid, including micro (to re-plump skin with moisture), macro (to moisturise the skin's surface) and micro-epidermic (which re-plumps lines and wrinkles from within), this is a serious multi-tasker when it comes to overall skin hydration. In fact, this was the gateway product that helped me focus on my skin's hydration, and I really noticed a difference. At time of writing, you can currently grab it on sale at Chemist Warehouse.

Best luxury serum: Kate Somerville HydraKate Recharging Hydration Serum, $125.

Image: Mecca/Canva.

This has something called a dual-weight hyaluronic acid, meaning it binds moisture in different layers of the skin. It's also formulated with algae extract and uses a Nobel Prize-inspired technology (!) to deliver hydration where the skin needs it most. This gem just absorbs into your skin beautifully and you can immediately feel the difference.


Best serum for dry skin: Hada Labo Concentrated Water Serum Lock-in-Moist, $35.95.

Image: Hada Labo/Canva.

Infused with something called “Super Hyaluronic Acid” - a patented ingredient that triggers the "mochi-mochi" sensation, which is the signal for deep hydration. It really floods your skin with moisture and has a slippery texture post-application, before soaking in and leaving behind a beautiful glow.


Best serum for sensitive skin: E.S.K. Repair+, $103.

Image: ESK Care/ Canva

ESK stands for 'evidence-based skincare' and is a premium Australian brand created by Dr Ginni Mansberg. This brand has been a solid part of my routine for the past year, and it has a lot of stand out products - including the Repair+.

It's deeply nourishing and is particularly good for sufferers of rosacea, psoriasis and eczema symptoms, and helps to repair barrier function. With ingredients like ceramides, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, squalane and panthenol, it's extremely hydrating and particularly great when my skin is being reactive.

Best new-to-market serum: Dermalogica Pro-Collagen Banking Serum, $152.

Image: Mecca/Canva.

This is relatively new to the market and I was keen to get all about it. Now, we know that collagen on the surface does not get absorbed - it's something we need to re-establish from within. However, the point of difference here is Dermalogica's potent Pro-Collagen Preservative Complex - which promises to help save our existing collagen. It has a blend of collagen amino acids, jojoba ester and polyglutamic acid to nourish the skin barrier and plump it up. Add wild indigo extract and arginine PCA, both of which restore radiance, it leaves your skin super soft and plush. Like a bouncy cushion. 


Best certified organic serum: Mukti Hyaluronic Marine Serum, $120.

Image: Mukti/Canva.

This has been reformulated recently and I was lucky to snaffle it before release. It's really, really good. Again, it's a product with different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and uses marine hyaluronic, which my skin just loves. It also has wakame seaweed which is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and promotes cell turnover. Also on the list is blue tansy, which is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient to reduce redness and irritation - and great for acne-prone skin. The scent of this product comes from the blue tansy and is subtle, sweet and slightly herbaceous. I’m obsessed with it.


Best under-the-radar serum: Alexandra Johns Iuvenis Day Serum, $105.

Image: Alexandra Johns/Canva.

I only came across this brand as I knew one of the formulators that worked on it - and it's everything I'd ever want in a serum. From niacinamide to snail secretion (great for repairing and hydrating), it also includes marine collagen along with hyaluronic acid and glycerine. There are extracts of Lilly Pilly, apple fruit, melon fruit and portulaca to create a subtle fragrance. For me, this has become a daily staple - it's a 'super buffet' serum that leaves your skin not only feeling hydrated and smooth but visibly healthy. This product has everything I'm looking for and made me more interested in what's out there hiding in smaller indie brands. 


Whichever product of these you choose, you can't go wrong. If you start to focus on really hydrating your skin, it'll allow you to then drill down to what else your skin needs — so start here and build upon it.

Trust me, hydrated skin equals happy skin. (And it makes your makeup look better, too!).

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