A 38-year-old mother has reportedly died after being stabbed in the Westfield Bondi Junction attack.

The sixth innocent life to be lost from the Bondi Junction Westfield attack is reportedly the mother of a nine-month-old baby, both of whom were stabbed by the perpetrator, according to The Guardian. Nine News and Seven News had also made the same reports.

The mother was just 38 years old. Her nine-month-old child is still receiving treatment for stab wounds at Sydney's Children's Hospital. Police confirmed the baby has undergone surgery.

At a police press conference tonight, it was confirmed that four women and one male died at the scene, and one female died in hospital from her injuries.

Karen Webb, Commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force, said police believe they know who the perpetrator is, saying investigators don't believe the attack is terrorism or ideology related. Commissioner Webb said the male perpetrator was known to law enforcement.

"Later this evening we became aware of who we believe the offender is. We believe he is a 40-year-old man. However, we are waiting to formally identify him and we cannot speculate about his identity. There is no ongoing risk and we are dealing with one person who is now deceased," she said. 

"It's awful and really the other point I want to make is the police officer who attended is enormously courageous. I spoke to them [the police officers who attended the scene] this afternoon when they returned to the station. But also the shopkeepers and people in the centre who showed enormous bravery and courage."

Two eyewitnesses spoke to 9News at the scene following the incident, saying they had helped the mother and her child. They were gravely concerned for the mother's health, given the amount of blood she had lost at the scene. 


"The baby got stabbed. The mum got stabbed. She came over with the baby, threw it at me and I was holding the baby, it looked pretty bad. I was helping hold and trying to compress the baby and same with the mother, trying to compress the blood. We were calling the ambulance and police. There was a lot of blood on the floor," the duo, who are brothers, said.

They had been shopping when the situation unfolded.

"We had to run in [to one of the stores], told the guys to lock up the doors and then the mother came with the baby, stabbed and bleeding. We got them into the store, safe and then rang for help."


They continued: "I hope the baby is alright. It was [a traumatic afternoon]. We kept yelling out to get some clothes and shirts and help us compress and stop the baby from bleeding. I think the baby is fine. The mother unfortunately, another woman and I were compressing, she started to have a lot of blood come out of her mouth."

Emergency services were called to Westfield Bondi Junction about 3:40pm on Saturday. Paramedics were treating patients at the scene, and police declared the situation a critical incident.

Police confirmed there was one offender, and that he was fatally shot at the scene. A female police inspector had confronted the offender who moved to level five [of the shopping centre] as she continued to walk quickly behind him to catch up with him. He raised the knife at her and she discharged her firearm. She shot and killed the attacker on the scene.

Speaking about the female officer who killed the perpetrator, Commissioner Webb commended her for her bravery.

"She is doing well under the circumstances. She showed enormous courage and bravery. She will need to be interviewed formally."

Police have reiterated they are "not ruling anything out" in terms of a motive with the investigation in its early stages. The crime scene remains ongoing and it will remain ongoing for a number of days. Bondi Junction Westfield will be closed on Sunday.

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