'I'm an over-50s beauty writer. Here's the best budget skincare routine for menopausal skin.'

As someone who is obsessed with skincare, I regularly get asked a lot of questions from friends and women my age about what they should put on their faces. Recently, the biggest question has been about how to put together a budget-friendly skincare routine. 

So, I figured if a lot of my friends were asking, then you may want to know as well.

The good thing is that nowadays there have been so many advances in the efficacy and quality of products, meaning if you don’t have the budget to go down the cosmeceutical route, you can still take really good care of your skin. 

I've picked up quite a few skincare goodies over time, and a lot of these are in and out of my regular rotation. 

So, let me help you out and put some money back in your wallet.

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Now, before we get into it, bear in mind that along with saving some dollars, I am also taking into consideration peri and menopausal skin. We tend to have thinner, drier skin with pigmentation and a loss of elasticity, so you'll find most of these products cater towards these concerns. 



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I love using a balm cleanser as my first step, and a fantastic one is the MCoBeauty Ultra Clean Cleansing Balm, $32. It's packed full of botanicals and fermented ingredients to look after your microbiome, as well as hyaluronic acid to ensure you aren't drying out. I love how it breaks down makeup and sunscreen, leaving your skin feeling clean but not stripped. 

I like to keep an eye out for when it's 50 per cent off because the brand is always on sale somewhere. At the time of writing Big W is having 40 per cent off, so it's $16.



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I know, I know. A lot of you skip this step and don’t see the need for it, but I swear by using them to help set you up for everything you then apply. Trust me, it will help balance your skin. 

If you're looking for an affordable option to try, I really rate Neutrogena Ultra-Gentle Alcohol-Free Toner, $15. This has glycerine and citric acid so it will both hydrate as well as help to gently exfoliate the skin along with B5 which will help soften your skin.



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Let's keep it simple (and effective). Olay has a patented technology that promises to help your skin better absorb the formula for greater efficacy. They have a whole range targeting specific needs, so pick whichever is most relevant to you because we all have differing concerns. 


I really like the Olay Vitamin C Super Serum, $29.99. It has a luminous finish and not only improves your skin and concerns, but the glow you get is stunning. These are a little pricier but, again, when they are 50 per cent off.

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Now, if you have a little bit more in your budget, may I please point you in the direction of the No7 Future Renew Repair Serum?

It's probably the most spendy in the offerings here and by no means a 'budget' buy — but hey, we're saving some good money and I have an absolute banger of a savey product coming up so you can sway this way if you like. 


This serum is full of peptides in the form of their patent-pending 'Pepticology' and promises to help with fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture and tone, dryness and loss of firmness. Lush. 

As you can see from the photo, I like to pair this with the Skin Republic Silicone Reusable Mask, $20 which can be reused up to 50 times. This turns any serum or moisturiser into a mask for you. I apply the serum and pop the mask on for 15 minutes and when I peel it off I am so plump and juicy.

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Now, I am not even going to pretend to love this for the collagen because as we all know, topical collagen does not get down to a cellular level to actually do anything. BUT Redwin Collagen Glow Skin Firming Moisturiser, $10.99, is just a damn good general moisturiser that plumps, hydrates and smoothes your skin. 

If you put this on your face, I guarantee you will feel plush and plump. It absorbs beautifully and best of all even at full price you’re only going to pay $10.99 for a 220g tub. 

See, it's stupidly cheap and because you've spent a little more on your serum step, you really only need something that will do what this does. 

Well, that's it lovelies! If you are looking for an affordable skincare routine and you are of my vintage, then I hope I’ve helped you out.

What are your favourite budget skincare products? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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