Millennials gather. This is how to style wide-leg jeans with boots.

Ever since Gen Z declared that skinny jeans were out, millennials all around the world have found themselves in a serious predicament. (Me, I'm in the predicament.) 

Our wardrobes are stocked with skinny jeans in every colour and wash you can imagine. 

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Then suddenly, some random 20-year-old on TikTok said they're the most hideous thing since peplum tops and that we simply MUST wear wide-leg denim instead.

(Of course it goes without saying that if you love your skinny jeans, you should absolutely stick with them. But if you're wanting to try something new, then unfortunately we need to let our legs breathe a little more!)

Personally, I love wide-leg jeans. They're far more comfortable than my skinnies, and they make my legs look about six feet long, so I welcomed the trend with open arms. 

However, the general consensus throughout the Mamamia office is that they're hard to style with anything other than sneakers and what on earth are we supposed to do with all the excess fabric at our feet!?


I get it. Transitioning from skinny jeans to wide-leg isn't as straightforward as it sounds, and for many people, it requires them to break out of a (dis)comfort zone they've been sitting in for years. 

But I'm here to walk you through exactly how to style the pair of wide-leg denim that's been sitting in your cupboard, tags and all, for the past two months. 

Lesson one: How to wear wide-leg jeans with boots, because, unlike skinny jeans, they don't just tuck right in.

So, let's get into it.



Opt for wide-leg jeans with a higher waist.

I'm a massive fan of high-waisted jeans, only because I think they look flattering on everyone. Not only does it help elongate your silhouette, but it also defines the mid-section of your body, cinching it in to create an hourglass shape. When paired with boots, the hem of the jeans will fall right where it's supposed to, allowing your shoes to peek out without being drowned in fabric. 

Go for a pointed-toe boot.

Pointed-toe boots create a flattering contrast with wide-leg jeans, balancing out the volume of the jeans and adding some interest to the overall look. Not to mention, pointed-toe shoes are chic and scream expensive, even if you found them in a bargain bin at Kmart for $20. 

Pair your jeans with chunky-heeled boots.

While boots with pencil-thin heels will never go out of style, they aren't the most practical or comfortable option. Instead, opt for a chunky-heeled boot to help add structure and stability to your look. The substantial heel offsets the wide-leg silhouette of the jeans and your feet will thank you.



Avoid cuffing or rolling up your wide-leg jeans.

Cuffing is a great styling technique, but you want to avoid it when wearing wide-leg denim. If your jeans are too long, it's best to get them hemmed, especially when pairing them with boots. A rolled-up hem with a bulky shoe can make your outfit look messy and unkempt because there's just way too much going on around your feet. 

Ditch the square-toe boots.

Square-toe boots are hugely on trend right now, but while they work well with skirts and dresses, they aren't the best style to pair with wide-leg jeans. The square toe can often appear heavy and visually compete with the bagginess of the jeans.

Ensure your jeans aren't too long, or too short. 

One of the most important tips I can give you when it comes to pairing wide-leg jeans with boots is to make sure the hem of your jeans falls right where it's supposed to. Your boots shouldn't be too visible, so you don't want the jeans to be sitting around your ankles. However, you also don't want them covering your shoes entirely. The toe box should just peak through.

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