'We're all just property.' What it's like being a woman in a bikie gang.

The Hells Angels is one of the most infamous bikie gangs in history.

Chances are you've grown up hearing neighbourhood stories about the gang with chapters all over the world. Or perhaps you have a core memory of seeing leather-clad club members thundering through town in their Harley Davidson convoy.

If you've always been just a teeny tiny bit curious about what goes on inside the walls of a Hells Angels clubhouse, a new docuseries by A&E, and available on Apple TV, is delivering the goods. Secrets of The Hells Angels is an eight-part show that gives a fresh new insight into the bikie gang, with several former members coming forward to share their secrets in tell-all exposé — and it's wild.

Amongst the interviewees were a pair of undercover agents who infiltrated an Arizona chapter of the Hells Angels in a town called Mesa to gather information about possible criminal activities from the inside.

One of the agents, Jenna Maguire spoke about was it was like going undercover and experiencing first-hand what it meant to be a female within the Hells Angels.

Jenna Maguire. Image: A&E.


As it stands, females aren't allowed to be official members of the gang. However, they still hold a place in the eco-system of the institution as "old ladies", the title given to the female companions or partners of male gang members.

Depending on the charter, the responsibilities bestowed upon old ladies — the role Maguire assumed during her investigation — may include organising events, contributing to charity drives or helping with general club upkeep.

Maguire had to train in order to convincingly become an "old lady" to her partner agent, Jay Dobyns — and it is no easy feat.

"The old lady training process is quite thorough," she said during the docuseries. "Walk: step behind your old man. You don't touch the patch. No speaking when he is speaking, provide his food and drink. You will be carrying the drugs, his gun."


The extensive list of rules had to be adhered to with military precision and if she stepped out of line, there would have been grave consequences.

Image: A&E.


During her investigation, Maguire uncovered the story of Cynthia Garcia, an "old lady" who seemingly "stepped out of line" during a drinking session at the Mesa clubhouse.

"Cynthia had back-talked one of the members while sitting at the bar," Maguire explained. "She was punched in the face and knocked to the ground. And they proceeded to beat her so badly that they decided they needed to kill her. 

"They took her out to the desert and slit her throat."

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Even though Garcia's life came to a tragic end, Maguire's brave actions as an undercover agent helped authorities eventually arrest and convict Paul Eischeid and Kevin Augustiniak for her murder.

There's a very obvious hierarchy at play within the Hells Angels and Maguire makes it clear that females are decidedly at the bottom of the ranking. "Whether you're a respected old lady, or whether you're at the bottom, or anything in between, we're all just property of the Hells Angels," she said.

The series was released in the US on April 14, and is available on Apple TV+ and Hulu. A release date for Australian viewers has yet to be announced. 

Feature Image: A&E