Switching to this gym routine could save you thousands... and cost you your dignity.

what is naked yoga
“It’s time to put away your Lululemon yoga pants and your nice crop tops and your baggy singlets. Because everything is out, and naked yoga is IN.”

I have bad news for any yoga fans out there.

Regular yoga is so last season. So is bikram yoga, and even that fancy kind where you just hang out in large ropes suspended from the ceiling.

It’s time to put away your Lululemon yoga pants and your nice crop tops and your baggy singlets. Because everything with clothes is out.

And naked yoga is IN.

Actually, if you’re already someone who isn’t shy about bearing a bit of flesh, this isn’t bad news for you at all. (Think of the potential savings, if you’re the type who splashes out for fancy gym gear then you could save $1,000 a year at least!)

But for the rest of you – the ones who are seriously uncomfortable with getting nuddy and doing a whole lot of compromising yoga poses in a room full of strangers (AKA the vast majority of the appropriately demure population), this trend is… not so great.

Naked yoga has actually been around for awhile but it’s only just going mainstream after a Daily Mail article gave it some attention. While naked yoga popular in major US cities such as New York, there are also studios in Australia that offer naked yoga classes – many of which cater predominantly to men. (Apparently hoards of gay men really took to naked yoga during the 70s and 80s, and they’ve kept up the trend ever since.)

According to the yoga school featured in the article, “Practicing yoga naked frees you from negative feelings about your body and allows [you] to be more accepting and deeper connected with yourself and the world around you.” But you know, pictures speak louder than words, so check it:


If there is a part of you that wants to try out a naked yoga class, I’ve put together some dos and don’ts so that you arrive adequately prepared. You’re welcome.

DO… Actually be prepared to get naked and take it all very seriously. Nakey yoga is no joke to those who consider it a seriously good way to get comfortable in your own skin.

DO NOT… Go along expecting any funny business, just because everyone’s naked. As the Daily Mail article mentions, nude yoga is no place for hanky panky – on their website it even says, ‘IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ORGASM, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE.’ Good to have that cleared up.

DO… Be prepared to see an erection if you’re in a co-ed (or all-male) class. Apparently they just happen sometimes.

DO NOT… Bother with feeling self-conscious. Chances are, if someone is in a nude yoga class, they’re not going to judge you on how your stomach isn’t flat or if your thighs have cellulite.

DO… Be aware that, just like in a normal yoga class, the instructor will probably walk around and touch you in order to adjust your position. Despite the fact that you’re not wearing any clothes.

what is nude yoga
Be aware of the possibility of getting to see some pretty intimate areas up close…

DO NOT… try to take photos or invite people to watch. It’s not allowed.

DO… Be aware of the possibility of getting to see some pretty intimate areas up close. Think of some of the yoga positions you’ve seen in the past and then imagine them without any pants involved.

DO NOT… Leave your house naked in preparation for naked yoga class. Take it off when you get there to avoid the possibility of being arrested.

DO… Try a class if you’re even slightly contemplating that it might be a good idea. Yoga is such a great way to calm the frenzy of everyday life and, admittedly, naked yoga may just be a great way to get in touch with your own body and become more comfortable with it.


DO NOT… Try a class if you are like me, i.e. so uncomfortable with the thought of naked yoga that you’d actually rather staple your face to the floor. If that is the case but you would still kind of like to try naked yoga, perhaps just give it a go in the privacy of your own bathroom or bedroom.

We imagine these celebs won’t be trying naked yoga any time soon… Although any publicity is apparently good publicity?

Okay. It’s time to ask the question that needs to be asked. Have any of you tried it? Have you?
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