A woman was told to 'take the morning-after pill' by her alleged rapist, Brisbane court hears.

Warning: This article contains information about sexual assault which may be distressing for some readers.

An intoxicated woman sexually assaulted by a man before being raped by her friend during a night out was told to take contraception the day after she was attacked, a court has heard.

The young woman had drunk four shots of tequila and a can of pre-mixed vodka, and smoked some cannabis with Abdulahi Omar Mohammed and Ibrahim Sulejmanovic, and after a hazy evening in April 2015 she was taken to the bedroom of a Windsor home.

“She was sexually assaulted by Mohammed and raped by Sulejmanovic,” crown prosecutor Jennifer O’Brief told the Brisbane District Court jury as she opened her case on Monday.

Following the alleged rape the woman was put into a taxi and driven in tears to her ex-boyfriend’s home, the court heard.

The next day she was texted by Sulejmanovic, Ms O’Brien told the jury.

woman rape sexual assault
The woman was texted by one of her alleged attackers the next morning. Image via Getty.

"Hi ya, I think we both got a little bit out of control last night and last I remember was walking you to the taxi, hope you got home safe," the accused rapist texted, the court heard.

"Also since we were both highly intoxicated I think it's best for you to take the morning-after pill, just to be safe."


During the opening of the men's trial, Ms O'Brien said before the attack the woman had been in a park in the city, lying on grass with her alleged abusers.

"[She] has no memory of how she got there," Ms O'Brien said.

"At the park Sulejmanovic was lying down next to her, he was kissing her, she was pulling down her dress because he was pulling it up."

The woman said she wanted to leave and go home but the next thing she remembered was being driven in a car, nauseated with her head between her legs.

According to the prosecution case she was taken to the Windsor house, put on a bed and sexually assaulted by Mohammed.

Sulejmanovic then raped her, the court heard.

"She was still on the bed, she was still wearing her dress and she still had her shoes on," Ms O'Brien said.

"She was unable to move or say anything. She couldn't do anything."

The trial continues.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, please call the National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service on 1800 RESPECT.

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