The eerie footage of Chris and Lyn Dawson, seven years before she mysteriously vanished. 

Update: Chris Dawson was arrested on Wednesday, 5 December, and will be charged with the murder of Lyn Dawson.

In January 1982, childcare worker and mother-of-two Lyn Dawson, vanished.

Described by family as “the loveliest person you’d ever meet,” Lyn was incredibly close to her mother and siblings, and devoted to her two daughters, four-year-old Shanelle and two-year-old Sherryn.

She lived in Bayview, on Sydney’s northern beaches, with her husband Chris Dawson.

The pair were high school sweethearts, and Chris would go on to play first grade rugby league with his twin brother, Paul Dawson, for the Newtown Jets in the 1970s before becoming a high school sports teacher at Cromer High.

It was there he met 16-year-old Joanne Curtis, with whom he instigated an “intense sexual relationship.”

According to investigative podcast The Teacher’s Pet hosted by journalist Hedley Thomas, it began when Chris invited the teenager into their home to babysit their two daughters.

Their relationship developed and became well known to the community. The following year, Chris made the decision to move Joanne into the family home.

It was upon this backdrop, a heated affair, a beautiful house Chris never wanted to leave, and two young children, that Lyn went missing.

Two separate coronial inquests concluded that Lyn Dawson was murdered by someone known to her, believed by many to be Chris.

In The Teacher’s Pet, Thomas refers to a 1975 episode of Chequerboard, a program that aired on the ABC.

Watch Chris, Paul and Lyn Dawson on an episode of ABC’s Chequerboard. Post continues. 

Seven years before Lyn disappeared, she appeared on the program alongside her husband Chris, and his brother, Paul, to discuss the unique relationship between twins.

This is especially pertinent, because many people from the Bayview community have said Chris and Paul were “unusually close”. Joanne says Chris requested she have sex with them both at the same time, to which she complied.

They grew up extremely protective of each other, and lived on the same street in Bayview. They were both high school sports teachers, but worked at different schools.

When Chris later moved to Queensland with Joanne to start a new life, Paul and his family moved too.

“Our whole lives have been mirrored reflections of each other,” Chris says in the footage.

But perhaps most eerie, are Lyn’s comments about being married to Chris.

“I hadn’t thought about sharing him until somebody asked ‘What is it like sharing a husband?’ And, to me, it just seemed so silly, because I hadn’t put any thought into it…”

When Lyn as likely murdered, she was ‘sharing’ Chris – and it wasn’t only with his twin brother Paul.

You can listen to The Teacher’s Pet podcast here. 

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