"It's happened before..." The strange coincidence within the Dawson family.

Chris Dawson, 70, was charged on Thursday morning with the murder of his wife, Lynette Dawson, who was last seen in January 1982.

But a comment made by the former school teacher’s brother, Peter Dawson, indicates that it wasn’t the first time a woman simply went missing in their family.

Now 72, Peter Dawson told The Daily Telegraph that in 1960, his former mother-in-law walked out on her three children in Sydney.

“She was never heard from again,” the practising solicitor told the publication.

“She did not contact her family, did not contact the kids, did not contact her husband.”

This is evidence, according to Chris Dawson’s lawyer Greg Walsh, that ‘these things happen‘. It has also been stated that Lynette was well aware of the story.

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There is, however, a notable difference between the two cases.

It is now known that Marcia, the relative who disappeared, had relocated to New Zealand where she remarried.

Conversely, two separate coronial inquests have determined that Lynette Dawson is dead. They also determined that Chris Dawson was most likely the person responsible.
Dawson’s legal team will argue that since 1982, Lynette has been “observed by a number of people“. Walsh added that the defence would be focusing on two bank card transactions made in the weeks following her disappearance.
The podcast The Teacher’s Pet, produced by Hedley Thomas for The Australian, never found any evidence of bank card transactions.

Multiple friends of Lynette Dawson, including members of her family, have stated that the mother-of-two, who had plans and felt her marriage was improving, would never have left her children.

The Teacher’s Pet found that the 33-year-old never picked up her final paycheck, and there has been no record of her since January, 1982.

The prosecution, according to The Australian, will contend that Chris Dawson intentionally misled police with false leads, claiming he spoke to Lynette after she disappeared.

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