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The Twins recap Married at First Sight ep 40: That was humanity at its worst. And we loved it.


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We have never looked forward to anything like we have this episode of television.

All week we’ve been stopping people on the street and standing too close to their faces while yelling: “SUNDAY AND MONDAY WILL BE THE BEST TWO NIGHTS OF TELEVISION THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

We then whispered, “It will be like the royal wedding, but dirtier…” before finding someone else to alert.

How does one calm oneself when we know a drink is thrown and our darling Cyrell is held back from murdering a woman?  


We open on MEL who speaks exclusively in SHOUTING and goodness how we’ve missed you.

All she wants is the gossip. Her eyes are frantic as she salivates repeating the line, “Ijustwanttoknow.”

mel mafs

We just want to know too, sweetie.


It's Cyrell.

And she's had her hair curled so that she looks nice when she's throwing fruit bowls (that she brought in her wheelie bag) at people.

"I'm very passionate with certain things, I've noticed," she says contemplatively and yes, Cyrell, we've all noticed.

But now we cut to ex-virgin Matt and and holy sh*t we forgot you existed until this very moment.

OMG hi

He says he's been busy "making friends" which sounds made up but okay.

Over in Ning's room, she has some gossip she's been waiting to share with us.

Mark has been texting her but also calling and maybe she's forgiven him for that time she got dumped on the television and no one even told her her earring was falling out.

Listen to Clare and Jessie Stephens recap Married at First Sight. Post continues after audio. 

She says she'll know Mark is still interested if he turns up with a beard because he knows she likes it and we appreciate the heads up darling.

As a side note, during one of our dozens of conversations about this episode over the past week we made a frankly genius observation.

Ning is 10 per cent Cyrell.

Think about it. 

"I'm not a monster."


She's accompanied by devil music which is helpful in setting the scene, and remarks about the dinner party, "Everyone is so dramatic. It could turn into a bad party. Or everyone could get naked."

You are trolling everyone 100 per cent of the time and it's hilarious.

While Mick is staying at some run down motel 11 suburbs away, Jess and Dan are in their room declaring themselves 'couple goals' which is not something you get to call... yourself.


That's for us to decide and no.

They talk about such interesting topics as a) how they don't care what anyone thinks and b) how good Jess looks and all. we. want. in. life. is. for. them. to. have. their. comeuppance.


IT'S TIME FOR THE DINNER PARTY and John Aiken is f*cked up excited.


Mel arrives and can't breathe due to being so overwhelmed (same), and Cyrell keeps telling people she's "STILL CRAZY but good," which is shockingly accurate.

"She just calls people on their bullshit," expert Trish says a little too passionately, and... why do we feel like she's been hanging out with Cyrell ... socially... as of late.

Trish.. no.

When Cyrell hears that Jess and Dan left their respective partners for each other we sound a weather warning for Cyclone Cyrell, because she's comin' in hard and everyone needs to take cover.


The door then opens and ugh who the f*ck invited Dino.

But he is followed by Sam and no.

"Where's his... face?" a disembodied voice asks and honestly we don't know.

is that

"Interesting choice..." says expert Mel about his lack of beard, as she vomits into a bucket and your comments don't feel that professional but we'll allow it.


This isn't about people's appearances. We don’t go criticising people for how they look. That would be low.


He reminds us of this hairless guinea pig we found on Instagram and we're allowed to say it because he is also the worst.


View this post on Instagram


Baby Parsley, 2 month old (Peach daughter), is a natural talent at modeling ⭐️ #pureprincessparsley

A post shared by @ pretty.princess.peach on


Moments later, Lizzie walks in and greets everyone except Sam.

He makes snide comments about how he was snubbed, but a) Sir, it's highly likely she didn't recognise you with your missing face, and b) you literally faked a funeral, THEN cheated on her, THEN told everyone about the time she sucked your finger by accident.


It's Mark and he's grown his beard and it's the purest declaration of love we've ever seen. Ning mentions in passing that Mark has been sending her memes which everyone knows is the 30+ equivalent of sending dick pics. It's so romantic.

When Ines arrives, she also snubs Sam, but again, we think she probably looked at him and thought, 'oh random I've never seen that guy before in my life'.

She greets ex-virgin Matt and when he asks her how she is, she yells 'I'M HORNY,' which is disturbing for him.

'Can someone call my mum.'

Once everyone has arrived, it's time for a very special announcement.

Yes, Cam and Jules are engaged. Yes, it's confusing given that they're real engaged in the context of being fake married. John Aiken becomes visibly emotional because he knew his experiment had merit, even when cheating scandals were unfolding and fruit bowls were being thrown.

A rogue waiter emerges to tell the room that DINVAR IS SARVED and we're sweatin' because this is when someone throws wine on Cyrell and Cyrell tries to do a murder.


Speaking of Cyrell, she's drinking an orange drink and we think for a moment that it's very responsible that she's put herself on the cordials so early. Then someone mentions that it's vodka passionfruit and who the hell let her have spirits she's a developing cyclone ffs.

Meanwhile, a strange friendship has developed between Sam and... Billy.

Getting a weird vibe from the room, Billy asks his new friend, 'did you have a cheating scandal?' and Sam replies, 'nah'.



He explains that he went on a date with another woman (which sounds a 'lil bit like cheatin'), and said he didn't feel a connection.


He's forgotten the time he had sex with Ines on the TV and we were all invited. And as a side note, dude, why are you so sweaty?

At the other end of the table is Mike, AND WTF HAPPENING WITH HEIDI FFS.

They're both being private about the details which would be fine had they not had an entire episode of television dedicated to them literally four days ago.

Mike now has no friends so has to sit next to ex-virgin Matt. And next to Matt is... Dino. Which is hilarious. So he is stuck speaking to Jess. Who he despises.

She's chatting to Martha about how money keeps finding its way into her account even though she doesn't work and you should definitely... tell the bank about that.


"Dad's like 'do you need five grand?' and I'm like 'yes daddy'," Jess says and holy sh*t you really need to not.

From there, they start criticising our good friend Cyrell who is making a speech to no one in particular about how some people have made a mockery of this experiment by thinking, "HEY. MY HOO HAA IS BORED AND I'MA JUMP ONTO YOUR HUSBAND".

Cyrell, pls. You have a stunning way with words.

When no one fights back, Cyrell decides she didn't get her hair curled for nothing, so politely tells Michael that he has no balls and Martha will leave him soon etc.

Martha. Don't. Like. It.

She has decided that Cyrell is "rancid trash" which is an unkind thing to say out loud, and so proceeds to get up from her chair and pour her drink on Cyrell's head and a little bit even goes in her eye and legit people in prison behave better than this. 


That's when Cyrell reaches into her wheelie bag and tries to get out her fruit bowls for throwing purposes but as she runs for Martha, she is intercepted by Mike and Nic who honestly saved a life tonight.


A producer demands that Martha apologise but it just ends with Cyrell reciting a line that she has most definitely written down and practiced saying out loud for weeks now. Ahem.


"You're as fake as your nose, lip and boob job [pause for effect] it's a shame you couldn't find a [emphasis] plastic surgeon who could fix your personality because [speed up delivery] that'swhat'sthefakestthemost" YES CYRELL WE KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN YOU JUST BOTCHED THE END A LITTLE BIT.

At the table, Sam, who everyone assumes is Billy's weird plus one, declares how great it was when Cyrell had the drink poured on her. Dude... read the room.

As the night progresses, it finally dawns on Ines who the man with no face is, and she decides to tell him that he's "full of shit".

It's at this point we realise that Sam always looks like he knows he's about to get in trouble mostly because he is.

Because you're... guilty. AF.

Sam explains that he couldn't be with Ines because he wanted to be independent (??), but Ines wants him to know that she is ALSO highly independent.

"I buy my own fkn Gucci bags, the shoes on my feet, I bought them," she says, at no point acknowledging that's absolutely a Destiny's Child song.

"You don't need to swear and carry on, just be professional," Sam responds and HOLY SHIT WHY CAN NO ONE EVER FIND THE RIGHT WORD TO SAY WHAT THEY MEAN.

But Ines doesn't want to be professional mostly because she's not at work right now. 

Sam continues to gaslight everyone while asking "WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS FOLLOW ME" and mate just because you got a guinea pig haircut doesn't mean everyone's forgotten about your cheatin' scandal.

Uh oh.

Mick let slip to Cyrell that one time Jess tried to steal her husband.


"You don't fool and play around with my emotions ever," Cyrell tells the camera and we know.

She's real mad, so says Jess is "as fake as her Botox injected lips" and we don't mean to be petty but it's not Botox it's filler.


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