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The Twins recap Married at First Sight: A slut-shaming nude photo scandal.

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Home stay week is coming to an end and thank f**k Selina is finally allowed to leave Cody's crack den. It was becoming a legal risk. 

Tamara has been living in Bondi with Brent for literally four days, and we watch as she delivers him a green juice to his cupboard apartment which barely has room for a single bed while wearing matching designer active wear and has a more Bondi moment ever taken place? 

Sam is painting Al's nails because he is her daughter. He is every toddler who wants their nails to be pink (like mum's) but they don't have enough nail really so half their finger is awkwardly painted. 

"Please mum. And on my toes too." Following a tough week, Jackson and Liv are reflecting on their issues, like how Liv kept telling all his friends what a "petty b*tch" she is. 


And here's the thing.

We can also be petty b*tches.  

But we're not proud of it?? We like to think we're working on that... trait. What's confusing about Liv is that she doesn't seem to be as proud of anything as she is of the fact she's a petty b*tch?

And that's when we first hear the whispers. 

There's a naked photo circulating. Of Domenica. Pulled from her OnlyFans account. And WhO wOuLd HaVe LeAkEd SuCh A tHiNg.

And Alessandra. But not Mel (jks yes I did).  


Each participant is asked individually if they've seen it, and yeah. Sam's seen it. Selina's seen it. Jackson's seen it. 

Then it comes to Al. 

Al has not heard about the photo. Because his mum didn't tell him. He wouldn't be allowed to see it. As it's MA15+ content. 

'I don't get it.' 


It turns out that when Domenica broke a glass in her face, Liv decided to do some "research" on "who she's dealing with". She discovered that Domenica has OnlyFans and ok so what's your point.

As the couples begin arriving at the last dinner party, they immediately start gossiping about that photo. Meanwhile, Domenica and Jack are in an Uber spotting cute dogs out the window and yelling HELLO BABY and like at least give us a look at the dog so we can also greet them??

On his way to dinner, Al tells Sam that he will NOT be bringing up the photo. Not least because he doesn't know a) what the photo is of and b) is potentially the only person who hasn't yet seen it. 

Meanwhile, Liv announces to the women, "I'm not going to slut shame anybody..." but how shameful of this slut to have a naked photo on the internet.

'But I don't like... care or anything.'


She doesn't want to make a big deal of it, you see. She just... sought it out. And then circulated it. To all her friends. So they knew. For their records. That's all.

None of the other women seem to see the issue with circulating a naked photograph of another woman behind their back... OR that OnlyFans is a subscriber website?? You gotta pay for those pics? This definitely isn't the point but like... that pic isn't on Google. It's on OnlyFans. THE WEBSITE IS CALLED ONLYFANS AND UR NOT A FAN LIV, JUST LEAVE THE WOMAN ALONE. 


Selina asks Tamara how she would feel if everyone was doing the same to her and she says, "[They] never would. Because I don't send nudes." AND THERE IT IS LADIES. THERE IS THE COMMENT WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. 


You see, Domenica deserves to be 'shamed' by Liv because she's the type of woman to take nude photos. And when you take a nude photo, apparently they belong to everyone. Except Al. 


Having already circulated the image to friends/acquaintances/the lovely gentleman she passed on the street, Liv insists, "I don't want any part of this". But also have u heard about the nude and if not did u want to see it? On my phone? I screenshoted it from a private OnlyFans account lol. 

When Domenica arrives, she's still stoked about that cute dog she saw on the way here. As they sit down to eat, she enquires about what happened with Sam and Al who appear to still be in the experiment and that's not the story, Dom. 

For reasons we shall never understand, Cody decides to bring the nude photo up with the group and since when are you ever engaged? Socially? In anything?



"Does Jack know you have an OnlyFans account?" he asks, smiling, and OK in terms of the 'issue' to address in this situation that ain't even nearly it. 

It turns out Jack is aware. But he doesn't really care. And Liv is extremely disappointed in her botched attempt to ruin people's lives. 

"It's fine no judgement," Liv says and ok, well you need an intervention and that's not something we ordinarily say about people. 

"What's more concerning is: how has this circulated?" Jack asks and what's more pressing is how did someone with your emotional intelligence end up on this show?? How did you get through? Their screening process? 

'What is wrong with literally all of you.'


Everyone who saw the photo while it was being circulated insists it was absolutely not circulated. At any point. And they would've told Domenica of course. It's just that they only just saw it on the weekend.

"It's Wednesday," Domenica states and yeah so according to our calculations that's like mid-week why has no one told her yet.  

But the point is not that it is Wednesday. 

Jack instead returns to the real question which is who the f**k sent the picture and oh sorry yes, it was that blonde lady giggling in the corner. 

And btw you deserve it xxx


Finally Liv admits it. And by 'admits it' we mean she... lies. And says it was her 'friends' who googled Domenica. At which point they found the photo. And then she just showed Selina. In the room. They were in. But WHAT ROOM?? AGAIN WHERE WERE THE CAMERAS YOU HAVE LITERALLY ONE JOB. 

"No judgement girl. You can do what you want with your body," Liv says and ok then why did you show everyone as though it was scandalous. 

The most discombobulating thing about this whole situation is not that Liv leaked a photo. Or that everyone is gaslighting Domenica. 


No. The most discombobulating thing is how much sense the experts are making as they articulate how Domenica has been purposely targeted and humiliated by a group who won't even admit they shouldn't have distributed sensitive material behind her back. 

Fkn weird.

Domenica takes a timeout, at which point Liv explains: "She did it to herself. She dug that hole herself," and WHY ARE YOU CIRCULATING NUDES OF SOMEONE YOU HATE? IT'S WEIRD. 


But Domenica's back. 

And she's yelling at Cody to shut his mouth and sometimes you have to go full Domenica to get your point across. 

She explains that someone should have come to her about the photo before gossiping about it for four days and clearly there was malice and judgement behind it all. 

Liv is silent. And smiling. Like a toddler who is currently weeing their pants even though you haven't put a nappy on them yet. 



"I'm not going to respond, I'm just going to let you yell yourself out," she says and Liv being one of the meanest people we've ever seen on Married at First Sight is not the plot twist we saw coming a few weeks ago. 

Dom and Jack walk out, leaving Jackson slightly horrified that his wife may or may not be a bad person. 

Saint Brent then pipes up and suggests that what they did wasn't right. 

Liv argues that she didn't give Dom any 'ammunition,' and Brent is like idk was spreading her nude photo around the group so that it would inevitably be brought up on national television ammunition orrrr.

We end on the experts gearing up to start some s**t at the Commitment Ceremony on Sunday night and f*ck yes. 


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