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summer December 28, 2020

I really don't understand the logic of 'avoiding the consumerist machine of diet culture' by...buying a handbag? Is this not also feeding capitalism? People who seem to be anti-diet culture because of how it's a consumerist nightmare often don't seem to have any issue engaging with other consumerist conglomerates like global snack food companies, fast fashion, make up etc. Makes me wonder just how much of an argument this really is.

summer December 28, 2020

I understand that this idea of 'New Year, New Me' is obviously very anxiety inducing for you personally, but I don't understand why this needs to be a general attack on anyone who wants to set goals for themselves for the year. There's nothing wrong with that, lots of people do it and it's useful *for them*. Don't squash other peoples ambitions please, for the sake of airing your own grievances.

summer October 6, 2020

Also what is the world coming to when the idea of exercising for health and eating in moderation is classed as 'deprivation'?

summer October 6, 2020

So why do the feelings of 'people in bigger bodies' take precedence over those of others? I'm not fatphobic. I don't care about your size, if you're happy with your body, OWN IT and don't play a victim. BUT. I am working on losing weight for my health, that is MY CHOICE. I celebrate every kilo I lose. Respect my choice and DO NOT tell me I am being fatphobic for looking after my health, I will not apologise if my healthy lifestyle makes you feel bad.

summer August 27, 2020

Doesn't Outlander also include a lot of gratuitous and graphic rape scenes? Wouldn't this somewhat negate the 'Clit Test'?

summer August 21, 2020

Ok. I completely agree that the Bachelor is severely backwards when it comes to representation on screen. I mean, at least they have more than one person of colour this season but still, pretty much everyone else is an identical blonde. 

HOWEVER I have to disagree with both your reading of the situation described, and the reactions of the Australian public. Neither were racist. I'm not sure whether you deliberately sought out comments which support your argument or just assumed there would be lots, but I haven't seen any. 
Zoe-Clare's bizarre attack on Areeba was given so much air time and attention BECAUSE it was so completely laughable and deranged. You could hear the producers' gobsmacked reactions on camera, they couldn't believe she was serious either. All she has received is mocking and becoming the butt of jokes.
Areeba on the other hand- I have not seen one comment anywhere 'cancelling' her. In fact, everything I have seen is praising her as an iconic queen for her handling of the situation, and she has already established herself as a firm favourite for her wit, intelligence and the way she doesn't take the show too seriously. (also- how about her calling ZC 'Zoe-Clay' for an entire episode, SHADE!) Also everything I have seen is MASSIVELY in favour of the girl gang she is part of, some genuine friendship in the midst of all the bitchiness. 

Summer November 20, 2019

I thought the rule with arm rests was everyone gets 2 things. Window seat gets window + window armrest. Middle gets the 2 in-between arm rests. Aisle seat gets the extra leg room + aisle arm rest. Simple!

Summer November 8, 2019

So he doesn't know how to talk about feelings yet he's a psychology student...?

Summer October 2, 2019

I saw this in a magazine, where her daughter's name is spelt 'Starr-Armani'. This is THE most bogan name I have ever seen, I sympathise with the mother

Summer September 15, 2019

If the idea of 'nude food' is food without packaging/wrapping, it suggests the idea is to reduce rubbish leftover after there's nothing wrong with your lunches! I do wonder how salad sandwiches would fare without a wrapper though...

Summer September 11, 2019

To be honest, I'm actually warming to Abbie again after this episode. Her reaction when Matt asked her about her intentions showed that she is really suffering from bullying in the house. She knows she's disliked and I think it's affecting her more than she lets on. She is obviously head over heels for Matt.

I think she did the wrong thing in manufacturing the whole Monique situation and she definitely hasn't been the biggest 'girls' girl', and yes she is great at giving Matt what he wants to see- but what woman doesn't put forward her best self when trying to impress a guy she's massively crushing on? And who doesn't change their mind about 'future priorities' when they meet someone they're prepared to compromise with? I know she won't win with the edit she's getting, but she'll be second.

Summer September 7, 2019

This whole line of 'Matt has kissed 17 women' is so misleading!!...that would mean he had kissed every single contestant left by episode 3 onwards. He is shown in 17 different kisses in the ad, but some of those are with the same women. By my count, he has kissed Abbie, Elly, Chelsie, Helena, Emma (the ones remaining) plus Kristin, Sogand and Monique. So that is 8 women- a few, but certainly not the majority!

Summer August 11, 2019

If your excuse for piercing at such a young age is that older children are often screaming and tramatised...maybe just don't pierce the ears at all? Fun suggestion, leave it to your daughter to ask when she herself wants them done. It is your own vanity and nothing else driving this behaviour

Summer July 31, 2019

Thanks, sounds like your school was much more supportive! Your friend sounds like a nightmare though. I left a lot of my school 'friends' behind as once I left school, I realised we didn't have a lot in common and I could do without the kid of backhanded compliments they dished out. Nothing like uni for finding fellow weirdos!

But I do think there is a real difference between a) 'bullying' as a negative reaction to poor or antisocial behaviour (like that of your friend) and b) bullying due to jealousy or tall poppy syndrome. I had a very dear friend who was enormously talented in music, he was bullied throughout high school and now he's with Opera Australia, so look who's laughing now!

Summer July 30, 2019

I don't understand John Marsden's comments at all. I was bullied relentlessly throughout primary and high school, mainly due to the fact that I was very intelligent (= 'nerd'), very shy (= 'stuck up') and didn't keep up with popular culture (didn't have the 'cool' toys or clothes, wasn't allowed to watch commercial TV and had embarrassingly healthy lunches, no junk food) due to my parents' views on raising kids. Later in high school I was bullied because I was good-looking but not part of the popular girls' group (= I was a threat).

Now is John Marsden saying that this is feedback on the type of person I was? Because I sure as hell interpreted it that way, and developed a whole catalogue of debilitating mental health issues as a result. That 'feedback' told me that I shouldn't show how smart I was, so I dumbed myself down. That 'feedback' told me I wasn't interesting or worth having as a friend, so that's how I viewed myself. That 'feedback' told me I should stifle who I was and try to pretend to fit in, but also that I would never truly fit in or be good enough.

Sure, kids may be being bullied because their behaviours are 'unlikable', but just think for a minute on who is doing the judging and deciding those behaviours are unlikable? Children should not be being forced from an early age to conform to the middle ground, just because they are different or 'weird' or not the same. Good grief, this view is so harmful and damaging.

Summer July 18, 2019

Oh bless your heart Jessie! You and Clare are two of my favourite writers and to hear you suffer from shyness too makes me admire you even more :) I too was/am a shy person. I'm usually totally fine in what I like to think of as 'scripted situations'- places like work or interacting with sales staff in a shop, where it's clear how you are expected to behave, what the goal is and what you need to say and do. It's situations like get-togethers or parties where my self-confidence goes out the window and I just get really awkward and shy!
I sympathise with that horrible feeling that comes with knowledge that people think you're stuck up, rude or snobbish, when really you're just awfully shy. 'But I'm great when you get to know me!' I protest to my friends. Thanks for writing this :)

Summer June 17, 2019

Haha so now her Bad Blood-era squad is passe, she's put herself in a drag line up with every other major pop star... i Am jUsT aS iConIc As bEyOnCe AnD AriAna aND nICki gUys, gIrL pOwEr...
Oh Taytay, subtlety is really not your strong point is it?

Summer June 15, 2019

Not the same thing at all, day to day life rules are not the same as a complete upheaval of your world

Summer June 12, 2019

This line of 'it's normalising obesity' is so wrong it's not funny. What it IS normalising is that anyone, of any age, shape or ability, can exercise and deserves quality leggings while doing so! Seriously, how do these trolls expect people to lose weight? I can only applaud all the responses highlighted in this article.

I'm currently on the heavier end of the spectrum, and that's a result of psychiatric medications I'm on for my mental health, and a shift in my eating disorder/ addiction behaviours from the opposite risky and unhealthy extreme. While I might be a bit overweight, it's infinitely better for me than being scarily underweight, smoking, not eating and struggling every day.

But you know what, I'm still exercising and working on getting my weight down. And I would add that people who judge us fatties are only seeing one moment in time. You don't know what weight that person was 3 months ago, 6 months ago. You don't know how far they've already come.

Reminds me of that old maxim 'if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything'. Be kind! Thanks for sharing, Amy!

Summer June 12, 2019

Hmm I could tell you were a younger sibling before you said it! Only oldest children understand. I think this is a great idea! Maybe not necessarily to throw a whole party, but it is definitely A-grade parenting to acknowledge the first child's feelings.

Here's why:
We AS ADULTS recognise that it is 'normal' and and 'part of life' for kids to have siblings. We ADULTS know it's not always about us and that we're not the centre of the world, not even mum & dad's. We AS ADULTS recognise that parents can love two children equally and one does not replace the other.

But little kids don't. Children quite literally *can't* understand this. Following Piaget's theory of developmental stages, children don't begin to let go of egocentrism until at least 7 years old. A child's brain is not sophisticated enough to think about the world in more abstract terms, outside of themselves.

The eldest child has been an only child up until this point. You are fundamentally changing everything they know about life. You can't expect a child to reasonably accept something in the same way as an adult or older teen. When baby comes, so much fuss is made over the new parents and new baby, the older sibling inevitably feels left out. There is no harm in helping kids to become excited about the baby rather than afraid. Showing them that they have just as important a role in this new family as anyone else.