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summer April 5, 2024

Love this! I got into swimming about 5 years ago and one thing I've found to be great for my self-image is using the change rooms. Just feeling comfortable to be naked around other naked women without it being a huge deal, no one has a perfect body but we've all been loving our bodies through exercise. It's made me look at my body as a 'doing' living thing rather than an object to be observed. Next stop is a nudie beach one day!

summer April 4, 2024

@mamamia-user-482898552 But you can't reverse the genders in this situation, how could a mother not be involved in the birth of her own child? You would more similarly compare it to very real situations of fathers who take their children to other countries and then keep them there, forcing the mother to have to campaign to bring the child home. You are criticising this man for 'simply turning up' as if he was a deadbeat dad, when actually he was going to lose the baby completely through adoption and made a lot of effort to prevent this.

summer March 12, 2024

Watching Jack's 'flirtatious' side come out when he talked to Jade was the most revolting, cringe thing I've ever seen. When he said 'Juicy Jade...Jade Christine...' as he slurped on a saucy hot chip, I almost threw up!

summer March 8, 2024

'Pierre Kerr Speigel' the poor child!

summer March 2, 2024

I think Tori must have a personal history of someone close to her repeatedly telling her 'you're nothing', because she took it very personally and way overreacted to that particular comment. It's an insult you throw out when you can't think of anything more specific and targeted to say, so I think it must be a personal trigger for her. 

Re Ben: I actually feel quite sorry for him tonight and I think I know what's happened. John said 'you show no emotion' but he literally is. His whole body language screams 'feeling threatened, unsafe and insecure', crossed legs, hugging his leg/ knee to him and looking at the floor. I believe Ben had fully checked out a while ago, wasn't enjoying himself and wanted to leave, but has a weak enough character that producers were able to convince him to stay and do things to make it up to Ellie, even though he really just wanted to go home. Doesn't excuse the things he said but I really believe he didn't want to be there.

summer March 2, 2024

There's a great BBC show on Britbox called 'Karen Pirie' which shows the interplay between true crime and investigation. Karen is tasked with re-opening a cold case after a true crime podcast begins to cover it. The podcaster at times helps the investigation and at times actively harms it, resulting in the murder of at least one suspect after she reveals his identity. The way Karen has to work with the podcaster, even though she doesn't want to, because of the very real impact the podcast is having on public knowledge and perception, is fascinating!

summer March 2, 2024

2 points:

1. I can't believe people actually think that her kids say 'I want cheese toasties' so she makes them from scratch then and there. She's just like any other foodie TikTok showing making things from scratch, the interest lying in the process involved to make usually store-bought items (like making gummy lollies or whatever from scratch). She's just put it into a costumed setting.
2. How on earth can she knead dough without taking her expensive rings off??

summer February 20, 2024

Ash is definitely the right man to be in this scenario, his eyebrows are a gift to fans and recappers alike, so expressive!

summer February 14, 2024

It's a bit of an odd comment for an 8-year old to say (particularly use of the word 'chubby'). It sounds more like something she overheard an older person say and repeated in order to seem older and more mature. I know I said all kinds of daft things at that age that were based on things I'd overheard older kids/ adults say, I didn't always understand the meaning or context. Instead of reflexively saying 'don't say that', I think it'd be more helpful to ask 'why do you say that?' Because her reason might be very informative.

summer December 13, 2023

Surely the 'getting fatter' serves as a visual demonstration of the consequences of greed? Not necessarily that being fat = bad, but that greed has consequences and you can't hide bad actions forever, you'll eventually be caught out.

summer November 27, 2023

@mamamia-user-917485971 It's 16 with your partner's age plus/minus 2 years, so it is definitely illegal for a 21 yr old to sleep with a 16 yr old.

summer November 16, 2023

No one should be mocked for having fun in a lame way at their birthday party, completely agree!

summer November 16, 2023

Re 1. Statement belts. One of the best hacks I found is to get those chain belly dancer belts with coins, beads etc. and wear as a statement necklace. I also had a beaded belt which I would wear wrapped around my head as a headband with a messy bun, it was a total look! And agree re jeans: buying jeans is one of the most tiresome tasks for a woman, if you find a comfy flattering cut, stick to it even if it's not trendy, you'll look much better!

summer October 19, 2023

I recently got a one-piece from Big W. A bit strange, as they only had 2 or 3 bathers on the rack (in October? When do they imagine people start buying bathers?) It is a basic black one-piece with bust support and double-lined tummy control, for $25 I'm pretty happy with it.

summer October 8, 2023

I've always disagreed with the pass the parcel 'lesson'. I'm mid-millennial (35) and we always had a very small prize (lollipop, stickers etc) in each layer, with the bigger 'prize' in the middle. I agree that kids need to learn that not everyone wins, but is a party really the time for a 'teachable moment'? The way we played it, one child 'won' and got the good prize while everyone else got something (even if small). This way you can both teach that there is only one winner in a game, but also include all the children so that they leave the party feeling happy, not disappointed. It seems cruel to have a game where kids get nothing out of it, it's not even fun for the kids if they know there's only one prize.

summer September 30, 2023

Hmm the way these characteristics are presented seems like the dichotomy between 'basic' (poodle) and 'pick me girl/ not like other girls' (wolf). Even down to the choice of animal. They're stereotypes. No one is really completely either of these, people are much more nuanced. 

summer September 29, 2023

I just flat out say 'I can't afford to come'. If they're a true friend, they'll be more than happy to make other plans.

summer September 22, 2023

I fully agree with what you're saying here  but also: comparing pics of Kim from 2009 and 2017 is not a great example. A lot of other things were going on in the culture landscape to change fashion, besides Kanye

summer September 21, 2023

I will be devastated if Posh and Becks split up. He is an adorable idiot, she is someone who is a LOT smarter and funnier than anyone ever gives her credit for and they've managed to raise mostly well-adjusted kids (they forced them to all have part-time jobs at cafes etc. as teens). In an age of celebrity break-ups, they are solid

summer September 21, 2023

@laurenella you...just agreed with your own comment...