"I spoke to 5 women with really good skin this year. This is what I learnt."

There are some things in life I'm pretty good at - dropping toothpaste on my shirt, forgetting people's names, transferring money at the last minute, eating two desserts... the list goes on. But one thing I'm VERY good at is annoying people for skincare tips! I bloody LOVE having a nosy into other people's routine. 

And as a beauty writer, I have the absolute pleasure of getting to ask celebrities what's kicking around their beauty cabinets and what they like to do to keep their skin in good shape. And guess what? They actually tell me! How good is that?! 

Watch: How Zoe Foster Blake's makeup routine has changed since becoming a mum. Post continues below.

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And while some of the stuff they do and use is pretty standard (read: wear SPF), every now and then I get these ~golden nuggets~ of information that explain why their skin is just so. damn. good. 

More often than not, these little tidbits end up making their way into my own skincare routine - because, MUST TRY ALL THE THINGS.

Below, I've pulled together some of the best tips I've learned in 2021 from women with really, really, ridiculously good-looking skin.

1. You should *always* apply serums on damp skin.

While you'll probably hear/read that we should apply most skincare products to clean, dry skin on your face, Zoe Foster-Blake said you're actually supposed to apply your serums when your skin is damp.

She explained it to me as the "sponge technique." Heard of it?  

She said: "You can't hope to clean a bench with a dry sponge - you have to dampen it first, so things can absorb."


"So, I mist my face - I've become a mister. It's always seemed superfluous to me, but you really need to have damp skin before you apply serums."

"I let it sit for 60 seconds. I use that time to put my lash serum on and do my brows," she adds.

Makes sense, no?

2. If you struggle with pigmentation, vitamin C is your best friend.

As you probably already know, pigmentation is a beast of a skin concern - and it can be a really fickle thing to treat.

Zoe Foster-Blake's advice? Get on the vitamin C train.

"I've been on the brightening bandwagon for a very long time using a daily vitamin C - and I've tried a few different things," she said, explaining that it's really all about maintenance.

"I think you just have to go: 'It's going to help for a while and I might have good skin for a minute, but it will come back.' So that's why you just keep on with the vitamin C, keep going with your brightening serums and sunscreen."


3. Your skin's needs change as you age.

This might sound obvious, but many people will find themselves sticking with the same skincare routine they were using 10 years ago - because it just... works. Right?


However, as we age our skin's needs change. This doesn't mean you need to do a full overhaul and spend a heap of cash, but tiny tweaks can certainly make a difference.

And if it'll help me get skin that looks even half as close to Poh Ling Yeow's (HAVE YOU SEEN HER FACE), I'm on board.

"Not many people know I was a professional makeup artist for many years and my signature style always centred around natural skin," she told me in an interview. "So for me, skin preparation at a skin-deep level is vital."

"Edging closer to 50 has definitely changed my approach to skincare in that I take it way more seriously!"

4. The skincare products you use are only part of it.

It's true! It really is. Brooke Boney said so.

In an interview with Mamamia, she said there was no 'secret' or 'key' to her flawless skin - she just started fuelling her body with more nutritious foods and decided to cut back on alcohol.


"I just started eating really healthy and getting into heaps of veggies and not drinking as much," she said.

"I've been making sure I get enough sleep every night and I've noticed a big difference in how my skin looks, how alert I am and how quickly I can respond to things," she said.

5. You're probably using products too harsh for your skin.

This was another one from our mate Zoe Foster-Blake - and goodness I felt SEEN when I heard it. 

She said a lot of people (me) tend to unnecessarily use super-high-strength products that just end up giving them long-term sensitivity.


"I think that less is more," she told me. "I got really concerned a little while ago in a motherly way, when there are so many high-strength products out there now that cater to a younger audience - your retinols, your really high-strength glycolics for example."

"I think without the right education and the understanding that you do have finite skin and you cannot exfoliate forever, you will end up with sensitised, shiny skin."

Because here's the thing. You don't *have* to scrub and chemically burn your skin to make it glow. 


"I only chemically exfoliate three times a week using Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys and The Removalist, so I feel like between those two I get everything I need. I do have a glycolic toner, but it's just a sometimes for me."

"I'm not averse to using actives, but I think it's at the right time for the right person, used in the right way, at the right time of day. So, it's just that idea of 'sure, you can do these things - but get proper information on it first.'

"And please don't use too much - like, your face shouldn't be tingling and red."

6. Skincare is an investment.

No, you don't have to clear out your entire savings to look after your skin - there are TONS of affordable products on the market that offer fabulous benefits without breaking the bank.

However, while there are things you should save on (cleansers, moisturisers, etc.) - sometimes it's worth splurging on certain serums/actives and treatments to address specific skin issues.

When chatting with Sam Frost earlier this year, she revealed her entire skincare routine - and honestly; it wasn't cheap. However, she explained how she sees skincare as a long-term investment.


"Using all those products adds up, and can be expensive but I’ve only got one face for my whole life so I justify it as an investment."

7. Less is more.

We've all heard this a hundred times before, but it's true! Just look at Maria Thattil's skin!

In a recent interview with Mamamia, the model, activist, and former Miss Universe Australia said, "I can sum up my skincare routine with two key steps: hydrate and protect."

Yay! We love simple!

Her skincare routine staples? A hyaluronic acid serum, a vitamin C serum, and SPF. 

Easy as pie.

Got any skincare tips you'd like to share? Go on - don't be shy! Drop them in the comment section below.

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