"I'm not trying to get rid of it": Here's how Zoë Foster Blake deals with her pigmentation.

If there's one thing we love doing at Mamamia, it's water sports. Oh, hang on, wait - there is actually one more thing: asking people about their skin concerns! We love doing that, too.

Because everyone has a chief skin concern. Y'know - that ONE niggling issue they've been trying to tie down for yonks.

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Mine is dryness. My skin is always thirsty, needy and b**chy, and I spend approximately way too much of my time slapping all sorts of moisture-boosting ingredients to try and make it JUICY. 

However, it occurred to me, as I sat down and wrote the headline for this article, that we're not actually here to talk about my skin. How awkward!

We're here because I asked Go-To Skincare's founder and beauty wizard, Zoë Foster Blake, all about her face. And you know what? She actually told me about it! 

So, please make yourself a coffee/tea/whiskey, take a seat, and have a read about one of the RUDEST and most common skin concerns - including how Zoë deals with it IRL.


Zoe Foster Blake's biggest skin concern.

It's pigmentation. S**t, sorry! We're really not good at surprises. Like, terribly bad at them.

But it is! Zoë said when it comes to her skin, hyperpigmentation is one of her biggest concerns. 

In case you're not sure what pigmentation is, it basically refers to any pigment, or colour, in the skin. (Psst... we wrote a whole article on the different types of pigmentation, in case you want more info).

The most enjoyable part of pigmentation is that it can lurk beneath your skin's surface for years until... HI, HELLO. It's on your face. All patchy and cute.

For Zoë, pigmentation is something she's had for a while - starting back in her beauty writer days. 

"I had Fraxel [laser] when I was 28 or 29, and I really didn't need it. It set off a chain reaction of what caused a lot of my pigmentation. So, whether it was like, pigmentation that was coming out and I should have finished the Fraxel to get it all out, but I was too scared - I don't know. Or maybe it just f**ked it."


"So yeah, that's been 10 years of scar tissue. Like, I'm not doing that every day."

Because when it comes to skincare, sometimes there IS such thing as too much too soon.

"There are so many procedures and all of this face-fixing that's going on. If you're in your 20s, wait until your 50s and 60s - like, save some in the bank. You know, you're gonna need all this kind of stuff later."

How Zoë Foster Blake treats pigmentation.

When it comes to tackling her pigmentation, Zoë said it's not so much about 'fixing' it.

"I've come to the point now where I'm not trying to get rid of my pigmentation. I'm just trying to maintain. And I think we all have to just be honest about it. It's just there - and it's fine."

For products, the skincare founder said it's all about brightening serums (like Go-To's new Much Brighter Skin, $59), sunscreen, and sun protection.

"Whenever I'm out in the hot sun, I'm wearing a hat and wearing SPF, I'm wearing vitamin C, but thermal [heat] can make pigmentation worse - even swimming in the sea makes my pigmentation flare-up! Anyway, my skin is particularly prone to it."


"So, I've been on the brightening bandwagon for a very long time using a daily vitamin C - and I've tried a few different things. 

Oooo! What kinda✨ things✨, Zoë? 

Well, on the treatment front, Zoë said she's tried a whole heap of different lasers and IPL - some good, some bad.


"I hated Fraxel because I think that caused far more damage - but, that was a long time ago [so] I'm sure it's changed since then."

Her advice? Don't go into anything like this willy nilly. Do your research and know what you're getting yourself into. Because while it might not sound like a big deal - this is your face we're talking about here, boo.

"I think if you're going to go down the path of really invasive lasers, you got to be really informed because classically, pigmentation loves heat and trauma. So, it doesn't really make sense that you would go to those things to get it fixed, like IPL."

"I've done a lot of micro-needling. I've tried a lot of different things. I had one Pico [laser treatment] before lockdown. I was supposed to have a whole course but, I'll do that [now I'm coming out of it]."

At the end of the day, Zoë said pigmentation is one of those things that is just ~there~ and you gotta just learn to deal with it in the best way you can.

"But look, I think you just have to go: 'It's going to help for a while and I might have good skin for a minute, but it will come back.' So that's why you just keep on with the vitamin C, keep going with your brightening serums and sunscreen."

Do you have pigmentation? What are some products and treatments you swear by? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram: @gottoskincare; @zotheysay

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