5 beauty writers share the spendy and savey products they repurchase again, and again, and again.

With so many beauty products on the market, it's hard to know what's actually good.

Every year we're told about the new, buzz-worthy products, but after a few months, the hype dies down and the products fade away.

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But every so often, there's a product or two that we try, completely fall in love with and purchase again and again.

We spoke to five beauty writers from the You Beauty Collective to hear what expensive and affordable product they'll forever repurchase (as long as they don't get discontinued!). And my goodness, they sound good.

Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.


Tan-Luxe The Body Self Tanner, $75.

"This is a big call because I've only been using this for a little while now, but this might be one of my favourite beauty products ever. I'm a big lover of fake tan but I'm shocking at getting it even and making it look natural. I've been using this once a week and my tan looks so naturally sun-kissed and streak-free. Plus, it fades really nicely and is easy to remove. I want to tell everyone I know about this product because it's truly changed the game for me. Every time it runs out, I will buy more."

Image: Sephora.

Cancer Council SPF 50+ Day Wear Face Matte Invisible, $14.95.

"Thanks to Leigh Campbell, I'm very pro-sunscreen (as I should be). This stuff is the best for my oily skin type. It's super lightweight, matte and keeps my makeup in place all day. Hands down the best SPF I've tried, spendy or savey!"

Image: Chemist Warehouse.


Erin Docherty, Senior Beauty Writer.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, $110.

"It may be steep, but ANR is definitely worth it, you guys. I use it morning and night, and it's quickly become the MVP of my skincare routine. It's packed with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid and it keeps my dry skin hydrated and plump. I feel like it just really keeps my skin in check!"

Image: Estee Lauder


La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Cleansing Cream, $27.95.

"Fact: You don't need to spend big on your cleanser. Save that for your serums and stuff. This one from La Roche-Posay has the most beautiful creamy texture - perfect for my dry complexion. I find that it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without that annoying tight and dry feeling."

Image: Chemist Warehouse.

Amelia Singson, You Beauty Collective Contributor.


Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum, $150.

"It's one of those does-it-all treatments that can cover the face (including eyes), neck and décolletage in one generous pump. Hydrates like a mofo, has caffeine to help de-puff, cannabis extract to calm inflammation, everyone's fave niacinamide and a host of other amazing ingredients to help brighten, smooth and relax the face."

Image: Adore Beauty.

Voeu Micellar Water, $4.

"It's cheap and does the trick. I have lash extensions so I don't use a balm or oil to remove eye makeup and this Micellar from Woollies works so well. I have it stockpiled so I'm never without it."

Image: Woolworths.


Iain Jeffery, You Beauty Collective Contributor.

Amorepacific Vintage Single Extract Essence, $130.

"This contains green tea that has been fermented for 100 days which is rich in antioxidants and prebiotics to support healthy skin microbiome. It calms, soothes and boosts the efficacy of the rest of my routine!"

Image: Mecca.


La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5, $16.95.

"This is the ultimate skin saver in a tube. It calms sensitised skin, is deliciously rich and full of skin-restoring ingredients. It’s an absolute essential to have on hand just in case I go too hard with the retinol (oops!)." 

Image: Chemist Warehouse.

Mandy Huynh, You Beauty Collective Contributor. 


Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream, $109.

"I've gone through about three jars now and it will be a forever repurchase for me because it pairs beautifully with makeup and gives your skin a natural glass glow."

Image: Mecca.

Mecca Max Off Duty Stick (specifically the contour stick in Medium), $18.

"These creamy sticks are incredibly easy to use and blend like a dream. I find myself reaching for this over my other, more expensive cream and liquid bronzers."


Image: Mecca.

What's product will you forever repurchase? Let us know in the comments!

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