TRIED AND TESTED: 'This popular eyelash serum claims to deliver longer, fuller lashes. Here's my review.'

Mamamia’s Tried and Tested series is your review of the latest to hit our desks in beauty, health and wellness. You won’t find any #sponsored content here, just honest, relatable and independent advice. This week, You Beauty Collective writer Maggie McTeggart road tested EyeEnvy lash serum.

I first heard of EyEnvy about five years ago when I started getting eyelash extensions, but with the steep price tag and a fairly new concept at the time I gave it a hard pass thinking it was my beautician trying to upsell me. 

The price for a tube of this magical serum is the same as one brand new set of extensions but it's playing the long game and girl, sometimes you just wanna look fab right that minute.

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Fast forward to 2020, Maggie (who's now working from home and keen to try ALL the beauty regimens) picked up a tube of Eyenvy, eager to see if it really works the wonders it promises.

I had intended to try Eyenvy out in the lead up to the birth of my second bub, so that I would feel glam post-baby sans makeup - but upon receiving the product I noticed there was a warning for pregnant women.  

Upon further research, one of their core ingredients is vitamin A which has unknown side effects during pregnancy, so I put the trial on ice and decided to use the product once bub had arrived and the lash extensions I opted for instead had fallen (read: pulled) out. 

The product. Image: Supplied.


The verdict.

I've now been using Eyenvy for three weeks and although they recommend waiting eight to 12 weeks for results their competitors boast results in four. The verdict? I can definitely see a slight difference, especially as I had pulled a fair amount of lashes out thanks to my extensions.

I can see my lashes starting to have a natural curl whereas they used to be dead straight. The difference at the moment would only be noticeable to me (the photos don't show a speck of change), so I'd liken the change to when you have your hair trimmed and nobody else can tell but you definitely feel the difference.Before and after. Image: Supplied.

I'd say I'm a while off before having the enviable eyelashes my kids naturally have (I still don't get why they need such beautiful lashes that curl up perfectly?), but I can see there is potential so I'm going to run on that glimmer of hope and continue to use the product. 

Where to get it.

You can only purchase Lashenvy from beauticians - I purchased mine from Blanc to Noir in Sydney.

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