Zoë Foster Blake just told us the biggest mistakes people make with their skincare.

There's nothing we love more than crumpets. Oh - and skincare tips! We bloody LOVE skincare tips. Especially when they come from beauty wizard Zoë Foster Blake.

Goodness does she know her stuff. 

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That's why we were peeing-our-pants-excited when we sat down with the Go-To Skincare founder in an exclusive interview, and asked her to tell us the most common skincare mistakes we all make. 

And she did! And we cried.

Kidding! We laughed and promised her we'd never do them again.

Okay! Here they are:

You're applying your serum wrong.

Awkward, we know. Especially since we're always carrying on about how much we love serums.

While you'll probably hear/read that we should apply most skincare products to clean, dry skin on your face, Zoë said the best practice is to actually the opposite of that. No, not the clean part - the dry part!

You're supposed to apply your serums when your skin is damp

Shocked and confused.


Why damp skin over dry skin? Well, Zoë explained it to me as the "sponge technique." Heard of it?

She said: "You can't hope to clean a bench with a dry sponge - you have to dampen it first, so things can absorb."

"So, I mist my face - I've become a mister. It's always seemed superfluous to me, but you really need to have damp skin before you apply serums."

Makes a lotta sense.

Whether you want to spritz your skin with a mist like Zoë, or opt for an essence or toner, applying your serum on damp skin will mean your products and ingredients will work harder. 

And yeah - obviously give it a few minutes in between layering on more serums. Go make yourself a coffee/get changed/practice judo while you wait for everything to sink in a bit.

"I let it sit for 60 seconds. I use that time to put my lash serum on and do my brows," she adds.

You're using products that are too harsh for your skin.

According to Zoë, a lot of us are using approximately *way* too many high-strength products and are literally giving ourselves long-term sensitivity.

FKN WHOOPS. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

"I think that less is more," she said. "I got really concerned a little while ago in a motherly way, when there are so many high-strength products out there now that cater to a younger audience - your retinols, your really high-strength glycolics for example."

"I think without the right education and the understanding that you do have finite skin and you cannot exfoliate forever, you will end up with sensitised, shiny skin."

*cries in shiny paper skin*


Because here's the thing. While we're all about chasing DAT GLOW, you don't *have* to scrub and chemically burn your skin. You really don't.

"I only chemically exfoliate three times a week using Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys and The Removalist, so I feel like between those two I get everything I need. I do have a glycolic toner, but it's just a sometimes for me."

"I'm not averse to using actives, but I think it's at the right time for the right person, used in the right way, at the right time of day. So, it's just that idea of sure, you can do these things - but get proper information on it first.

"And please don't use too much - like, your face shouldn't be tingling and red."

We feel seen.

Are you guilty of any of the above skincare mistakes? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: @zotheysay

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