In 2021, Brooke Boney has changed 3 things about how she lives her life.

After the year that was (spoiler: a s**t one), 2021 was a little ol' beacon of hope for many of us. We started re-connecting with people. Prioritised our mental health. Got back into our exercise routines. Stopped wearing daggy trackies day in and day out (jks).

And for Today show entertainment reporter and ambassador of CeraVe Australia, Brooke Boney, it was no different. 

After constantly feeling rundown and exhausted at the start of last year, the Gamilaroi woman realised both her physical and mental health had fallen out of whack. 

After shifting into action and making some small changes to her (hectic) daily routine, Brooke said she's since transitioned into a more healthy, balanced lifestyle in 2021 - and is finally feeling good in her skin.

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And yes, we want to know all about it. (Obvs).

So, we sat down with Brooke to talk about all things health and wellness, including how these small changes have helped improve her lifestyle and overall health.

1. Fuelling her body and cutting out alcohol.

One of the biggest changes Brooke has made? What she puts in her body. The former Triple J newsreader said small switches and eating a more balanced diet has helped her achieve a clearer mindset and feel more energetic. 

"The year before I was eating terribly, and I wasn't looking after myself properly and I actually put on a lot of weight," said Brooke.

And while there's approximately 29264 fad diets out there trying to convince us otherwise, Brooke's approach to eating healthier is pretty simple.


She said there was no 'secret' or 'key' to feeling better in her skin - she simply just started fuelling her body with more nutritious foods and decided to cut back on alcohol.

"I just started eating really healthy and just getting into heaps of veggies and not drinking as much," she said. 

"I think the most important thing is that you should eat well so that you feel good and have enough energy to do all the jobs you need to do, and have enough energy to see your friends and family."

2. Prioritising sleep.

We all know how crucial sleep is to our health, but making sure it's something we prioritise is something many people struggle with (read: all of us). Sleep can have a bigger effect on your day-to-day life than you may think, impacting everything from how our brain functions to the appearance of our skin.

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Along with adding more nutritious foods into her diet, Brooke said she now makes sure she gets sufficient shut eye every night (which is a must when your job requires you to wake up at the wee hours of 3am!) in order to be in a good mindset for the following day.


"I've been making sure I get enough sleep every night and I've noticed a big difference in how my skin looks, how alert I am and how quick I can respond to things," she said.

3. Moving her body each day.

With an eye-wateringly early start as a breakfast presenter, Brooke has a very legitimate excuse for skipping exercise and having an arvo snooze instead. 

But, setting aside some time to move her body and clear her mind is something she said keeps her in a positive mindset. Right now, it's going on a daily walk.

"I'm not a big gym girl, but last year I was using a trainer because I was hoping to keep back into shape and feel a bit better. Now that I'm back where I want to be, I just go for walks and make sure I get a bit of fresh air every day." 

Proof that feeling fitter and healthier doesn't mean you have to slog it out in the gym for three hours a day, you guys.

Brooke said the key to encouraging herself to move her body every day is finding something she enjoys doing and looks forward to - instead of something she dreads. 


"I don't feel like it needs to be a big thing. It's just all about being a little bit active every day and finding a way to move your body," she said.

"I think it's important to remind yourself that the reason you're doing it is so you can feel good and not view it as this sort of punishment and a thing you have to do to lose weight or look a certain way."

Brooke said the idea of making small changes in your everyday routine can help you become more active on a daily basis - and it can be something as small as drinking a little less wine and doing a little more walking to work.

"Just do it because it feels good. Go for a walk because you want to get some fresh air - that's the sort of way that I look at it. It's not about what size or what shape you are - it's all about feeling good in your body."

What are some changes you've made to your everyday routine? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: @boneybrooke