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A breakup and a new pregnancy: What every couple from The Bachelor Australia is doing now.

After a dozen seasons of The Bachelor Australia and The Bachelorette Australia, it’s not exactly easy to keep up with the countless couples that have formed as a result of the show.

In fact, over the last seven years, we’ve seen engagements, marriages, babies and break-ups alike.

But which Bachelor franchise couples are still together, and what have they been up to since the show wrapped up?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Mamamia’s daily news podcast, The Quicky, discusses what life is really like after reality TV. Post continues below.

Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich


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From Sydney to Melbourne & back again ✖️Just in time for my cousins wedding. #wemadeit @mrtimrobards

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Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich met on the very first season of The Bachelor Australia in 2013.

When Anna went on the reality show, she was working as a high-profile criminal lawyer. And Tim was working as a chiropractor.

Four years after meeting on The Bachelor, Tim and Anna announced their engagement in May 2017.

The next year, in June 2018, the couple wed in Italy, making them the first couple from The Bachelor Australia franchise to get married.


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Just months later, the newlyweds took their relationship long-distance when Tim scored a role on Neighbours.

As filming for Neighbours was based in Melbourne and Anna's work was based in Sydney, the pair spent several months living in separate states, which led to countless rumours about the pair breaking up. In November 2019, however, the pair strongly denied the rumours.

In May 2020, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child together.


"With everything that's going on in the world we feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be starting a family together," Anna shared, alongside photos of her pregnancy scans.

"I can’t wait to be a Dad!!! The giddy feelings in my stomach show there must be a few nerves, but I know Anna’s going to be an absolutely amazing mother and I couldn’t be more excited to start a family with her!" Tim added.

The following month, the pair announced they were expecting a baby girl in a gender reveal video posted to Instagram. 

"Looks like she’s going to be Daddy’s lil girl!" Tim captioned the post.

"Still wrapping my head around becoming a father but I cannot wait to wrap my little girl in so much love, hugs and spikey bearded kisses when she’s ready to join us... And with a mother like Anna she’s going to be a lively one!"


Blake Garvey and Sam Frost

In the second season of The Bachelor in 2014, things… didn’t exactly work out.

During the finale, Blake Garvey got down on one knee and made Bachelor history, proposing to his winner Sam Frost.

Blake Garvey with his final two Lisa and Sam. Image: Network 10.

The day after the finale aired, viewers learned Blake had dumped Sam and begun dating Louise Pillidge, who came third on the reality show. The move earned Blake the nicknames 'love rat' and 'the most hated man in Australia'.

“When you have that time together and you feel that it’s not quite right, you have to listen to your heart,” he told The Project at the time.

“You have to trust your gut and that’s what I’ve done, and that’s why I’m in this position now.”

the bachelor blake louise dating
Blake and Louise. Image: Instagram.

Blake and Louise dated for 18 months before they separated in 2016. 

Sam Frost went on to become the first star of The Bachelorette Australia.

Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski


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Sam Wood met Snezana Markoski on the third season of The Bachelor in 2015. After meeting on the show, Sam gave Snezana a promise ring, which has been affectionately dubbed "the Cheezel ring".

As Snezana and her daughter Eve were based in Perth and Sam was based in Melbourne, the couple's relationship was long distance at first.

After four months, they moved in together in Melbourne, before Sam proposed in December 2015.


Initially, the pair planned to marry in Italy like fellow Bachelor alumni Tim and Anna, but those plans were soon put on hold when they learned that Snezana was pregnant with their first child.


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In October 2017, they welcomed Willow Wendy Wood.

The next year, in November 2018, the couple married at Byron Bay's Fig Tree Restaurant. Snezana's daughter, Eve, was one of her bridesmaids and one-year-old Willow wore a matching lace dress to her mum.

In July 2019, Sam and Snezana welcomed their second child together — daughter Charlie Lane Wood.


Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek

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After being brutally dumped by Blake Garvey, Sam Frost became Australia's first Bachelorette and the first contestant to get a ~second chance at love~.

Although Sam chose Sasha Mielczarek in the finale in 2015, the pair split up a year later.

Sam, who is now an actress on Home and Away and a mental health advocate, began dating Dave Bashford in July 2017. 

Alas, the pair split after Sam shared a TikTok video earlier this year with the hashtag "31singleandfabulous". 

A representative for Sam confirmed the news, telling Sydney Confidential that "Sam Frost and Dave Bashford are no longer in a relationship. They remain great mates." 


Richie Strahan and Alex Nation

the bachelor season 7 australia
Richie and Alex on The Bachelor. Image: Channel 10.

Richie Strahan was the second contestant to get a second chance in the franchise after coming third in Sam Frost's season of The Bachelorette.


In the 2016 season of The Bachelor, Richie chose Alex Nation and gave her a promise ring.

By August 2017, the pair had split up.

At the time, the breakup was largely unexplained. But in early 2019, the former couple sat down together on Bachelor in Paradise and had a long-overdue conversation.

During their conversation, Richie and Alex spoke about how their long-distance relationship had affected them both.

"I barely saw you. I needed to see you more," Alex said throughout the conversation, to which Richie argued that she had continued to "move the goalposts" and had barely visited him in Perth.

"[You weren’t there] when I needed you most — when I needed you — and you know what I’m talking about," Alex said.


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In October 2019, Richie made his new relationship with Perth woman Jenayah Thompson Instagram official.

Georgia Love and Lee Elliott


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In 2016, Georgia Love chose Lee Elliott on The Bachelorette Australia.

After moving in together in August 2018, the pair announced their engagement in September 2019.

In 2020, Georgia, who also works as a Channel 10 reporter, launched her podcast Everyone Has An Ex.

"I realised there’s something really juicy and voyeuristic about hearing about other people’s failed relationships," Georgia told Mamamia.

"A bit of misery loves company, people who are going through their own heartbreak or their own bad situation, it’s really nice to hear about other people going through the same, or similar, or worse."

Matthew 'Matty J' Johnson and Laura Byrne


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In 2017, Matty J, who was Georgia Love's runner-up, got a second chance on The Bachelor.

After telling winner Laura Byrne he loved her at the finale, Matty J and Laura moved in together in mid-2018.

In April 2019, the pair got engaged while on their 'babymoon'.

"You are my favourite everything. YES to a lifetime of love and flamboyant dance moves with you my honey," Laura wrote, sharing the news on Instagram.


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In June 2019, the pair welcomed their daughter into the world: Marlie-Mae Rose Johnson.

Laura, who is a successful jewellery designer, launched her podcast Life Uncut alongside fellow Bachelor star Brittany Hockley in mid-2019.

Now, the pair are expecting their second child, announcing the news on Instagram earlier this month.


Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy

the bachelorette australia 2019
Sophie and Stu. Image: Channel 10.

Sophie Monk was Australia's first celebrity Bachelorette in 2017.

During the season, Sophie chose intruder and celebrity publican Stu Laundy.

Just three months after the finale aired, the pair announced their split, leading fans to question whether the couple's relationship was governed by a "relationship contract".


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Now, two years later, Sophie is dating Joshua Gross, who she met on a plane.

"I had just finished filming Love Island in Mallorca and was on my way to San Francisco for a random TV gig with Channel Nine when I made a last-minute decision to go back to Australia. I sat next to Josh in business class and we started chatting. About two hours into the flight, I asked him if he was single. He responded, 'yes.' I then asked if I could kiss him. I was clearly out of practice and a bit of a nerd so I went to brush my teeth and thought, ‘Let’s do this.’ We had 16 hours to go," Sophie told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins


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In the 2018 season of The Bachelor, Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins didn't pick either of his final two contestants.


Instead, the rugby player dumped both Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley.

It was... a lot.

Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley


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After the disaster that was the Honey Badger's season of The Bachelor, Ali Oetjen chose Taite Radley on The Bachelorette.

After Taite claimed he couldn't commit to marriage or having children with Ali, the decision came as a surprise to viewers.

Two years later, the pair announced in an Instagram post that they had broken up. 

"It is with the heaviest heart that we want to let everyone know that we have decided to take time apart in order to give each other space and time to fully focus on our own paths," Ali captioned the post.

"We both love each other deeply and only want the best for each other and both want the ultimate happiness for each other and hopefully our paths will reconnect again soon. [sic]

"We’ve decided to be open with this so there’s no speculation and so we expect love, respect and kindness in return.

"I love you Taite."


The couple had recently gone into business together, launching virtual wellness program, Sweaty AF. 

Ali Oetjen has been candid in sharing her journey since breaking up with Taite, posting the reality of her daily life in an Instagram this week.

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You always see happy me, this is me today & has been my daily occurrence since my breakup, it’s bloody slow healing, sadness & hurt fill my whole body. Meditation, Yoga, exercise, nature, cooking, family, friends and focusing on my goals allows for my peaceful spirit to just be. I’ve never experienced anything like this where my soul still feels connected, I still love but know we don’t align. I want to share this to inspire strength in you, as you do me, because I know you’re also going through a break up or you’re finding it extremely tough atm in these huge world changes & darkness we’re being exposed too. KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE, THAT WE ARE THE LIGHT, YOU ARE LOVED & EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING DIVINELY & AS HARD AS IT MAYBE TO COMPREHEND THAT THIS IS MEANT FOR US. WE ARE GROWING STRONGER, AWAKENING to PURGE THE HATRED & are ASCENDING to be FREED FROM CONDITIONAL PATTERNS & CAN THEN BE DIRECTED BY OUR SOULS. We’re all equal beings & hopefully by now waking up to our true essence, our true nature which is only LOVE. When you follow me, view my pics/vids/see me on the street, look into my soul as I do yours & know we’re the same. #love #castlight #spreadlove #nonduality #vulnerability #oneworld #letgo #walkyourpath #soulmates

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"You always see happy me, this is me today and has been my daily occurrence since my breakup, it’s bloody slow healing, sadness & hurt fill my whole body," she wrote.

"I still love but know we don’t align."

Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod


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In 2019, The Bachelor saw astrophysicist Matt Agnew choose Chelsie McLeod to be his girlfriend.

After the season wrapped up, Matt immediately travelled overseas, with the pair rarely posting photos of each other on social media.

Finally, in November 2019, the pair announced their split on Instagram after dating for just six months.

“Chels and I have made some beautiful memories together that I’ll always cherish, and I wish her nothing but the absolute best,” Matt wrote.

“However, it’s with a heavy heart that I write this. For Chels and me, our relationship hasn’t translated from filming to the real, everyday world as we had hoped."

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a source claimed that Matt and Chelsie's relationship fell apart after Matt went overseas for several weeks after The Bachelor finale aired.

"The moment the show ended and they could finally be a proper couple and go out in public together, Matt basically just disappeared," the source said.

"Given the timing, it was as if he had suddenly lost interest and changed his mind about wanting a girlfriend or something. Things then fizzled out quickly," they added.

Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt


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In the 2019 season of The Bachelorette, former Gogglebox and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star Angie Kent chose Carlin Sterritt over fan favourite Timm Hanly.

Since the season wrapped, split rumours abounded.

And in July, they were confirmed.

"Hi everyone, there's been a lot of speculation and rumours about the status of my relationship with Carlin," Angie wrote on her Instagram story.

"We have not wanted to confirm up until this point because there have been much bigger issues going on in the world and we've both been taking space to think about what we really want. 

"Matters of the heart are extremely difficult and I'm sad to say that Carlin and I have broken up."

The reality TV star and author continued: "I appreciate everyone's concern and the investment that many of you made into the show and our story, but this is real life and we both need privacy and time to heal. I just want to put the rumours to bed and to clarify so that questions stop."

Image: Instagram.


"Chemistry doesn't always equal compatibility. We gave it our all, and it didn't work out," the former Gogglebox star later told the Daily Telegraph. 

"Our values didn't align. Both Carlin and I will never give personal details," she added. 

Carlin also spoke about the split in videos to his Instagram story.

"It is true that Angie and I have gone our separate ways," he said in a video to his stories. "It's for the best for us individually."

The personal trainer continued: "My mental health had taken a bit of a left turn and I just simply wasn't the best version of myself or able to give the best version of me to Angie, but again, I wish her well."

"Everyone is battling something that you may never understand or see," Carlin added. 

Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska

After a season that kept us guessing until the last minute, Locky Gilbert chose Irena Srbinovska to be his one and only.

And despite the many rumours of the pair's split, it appears Locky and Irena are happier than ever.

The pair posted on Instagram as soon as the final episode aired on Thursday night to confirm they were still together, with Locky writing a particularly loved-up post. 


He labelled Irena his "future wife, baby mumma and best friend".

"I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you," Locky wrote.

"Here is to one crazy adventure and so so many more with you babe."

Although Irena is from Melbourne, it appears she remained in Sydney between the filming and airing of the final episode, as she and Locky celebrated together before heading on their post-Bachie interviews.

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