'Can't really get rid of her.' Locky and Irena Gilbert have welcomed a baby girl.

It's a happy day for fans of The Bachelor, as Locky and Irena Gilbert have announced they're now proud parents. 

In a joint post on Instagram, the couple — who met on the 2020 season of The Bachelor — confirmed the birth of their daughter, Ava Aleksandra Gilbert.

In a tongue-in-cheek Reel Locky created documenting the birth journey, the Bachelor star described their hospital room as an "all-inclusive resort" and said Irena's "enjoyed the hotel activities, made a new friend, all we did was eat and sleep".


"So we have just checked into our all-inclusive resort. This place is amazing," he joked in the Reel. "Got TVs everywhere, all-you-can-eat food, nice heating... Irena is just over there chilling but this place [is] so good."

Later, he gave a "hotel update" as Irena went into labour.

"Hotel update. We've booked in for a couple's massage. Irena seems to be enjoying it but you know, you gotta try everything while on vacation," he said.

He then came back onto the screen holding his newborn daughter in his arms and told the camera, "Seems like we're going to have to share our room with a visitor. We're not so sure about our new visitor."

Locky later said his "new roommate" is "super attached". 

"Can't really get rid of her," he joked. "So she seems to be staying around but she's gone alright so far."

Watch Locky Gilbert's full recap of baby Ava's birth. Post continues below. 

Video via Instagram @lockygilbert.

Locky and Irena announced they were pregnant back in 2023.


"2023 has been a year of surprises, and now Locky and I are thrilled to share the biggest surprise of our lives —anticipating a new member in our family," the post began.

"As we revel in our happiness, we're deeply sensitive to those who face the trials of infertility or have suffered loss. Having navigated the rollercoaster of emotions ourselves, we extend our hands and hearts to those on a similar path. In the midst of life's storms, may you find your rainbow soon."


The news was followed by the couple opening up earlier last year about suffering their second miscarriage. 

"We've been trying to get pregnant and try to start our family and we were absolutely over the moon when we found out we were pregnant last month," Irena told 7Life in July 2023.

"Unfortunately, a week later we suffered a miscarriage, and... it was emotional, hard and obviously heartbreaking."

In an appearance on The Morning Show, Irena spoke further about the tragedy. "Unfortunately Locky and I just suffered yet another miscarriage. We had one a few years ago quite early in our relationship and you know since we got married we've been trying to start a family and it's been slow and not going to plan but we are just like any other couple with their struggles," she shared. 

"It's obviously devastating. And yeah, we have been leaning on each other a lot and supporting each other, which has been really good." 

Locky and Irena met in 2020 on season eight of The Bachelor. The couple got engaged in June 2022 before getting hitched in March 2023 in a ceremony held in Melbourne.

Their chemistry was instant and Irena was a fast favourite with fans watching along at home.

The Bachelor couple currently live together in Perth.

Feature image: Instagram/@locklangilbert.