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random dude April 17, 2022

@snorks To be honest, BloodBank too

random dude April 10, 2022

@rush none actually,  some of us with the came temrity here to reply and have a chuckle.   m/yg mother is rolling her grave. she always liked halloween

random dude April 9, 2022

@mamamia-user-15642058 if you start at the bottom it is. You can't walk into tesla with a university degree and  earn 300k per year, that's is saved for super Brainiac's. Trust me I've been there.

random dude April 3, 2022

@gu3st So say'eth the devils advocate.  

random dude January 28, 2022

One must always persevere - practice makes perfect.

random dude January 27, 2022

Grace Tame is an outspoken advocate for survivors of sexual assault, particularly those who were abused in institutional settings. This is why she was named Australian of the Year.

She was not an advocate for telling society women should smile.
It seems her whole legacy regarding sexual assault has been hijacked by the "smile Honey" Brigade, which is a shame and detracts from her message.

random dude January 24, 2022

@rush I read that with a Nth American accent saying Emu - I confess, it totally changed the context for me.

random dude January 24, 2022

@flyingdale flier With a name like that, visiting Glenrowan should be a walk in the Park.

random dude January 22, 2022

@nursie "Do you know how many staff are needed for each ventilated patient?"

No, I do not know and have no means to find the answer-  how many staff are needed for ventilated patients??

random dude January 20, 2022

@alix12 I find it hard to believe as well. From what I've seen, read and heard his opening remarks are often along the lines of . Wow, nice gym, btw I'm Jeff Goldublum. Name dropping, uh, somehow finds a way lol

random dude January 20, 2022

@rush I was sorely  tempted to rush right in and try Mansplaining Dermaplaning. Fortunately, I've matured over the years and I'll let it slide this time ;o)

random dude January 19, 2022

@simple simon As they say in the classics. A man who needs to call himself a King is no King.

random dude January 18, 2022

Do you prefer turtles or tortoise's?

Even the slightest hint of hesitation and I'm outta' there faster than a baby turtle on a pristine beach surrounded by ravenous sea-gulls who have given up chips for a month.

random dude January 17, 2022

@rush I'd be inclined to say it's because real sportsperson Bios' are boring as batshit by themselves, which is why they are few and far between.

This way, we get the background story of the amazing Serena and Venus and what they had to endure, to succeed plus we get a bonus villain we get to hiss and to throw popcorn at. A far better vehicle for storytelling in my opinion.

random dude January 2, 2022

@fightofyourlife yeah, my school was small. 140 primary school

random dude December 19, 2021

@fightofyourlife That's a fair point which I'm not willing to argue against. I raised it since I'm tired of hearting antivaxxers say "well  vaccinated people still get it - why are they getting it If vaccines work huh huh huh huh? Gotcha!"

Here's an interesting article, exzxplaining yours and my points.

I'm double vaxxed and getting an early booster shot because of my current illness and treatment, my immune system is compromised.  I think we are both on the same side here.

random dude December 17, 2021

@snorks I have heard of a trolley locking system like this being used, it will probably become more common.  Supermarkets could be forced to fork out up more than $13,000 in fines if shopping trolleys are left abandoned in suburban NSW streets - that's an incentive.

random dude December 16, 2021

@pauli The Vaccines only make your body more able to cope with the Virus -so you don't need to go to Hospital or end up in the ICU section on a respirator. It's not a Silver bullet that makes you impervious.

Anyone can be a host for mutations of the virus.

random dude December 16, 2021

@snorks lmao. Very very true - they  are really tough to sell on-line. So much competition.

random dude December 16, 2021

@elishatraill Look up surfing steamers. They are quite affordable plus are great if you want to go surfing and the jellyfish can't get you.