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dudus temere gravis April 14, 2021

@gu3st hmmm. Interesting point. This is exactly the mindset and what they train you for in Special Forces, Political Parties or a criminal mob.

I'll be watching you closely Gu3st and Rush.

dudus temere gravis April 6, 2021

@rush LMAO Now I can't get the image of Clint Eastwood out of my head when I read your comments

dudus temere gravis April 4, 2021

@fightofyourlife Oh Yeah - you just earned a high 5 right there.

dudus temere gravis April 3, 2021

Quote: "How many people are actively using contraception right this very second?"

Look, I'm just trying to read the article - I didn't think it warranted going overboard.

dudus temere gravis April 1, 2021

@rush LOL It's the funniest thing and so true. 

I'll be browsing the web and every now and then I'll see a Beyoncé - Never Forget meme

dudus temere gravis April 1, 2021

@rush It's passionfruit or nothing! 

This is the hill I choose to die on.

dudus temere gravis March 31, 2021

@swatters LOL. Does this qualify as a Gold comment?

I always hated chemistry too

dudus temere gravis March 29, 2021

I think Mr Holly has it down pat - zero stress, much fun. Children laughing.

I would give this 10/10 if only he had thought of pool noodle jousting - that stuff is the bomb.

dudus temere gravis March 25, 2021

@rush Perhaps one is a narcissist?

dudus temere gravis March 24, 2021

@rush First it was Big Pharma, then Big Oil - now we have to deal with Big Undies?

dudus temere gravis March 24, 2021

@simple simon Well, does my Mum count?

dudus temere gravis March 23, 2021

@cat What would these "vast improvements" entail?

Sounds like a horrible argument justifying biological determinism to me.

dudus temere gravis March 23, 2021

@simple simon Look, I'm not saying I'm Chris Hemsworth or anything (nor will I deny it) ... but it is true lol

dudus temere gravis March 22, 2021

I'm not really convinced to be honest. I'd rather hear what a person has to say first and foremost.

Adding a dozen Pauline Hanson's or Maggie Thatcher's to even the ledger is not good enough.

dudus temere gravis March 22, 2021

@katp I find that is always the best philosophy to start with. 

Assume the best, before they confirm the worst, most people are not malevolent monsters - maybe I'm just too trusting and naïve.

dudus temere gravis March 22, 2021

@gu3st I've also seen swarming pics of spiders and various insects forced to moved to higher ground - this is both the right time and the wrong time to live on a hill.

dudus temere gravis March 22, 2021

@chrissyinthemiddle I know Labradors - that one cup of rice will be gone as quick as you can swallow a tic tac - might be better using a bucket lol

dudus temere gravis March 20, 2021

@gu3st It's funny coz it's true - I try to time my comments for certain days because some mod out there on a shift clearly does not like my sense of humour.

dudus temere gravis March 20, 2021

@cat Good for her. You chose the rare exception or outlier from about  500 million influencers on social media (all trying to do the same) who still cannot live off their social media presence.

Do you really think this is a wise career move and something you would advise to people rather than boring stuff like studying?

dudus temere gravis March 18, 2021

@gu3st Thinking more about it, Liam Neeson would have had a much easier time tracking down people these days.

Kinda' ruins the whole movie now.

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