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gu3st January 23, 2021

@snorks nytimes values Trump's assets at 1.3b, meaning, his debts knock him pit of the b. club  I dont know who to believe, but am safe in the knowledge that any figure Trump thinks will be publicised, he will inflate.

gu3st January 23, 2021

@guest2 You keep making points based on small technicalities. Trumps campaign team and family had proven, criminal contact with Russia. These represented collusion. It justified investigation. It justified indictments, which unfortunately, were not forthcoming. 

gu3st January 22, 2021

@anonymous Well put.

gu3st January 22, 2021

@guest2 Don't want to be called an insurrectionist, don't storm parliament with the intent of overthrowing legitimate election results. Intent was there, success was not.

Four years of listening to Trump and his supporters trying to normalise the heinous has really worn me down, so pleased he's out and no longer immune to standard criminal prosecution. 

I actually doubt they'll remove him from office post-term, but you never know, karma could come home to roost. 

gu3st January 21, 2021

@guest2 Success isn't the issue, the protest date was deliberately chosen to be the  date that Congress officially tallied the electoral college votes. Trump's speech repeatedly referenced fighting against the 'stolen' election, with that day being the last chance. Trump spoke, he wound them up like little clockwork soldiers and they stormed the Capitol, with deadly force, with a view to interrupting the vote tally.

Not sure why we're way over on Russia now, but Manafort was arrested over financial crimes but was found to have been regularly communicating poll data to a high level Russian intelligence operative in Moscow during the campaign.

On June 9, 2016, Jared Kushner and Donny Trump Jr met with a Russian intelligence operative for the purposes of obtaining the proceeds of Russian espionage (Hillary's emails). They lied to investigators and the inquiry found that although they committed treason, it didn't recommend charges on the basis that the pair didn't know they were committing a high crime. They're lucky to be walking around in daylight, my reasoning is they only escaped jail because of their relationship to the President.

Pelosi delayed impeaching Trump until he had created the smoking gun necessary to get himself impeached. Trump made the phone call that merited impeachment and was subsequently impeached for it. Trump's supporters like to point out that he wasn't succesfully removed from office, but this was only because the Republican party held the Senate and were prepared to violate their oaths of impartiality regarding the impeachment process.

So many people desperately cling to the idea of Trump being a meritorious President, or even, man, and he so easily is demonstrated to not be either of those things.

Although it will never be admitted by them,  voter's support for Trump was a mistake on a grand scale. Setting all the stuff above aside, nearly half a million dead to COVID speaks for itself.

gu3st January 21, 2021

@snorks "Don't see how the Stop the Steal fund is particularly relevant." I think that I tie it into the issue of his personal debt, and therefore, net worth, pretty neatly. Do you just not want to have to find excuses for Trump's chicanery in this?

I also find that when people list Trump's achievements, they're usually just things he has falsely tried to claim credit for, or are overinflated. That is, highly subjective to attribute them to Trump. They're peppered with disclaimers like "Prior to the pandemic..." and almost always trying to echo Trump's claim of the "strongest US economy ever", which is objectively false.

Trump is also extremely venal, demonstrated by him violating the emoluments clause of the US Con. time and time again, with big cash flow issues that do make him more susceptible to influence. As to whether Forbes have managed to glean an accurate picture of Trump's fortune remains to be seen, Trump inflates his wealth for peacocking purposes and deflates when talking to the tax man.

The Apprentice was the last major source of income that Trump enjoyed, the rest of his businesses are either below, or barely above the waterline. So, when you point to Trump's assets, they are, for the most part, distressed assets and he will need to sell them as such, to meet his debt obligations.

gu3st January 21, 2021

@guest2 An influx of 25,000 troops, unprecedented security scrutiny and a lack of crowds in which to hide might have had something to do with the Proud Boys and their ilk choosing to 'stand by', instead of turn up.

gu3st January 21, 2021

@snorks Snorks, Trump has debts maturing this year that he has personally guaranteed ($300m) contributing to a total of $415 million, which eclipses his fortune.

Owing that demotes Trump from the billionaire class and slides him down the ladder, additionally making him a very unsuitable figure as a head of state as he is highly vulnerable to financial influence.

One thing that may have changed that, is that Trump managed to con at least $207.5 million from his supporters, which he collected under false pretenses, under the "Stop the Steal" fund. Trump not only lied about electoral fraud, the small print of that fund is such that any individual donations under $5K did not go towards funding court battles to unearth electoral fraud, but rather 75% went to Donald Trump to use as he sees fit and 25% to the GoP to use as they see fit. Anything residual after $5K actually went to the purpose for which the money was donated.

Now, without knowing their specifics, I know that there are laws in the US delimiting what activitities political donations can be applied to, so whether Trump can use that money against his personal debts remains to be seen.

One last shake down while in the big chair, this man really isn't someone worthy of anyone's admiration or support.

gu3st January 21, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 No sarcasm. I think that a little bit too much is being made of this now, though. The quote is parochial, or as you said, maybe outdated, but it's not an untruth that will become anything much if people rely on it, nor have I seen much of this type misrepresentation in the Australian press.

gu3st January 20, 2021

Ha. "I did a little bit of wee on the toilet seat and also on the floor so it would be sticky for Joe."

I heard the WH is getting an intensive clean, everyone thinks it's for COVID, but, in reality,  orange foundation is a one helluva stubborn stain.

Anyone else wish we could have cracked Trump's Twitter back open just for the day, if only to watch him absolutely lose his shit?

gu3st January 19, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 I have been soundly put in my place. I thought Fairfax was a reliable rag.

gu3st January 19, 2021


Say that true love isn't dead.

gu3st January 19, 2021

Look, is it possible that Miranda just needed her hair washed?

Jesus, I hope that we never reach the level of exception made for celebrity that occurs in the US. Kerr flew in from a high-risk country, was granted the privilege of self-isolation and really, should have had the book thrown at her.

gu3st January 19, 2021

@cat jeezus, cat, you @-ing me, bro? I neeeeed this. 

gu3st January 19, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 "When it finally emerges from stage four restrictions, Melbourne will have experienced one of the world’s longest and strictest lockdowns." Liam Mannix, The Age, Sept 7, 2020.

gu3st January 18, 2021

Anyone else starting to think that this tournament just wasn't worth the hassle and risk?

Imagine how this must be falling on the ears of Victorians, who have had to endure one of the world's longest and most stringent lockdowns.

gu3st January 18, 2021

@cat I think that the Medicare numbers might create a risk of identity theft/fraud.

gu3st January 18, 2021

Robbers, we don't yet know who you are, but eventually we'll Cachia.

Jokes aside, that would be intensely violating.

gu3st January 17, 2021

You know how you can change your background in Zoom?

In the earliest days of hard lockdown, and the first forays on to Zoom; I used to come in to meetings with friends with an orgy in my background.

Certainly started conversations.

Pro tip: Pick the right friends to ambush.

gu3st January 15, 2021

Yo, Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em.

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