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gu3st November 28, 2021

Sweet Lord, what a scroll.

Is it even a reality dating show without a highly photogenic lesbian offshoot relationship?

gu3st November 25, 2021

@rush OMG! Do you know Holly's husband? He's hella kiwi... 

gu3st November 25, 2021

@rush Whoa, you're obviously an heiress then. Hope your man didn't marry you for that Atari-level dough. ;)

gu3st November 25, 2021

@random dude ha, no, I'm not packing that kinda foliage. 

gu3st November 25, 2021

@simple simon Well, hair plugs are a thing, which could be harvested from a corpse, but I think that growing hair needs a live skin transplant, with working follicles. 

gu3st November 24, 2021

@rush An atari was super ritzy.

gu3st November 24, 2021

@mamamia-user-405278599 Same experience. Being a Holden family was unusual at my school.

gu3st November 24, 2021

Ask yourself, what would Jesus want here? Tolerance or hate speak?

Morrison's political radar, ever weak, is truly throwing him some bad signals as his approval plummets.

This bill is very off key to Australians who like their religion and state like Gwyneth and Chris. Consciously uncoupled.

Voting down the motion to send Porter's million to the parliamentary integrity commission.

Voting against discussing a federal anti-corruption body, with some of MPs crossing the floor. Those with a conscience and nothing to hide, it would seem.

That stuff points to pretty much one conclusion. Much to hide that hasn't been in the voters' interests. At all.

Morrison is putting his name to all these dubious motions and shaking an already shaky reputation  regarding honesty.

gu3st November 24, 2021

@rush Never let the facts get in the way, Rush. Actually do. Specially vaccines.

gu3st November 23, 2021

When I tick 'organ donor' on my driver's licence application, I want the ability to uncheck the eyebrows box.

I, there's a goddamned line.

gu3st November 19, 2021

"The couple welcomed two children together: Brandon (born in 1996) and Dylan (born in 1997), before their relationship ended in 1998, after Lee allegedly physically assaulted Anderson in their home, while she was holding their son.

Lee spent six months in jail after pleading no contest."

Embarrassed to say, I don't remember this at all, was it a big deal at the time?

gu3st November 18, 2021

We need to talk about the radicalisation of our tweens and the dangerous rhetoric around Jake Gyllenhall.

I hear that some sass bombs are being manufactured, with timers, and once set, the  social media explosions are only a few Tik Toks away.

Jake better make sure that his style is on fleek, or he will face some serious online savagery.

gu3st November 15, 2021

Damn, hoping for more 'he turned out to be an assassin for the CIA' type revelations.

gu3st November 15, 2021

@laura__palmer There is a LOT of speculative detail, not gonna lie, skimmed it and summarised it as:

Taylor still a bit salty, or more likely, needs publicity for something she's launching.

Jake avails himself of the ladies that (I'm betting) throw themselves at him.

gu3st November 11, 2021

@lachy8 "Many women sink into a bit of  a depressed state when it’s time to return to work, they really struggle with it."

Lachy, this seems like a 'fact' that you've tailor-made for your trolly argument. Bored, are we?

gu3st November 10, 2021

So, sunshine and splashed water on his face?

Or, a painting in the attic?

gu3st November 10, 2021

@smart cookie Right? When OnlyFans shut down my account last month...could not be more devo.

gu3st November 10, 2021

Step away from the social media fame frenzy. Go do what makes you happy.

gu3st November 9, 2021

I would have loved to know what the rest of your family's relationship is with the church now.

gu3st November 9, 2021

@random dude Undoubtedly an unnatural level of control that's unnecessary in most instances.

So many unintentional uns.