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gu3st July 13, 2020

Fine for some, but golden showers aren't really my cup of wee.

gu3st July 12, 2020

I wonder if 4chan coined the epithet 'Chad' after Murray?

gu3st July 12, 2020

It mightn't be down to you or something you did, it could simply have been an urge to re-invent herself, meaning that she is pushing away people who were intimate with her problem and might still define/judge her as an alcoholic, even a recovered one.

You should re-connect, seek an explanation, (that may or may not be sufficient for appeasement, but enough for closure) and not wallow in missing her every day.

gu3st July 12, 2020

Doesn't seem that mysterious. They OD'ed and no one wants to admit that they all partook. Caleb's additional causes of death were probably an amateur resuscitation attempt.

gu3st July 9, 2020

I was a big Scrubs fan. My kids have been bingeing the crap out of it for the past couple of months, so I'm re-watching bits and pieces.

When I've got a chore to do that doesn't involve much thought, I've been working my way through Fake Doctors, Real Friends, a podcast by Zack Braff and Donald Faison. It's a little project they've started during CV restrictions.

I recommend it for some good, warm & light distraction; they devote a podcast episode per show episode and invite on some of the Scrubs actors and directors. 

gu3st July 8, 2020

160 people in those towers have tested positive so far. Those found to have COVID19 are to be accommodated in a different location.

gu3st July 8, 2020

Well, I can get behind that. I want to put chips inside me too. 

Do you think the gubmint would throw in chicken salt?

gu3st July 7, 2020

@guest2 I think these are viewpoints through a certain lens. Why aren't you as vocal on NSW's stuff ups? The Ruby Princess being a case in point.

gu3st July 6, 2020

@guest2 How would it suit a Labor Premier, in terms of PR, to lock up housing estate towers? That would run better as a 'law and order' play for an LNP government.

Andrews has been the most proactive premier in Australia in terms of lockdown, and I think that created an template for other Premiers to follow and contributed to Australia's early success in stifling COVID19.

Did Andrews actually refuse to use ADF personnel or just think it unnecessary? Also, why was Cedar Meats partisan? Also, protest marches occurred in every state and while I didn't think that they were a fantastic idea in these times, the infection info at hand suggested that there was no reason for them not to go ahead. Practically speaking, it would have been nigh on impossible to stop the protests from going ahead.

gu3st July 5, 2020

@guest2 What is the major reason?

gu3st July 5, 2020

And check out the cartoon on the front page of the Australian - the Murdoch press is starting to politically weaponise COVID-19 restrictions ins the same way they have for America's hard right.

Now calling Andrews "Desperate Dan" in the heading of one of the top articles. While I agree that locking up the towers is a drastic move, now is the time to act to get a handle on rising contagion. If this article is the bellwhether then The Australian's opinion writres will be the first political vultures to crow about rising infection in a Labor state.

I'd add that this spasm of compassion for those who need to use welfare is highly out of character for the Australian.

gu3st July 5, 2020

@flyingdale flier Do you mean he'll take Trump's votes from him or take votes from Democrats, ultimately helping Trump?

Difficult to say which way that would go, KW has come out as pro-Trump in the past and is setting up evangelistic credentials, BUT, is a black man when Trump's courting the racist vote.

Very fricking tangled.

gu3st July 5, 2020

Imma let Trump finish...

Whooooo, baby. 

I think that we should now measure social insanity in Kanyes. 

This is definitely an 8 Kanye event.

gu3st July 2, 2020

Ghislaine  Maxwell grew up in a hyper-wealthy family without morals, her father was a crook. It's good to see her crimes catching up with her. 

gu3st July 1, 2020

@random dude Nice. I'm just there for the hot chicks.

Jokes. I'm the grinchy guy who can't stand talent shows. 

Young Talent Time sucked.

There, I said it.

gu3st July 1, 2020

@salemsaberhagen Just to play the devil's avocado - Is the converse true? White people don't get to decide if something IS racist?

I'm asking this, because I'm seeing some pushback online from black people over the cancellation of some episodes of shows like Golden Girls. The tweets I've seen are trying to shift the focus back to police brutality.

gu3st July 1, 2020

Pretty honourable behaviour and you were young, but can I suggest that "I just don't feel a spark" is a better turn of phrase than "I'm not attracted to you anymore."

gu3st July 1, 2020

I'm picturing those horses doing particularly prissy dressage to a Prince soundtrack.

For some reason.

gu3st July 1, 2020

Another interesting piece. Thanks.

gu3st June 30, 2020

I watched this last week(end?). Lightly funny - mostly a good diversion from the current news...

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