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gu3st April 15, 2021

The Icarus Project portrays ARod as a massive narcissist ,with pictures and looping videos of himself through his apartment.

gu3st April 15, 2021

@dudus temere gravis Time to fess up; I'm actually in the Raspberry Berets.

...the kind that you find in a second hand store.

gu3st April 14, 2021

C'mon, we know what's protocol. Noone ever gets fired for hiring John Williamson. JW trots out "True Blue", we sing it with him, in varying states of inebriation and everyone goes home happier and Aussier.

So wildly inappropriate, I wonder if someone involved in the event planning knew someone from this troupe.

gu3st April 13, 2021

@rush Exactly my thought, if you have partners-in-crime that you needed to keep from testifying against you or higher ups to shelter you, then this little cache could be the means to do so.

gu3st April 12, 2021

Phew. Title sounded WAAAAAAAY weirder.

gu3st April 1, 2021

If only we could all just "My bad" our way out of criminal behaviour...

gu3st April 1, 2021

"Removing your clothing, plucking out piercings and placing your personal possessions onto a plastic tray makes you feel stripped of your identity. "

So true. I wouldn't know which way is up without Albert in. Just...rudderless - I'm so used to tackling life with him firmly in place.

gu3st March 24, 2021

@km I think that you're probably right (no pun intended). Maybe your electorate needs a Zali Steggall.

Is the corflute calling you, Km?

gu3st March 24, 2021

@simple simon Hate is a strong word. Too strong for the way that I feel about them. They're both reasonably epehemeral occupations, even if you 'make it' and I'd suggest that the line between them is becoming blurred.

For every high profile influencer or model, I'll bet you that there are hundreds or thousands that tried and failed and are then left without any marketable skills. Duck face doesn't contribute much to a business. That is why, as a parent, I'd be extremely leery and would strongly discourage my kids from holding that ambition alone.

gu3st March 24, 2021

Craig Kelly swept disturbingly high level sexual harassment under the carpet?

Abetz displays very high level social dysfunction and a profound lack of empathy, yet again?

Why am I, and presumably, noone, surprised? The writing has been on the wall, in screaming, jagged crimson, for years.

How do these people present well enough to get elected? Craig Kelly was actually rescued from justifiably ending up on the scrapheap, and boy, is karma returning to bite LNP butt on that one.

I've never been a huge fan, but quotas are needed by the LNP. Maybe also pre-emptive mental health assessment.

I'm bi-partisan on this on though, if Labor needs to clean house, then clean house.

gu3st March 23, 2021

Just with the half-mast PJ you think Em's on her way to wee?

I wee too.

She's so relatable.

gu3st March 22, 2021

This is a PM whose moral framework seems only to be informed by polls, who becomes emotional not when a woman is threatened, rather when his career is threatened.

That being said, with the lack of accountability evident in today's politicians, dirty things were always going to be done to keep Porter's number in the House for the Morrison government.

gu3st March 21, 2021

Jesus. Imagine what the flooding might be doing. Kill some mice, sure, but also forcing them to find higher ground...

gu3st March 20, 2021

@cat What happens to her when she's no longer hot or, of interest?

gu3st March 18, 2021

Not to excuse Loughlin's actions, but; how to strike fear into a parent's heart?

"I want to pursue my social media career".

gu3st March 18, 2021

"In the end, the 50-year-old said the producers must've thought it was easier to just "just fire me" rather than fix the issue. "

Sarah Silverman, methinks there was more at play.

Charlie Sheen's firing? Possibly one of the most public hangings in showbiz history. Mostly self-inflicted. Same with Shannon Doherty.

gu3st March 18, 2021

@rush I've come to believe in an angry mod.

gu3st March 18, 2021

I understand that teen girls can be cruel, due to an undeveloped sense of social/emotional consequence, I don't understand why an adult would facilitate such discoverable cruelty.

gu3st March 12, 2021

@dudus temere gravis Wow, that's a bit extreme - you watch "Sunrise"?

gu3st March 11, 2021

I think my dog will probably opt out.

She's pretty anti-vacs.

Tries to attack 'em. Brooms too.

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