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gu3st July 10, 2024

@snorks Semantics. Same same. Jan 6 was a repudiation of orderly transition of power, an attempt to flout the electoral results by perverting the constitutional powers of the VP. A Trump government is an unprecedentedly unique threat to US democratic insitutions and democracy, having been awarded this immunity.

What's more important, changing the letter, or changing the effect? Clarence Thomas' wife was heavily involved in egging on Jan 6, common values equals influence and protection. Two justices with slender qualfications for the SCOTUS owe Trump and the GoP and are acting accordingly. Clarence Thomas received numerous, valuable and   undeclared benefits from GoPs donors and despite being seated at the highest court in the US, has emerged pretty much unscathed.

The changes only benefit a President engaged in dodgy or criminal acts in office. Despite a lot of noise around his son, who has been convicted, Biden has yet to do anything dodgy in office that has come to light. Trump's acts range from electoral interference, emolument, nepotism, obstructing justice right through to sedition, over only one which has he been taken to account. Trump's child and son-in-law knowingly met an associate of Russian intelligence and escaped scot free. This SCOTUS finding may unravel his convictions and  likely will undo some of his indictments. It was a case that Trump brought to the SCOTUS and the benefits of the finding are tailor made for him.


gu3st July 10, 2024

If you look at Joe Rogan, young vs old, his face has broadened in a similar way, I'd suggest that it's well within the realms of possibility that HGH induced the change. Maybe also in combination with rehab for a chin accident.

gu3st July 9, 2024

Kenya adds 9 million kids to its population each year; exploading population growth is a problem which with they're wrestling and they're losing natural habitat to ever expanding agriculture and urban growth. Part of the problem - polygamy was legitimied/enshrined in Kenyan law in 2014. 

When visiting there, a Kenyan told me that women were bribed to allow polygamy, which the majority don't like, by concessions to increase of the number of female legislators in their parliament.

With these stats, I'm surprised to hear that there is a high demand for donated sperm.

gu3st July 9, 2024

@draculasgirlfriend Yep. A concerted push to turn the US into a theocracy, with the tentacles of amoral big business apparent. They want to pray the gay, regulation and tax away. 

The one wan ray of hope is that Trump hasn't committed to executing on all of them. My guess is, he'll happily bin any environmental and fiduciary regulation and dismember US taxation for the big end of town, but will execute on the theocratic moral panic stuff only to the point that he keeps his rabid evangelistic base on side.

Trump keeps his promises to his major donors, and is less concerned about general promises to his voter base, like "The Wall".

We need Biden to heed the Bader Ginsburg example - the ramifications of a paroxysm of personal entitlement and ego can easily outweigh a lifetime's legacy of good works.

gu3st July 7, 2024

@snorks Trump holds undue sway over the Supreme Court, because it was stacked by him. The SCOTUS chooses how the Constitution is interpreted and just awarded the President immunity from prosecution due to official acts in office. Trump is using that to try to escape his current convictions and his indictments. If Trump gains power, he will not hesitate to use this umbrella to do whatever benefits him and his cronies.  Trump has form and now, he has  cover.

Why are you scoffing and saying Trump has no influence over the Constitution when its judicial interpretation is shifting for his benefit right in front of us, right now?

gu3st July 7, 2024

Two 'pious' pariahs under a pile-on.

gu3st July 4, 2024

Say what you like about this guy, he's got a lotta spunk.

To pull it off, that is.

gu3st July 4, 2024

Am we allowed to be surprised that cheerleading was a career choice for a same sex attracted woman?

Because, TBH, I am.

gu3st July 4, 2024

Celebrities poop too. So explosively relatable.

I mean, if you spell 'Goop' backwards.

gu3st July 3, 2024

Right? My DMs are just getting SER-MASHED by unsolicited feet pics.

June 25, 2024

She found a man in finance...well, to finance.

gu3st June 24, 2024

Your sibling comes off as over-invested in her identity, well past the point of narcissism.

gu3st June 24, 2024

Aah, the explanation for all the negagement napkin etc. articles. Someone's on a push for a Logie.

gu3st June 21, 2024

@mamamia-user-893622181 You're quick to pooh pooh this. These protesters just might get their sh*t together, which would be totally inseine.

gu3st June 20, 2024

Spitting image of Jesus - if he had ink sleeves and an ice cream. I also think that he brought a bit of "What would Jesus do?" to the equation.

gu3st June 20, 2024

Well, happy to sleep closest to the door.

As long it's an ensuite. Erratically enthusiastic about hydration, I need that occasional overnight wee. 

Can offer hydration supervision, but not on a "do as I do" basis.

Happy to hog the remote.

I will totally withhold the McDonalds drivethrough if you're still misbehaving after I count to three.

Oh, and I can muster truly horrific puns.

Green flags every which way you look.

gu3st June 20, 2024

If Weird Science were a horror film, it would look a lot like this, why do the worst things always happen in Florida?

gu3st June 20, 2024

Straight appalling. An industry and a power dynamic that confers the unquestioned status that grants impunity to a brazen criminal act. Americans are too infatuated with, and forgiving of, fame. These two "star's" fanbases would shamefully, for the most part, bring too little condemnation to quit consuming these men's output. To condense and paraphrase some of Trump's darker utterings, sexual assault is but a perq of fame, if you have the right people idolising you. 

The sound engineer needed to choose between his job and preventing rape and to, what I imagine, is his everlasting shame, made a terrible, cowardly choice.

A bad situation for everyone lacking star power, and Comb's and West's  arrogantly (alleged) criminal conduct implies that they fully expected the complicity that they met. I sincerely hope that the #metoo movement has made some inroads in to music industry since and that there are consequences for both men.

gu3st June 19, 2024

What is this - a flush mob?

gu3st June 14, 2024

@d123 I did, I quite like it. Thanks.