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gu3st August 4, 2021

@rush The wishtache? When you want one , but can't quite muster it?

It sits on your philtrum, filtering out everything that female company has to offer.

gu3st August 4, 2021

"There’s plenty of evidence about what actually works to build trust. Seeing yourself in the media and politics. Properly engaging ethnic media and community leaders. Research has also shown that using humour to find light in dark places can drive home a message.

Unfortunately, the current whitewashed efforts by the government and media is the wrong kind of joke."

I agree that networks could easily and rapidly get a more multi-ethnic look and feel, also the government talking heads (seems surprising that a Premier with a ancestry like Berejiklian wouldn't get that in a heartbeat).

The trust in government thing is a more intractable, multi-headed beast - Delta won't afford us the time to steer that ship on to a better course.

I'll also completely agree that the optics of this situation aren't great, but the cases select the suburbs, Jobkeeper is now in place to get people through financially and if Botox is the only thing that you've got to worry about in a pandemic...

Vaccination uptake and compliance with restrictions will determine duration, let's pull on the levers that time will allow us. Another is, as identified above, is better tailored messaging from trusted community members.

gu3st August 4, 2021

This article made me listen to go back and listen Hyperballad.

Seeing Bjork at the Horden Pavlova for her Post tour was a peak life experience, she was a favourite artist at the time and still pops up regularly in shuffle play.

Her talent is matched by her eccentricity, which has not always been benign - not down with that violent episode.

gu3st August 4, 2021

Much sense in this article.

gu3st August 3, 2021

I don't wanna flex too shamelessly, but I've been a hot girl for years.

gu3st August 3, 2021

Well, completely ignoring context, injecting yourself in the stomach takes a lot of balls.

I would need very strong motivation.


gu3st August 2, 2021

@snorks Are you saying that you joined these protests or share their views?

I revealed that I had a parent with a terminal diagnosis last year and you, without batting an eyelid, proceeded to debate whether I should be more empathetic towards some idiot holding up a sign suggesting that public health orders (that have clearly and inarguably prevailed in the past for Australia) will make Australia communist. Find that d***head something real in his life to worry about.

Their actions have the potential to significantly impact me, my family and our community. I'm not a suscriber to the 'Everyone's viewpoints are valid' on this one, or truth be known, in general - the protests are harmful, idiotic and flat wrong.

I say again - yeah, nah. Don't try to lecture me on empathy.

gu3st August 2, 2021


Was...was he a stripper?

gu3st August 2, 2021

So very well said. Thanks for the toil and risk that you undertake in these trying times.

gu3st August 1, 2021

@snorks Many of the infectious are asympomatic, at least initially. I'm generally holding myself back here, because I can't see even an attempt at empathy from you on this. I also see this failure in protesters, an inability or disinterest to envision the circumstances different to theirs, that make the curtailing of COVID an imperative. I think this is what fuels the anger of most onlookers to this protest.

Business owners are struggling, the elderly, those wishing to protect the vulnerable, the ill, the lonely - all these groups, and more, are sacrificing and doing it tough to get their community and economy through as unscathed as possible.  Then, we watch the blithe unconcern of these protesting muppets risking all that sacrifice, and people's lives, for what the vast majority consider a misguided, mistaken and self-centred point of view, their actions likely to extend the very thing that they're protesting.  

gu3st July 31, 2021

200K? Well, that's a Trumpian figure, if I've ever seen it. Your definition of 'freedom' comes from the privilege and self-centeredness allowed you by the very free society that Australia offers. What you're in opposition to is actually just a little bit of self-sacrifice, not genuine threats to genuine freedom.    

gu3st July 31, 2021

@cat Last I looked, Jones still has his column in The Australian and his show on Sky News? Has that changed?

I suspect that the Daily Tele editor is the one with the conscience.

gu3st July 30, 2021

@snorks Freedom to visit a parent as the deliverer of their death? Snorks, that's a moronic proposition from the perspective of someone in the situation, mate. Needs to be said that bluntly.

We don't know where most of these protesters come from, but we do know that they're acting against community safety and the law. In effect, they're going out and knocking on the door to the police station and yelling. Further, people who come from those countries would have an intimate understanding of what rights are important. So, I don't agree with the supposition that any significant  proportion of these protesters are drawn from that source. So, no.

gu3st July 29, 2021

Really, really rummaging for some empathy and understanding, but yeah, nah...

Too many people sacrificing and having had a seriously ill close relative whom I was unable to visit at certain periods last year, the idea that these idiots are extending these lockdowns is just insufferable.

Also, the partially vaccinated Alan Jones (and his llike) suggesting that his readers eschew any vaccinations or masks as a threat to their personal freedom  just makes me incandescent with anger. Freedom? Try not being able to visit a parent, when you're fearing for their life.

gu3st July 28, 2021

This has greatly accessible clarity, but I wonder if it will reach through to the people who are exhorting everybody to 'wake up' and do your 'research'.

I suspect that there is an determinedly anti-social aspect to it, where the truly polarised get a little addicted to the (false) feeling that they are part of an elite that can see through big pharma and discern what tens of thousands of doctors and scientists cannot. 

gu3st July 28, 2021

Jesus, I hope they got a pool.

gu3st July 27, 2021

@fzmclaren You're referencing an epidemic that occured a century ago...I'd hope we can do a little better, with 100 years of medical advancements under our belt.

That said, I agree that we will need to learn live with it, but with a critical mass of vaccination, not a critical level of hospitalisation.

gu3st July 24, 2021

These numpties will bring us undone. So privileged to live in a society like Australia, they dont know what actually represents a real threat to important rights. 

gu3st July 24, 2021

@dangerk I don't think anyone's looking to America for any sort of instruction on dealing with the virus. America, under Trump, was the anti-example  5he what NOT to do. I applaud the cause, but felt very critical of the protests.

gu3st July 20, 2021

@cat Agreed, but I think that the LNP will be the party that needs to execute on climate change. If they don't do it, their leaders will be unable to resist the temptation to weaponise it against Labor. The LNP can bring the sceptics across without galvanising them. It's pleasing that the LNP's options to get out of significant and concrete action are becoming exceedingly narrow.