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gu3st August 5, 2022

Getting a tattoo to suggest a stable relationship is a non-sequitur. 

gu3st August 4, 2022

Evil man.

Joe Rogan had dinner with him only a week or two ago, as he himself said on a blog recently. My evolution from being genuinely entertained by Rogan's old blogs to become probably what is described best now, as an occasional hate listener.

I find Rogan to be chameleonic of viewpoint, depending on his guest's viewpoints and politics, but he became, consistently, insanely irresponsible on the vaccine and mask front.

Plus, Rogan platforming Jones on the most popular blog in the world, and further, socialising with him, is just reprehensible.

gu3st August 4, 2022

The Lolita themes of American Beauty must have been pretty triggering, also, imagine your star vehicle role being unsavourily reminiscent of the abuse in your past.

Another layer, with what we now know about Kevin Spacey, Mena is probably lucky that she's her gender.


gu3st August 2, 2022

Speaking of Windsor Castle, I don't wanna be stereotyped, or a cliche.

Yeah, I'd hate to be pegged.

gu3st August 2, 2022

Self-defence isn't bludgeoning someone forty-one times.

gu3st August 2, 2022

@maybemaddie Like laser sounds? ;)

gu3st August 1, 2022

@snorks So, ignoring? McConnell refused to present Obama's choice of SCOTUS justice for appraisal/vote. That's one man directly blocking constitutional procedure, right there.

I've met so, so many conservative constitutional experts online.

gu3st July 31, 2022

At this stage, I'd just be happy to know how to pronounce Florence's last name. 

Never heard it spoken.

What? Use the internet? 

That might dispel a very cherished theory.

gu3st July 28, 2022

@snorks You need to ponder the difference between (cheating) due process and democracy (a state actually delivering the desires of the majority of its constituency). Due process has been observed (in a warped way, as described above), but it wasn't democratic.

gu3st July 27, 2022

What you're saying is that the outcome enhances democracy, but your statement that I disagree with was 'this is democracy in action'. It's not, SCOTUS has been a purposefully captured politically, in an unprecedented manner, with the GoP thwarting the CONSTITUTIONALLY awarded power of an elected President to appoint Supreme Court justices.

You also fail to acknowledge the gerrymandering problem that exists at the state level, court and legislative bodies, which distorts democratic results.

If you truly celebrate democracy, rather than just a conservative 'victory' (watch what this does to America's welfare expenditure, infrastructure problems and recidivism) then you should be recognise and decry the methods, employed chiefly by the GoP to cheat democracy.

gu3st July 27, 2022

We used hot rooms and are fortunate enough to have a room, separate to their bedrooms, that the covid positives could isolate themselves with a TV, plus a bathroom for them only. Covid positives  donned masks when they were outside those areas.

We never had any intra-house transmission, as far as I'm aware, I'm yet get COVID, but that might just be not testing at exactly the right time.

gu3st July 27, 2022

@snorks Really? Noone votes for the SCOTUS, this is a court acting like a legislative body and burying 50 years of legal precedence to do so.

Mitch McConnell refused to ratify Obama's choice of SCOTUS judge, his reason; it was too close (just under a year) to elections, then elevated Coney Barrett 38 days out from Trump's electoral loss.

So, any influence voters (vaguely democratic by proxy, through the POTUS of the day),  have on the SCOTUS,  was warped by partisan sabotage of US democratic insitutions, on the part of the G.O.P., with that piece of chicanery to be installed, to the detriment of democracy, for a generation.

You just like the outcome, there's really no argument that democracy served it up. 

I could go further into how decades of gerrymandering has warped democratic process and advantaged the GoP at the state level of US politics, to explain how deeply undemocratic removing this from the federal preserve will become, but let me just finish with:

The majority of Americans don't want this, it's an erosion of the separation of church vs state, by a partisan court that is trying to assume legislative power that, in a functioning democracy, should NOT be wielded by lifelong, unelected appointees.

gu3st July 26, 2022

@snorks OK, so you have to agree, not democratic, as it operates outside the electoral process and without mandate.

gu3st July 26, 2022

This is rampant narcissism on the part of the male participants, not misogyny. The common theme is that both men only care about the attention they're getting, they don't care about the attention, negative, or otherwise, the woman receives.

To me, that's not hate, it's narcissism. 

I've long hated random kindness videos, they're pure attention-seeking performance that doesn't spring from compassion or empathy, but again, unempathetic, but not hate. Not enough regard for the involuntary participant, by definition, can't equal hate. 

gu3st July 25, 2022

@snorks The SCOTUS is unelected and even if it could have a democratic mandate, it doesn't - 61% of Americans think that it should be legal and accessible everywhere.

This isn't democratic, it's conservatve/religious political activism leading to an unpopular outcome.

gu3st July 21, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 Great point.

gu3st July 21, 2022

I once contracted to a US firm and when I flew up to meet the crew, I took a Kath and Kim DVD (which dates the f. out of me), as a light-hearted way to explain Australian culture.

 Standing in front of a conference room full of bemused and amused Americans and explaining that the word 'spunk' means something entirely different in Australia was an unexpectedly delightful little ice-breaker.

gu3st July 21, 2022

 "I must be bitter and impossible to impress." Not gonna lie, I absolutely leapt to that conclusion, but after you laid that all out...yeah, nah, your friends need an intervention, but that seldom goes well.

Prep yourself to be a pieces picker upper. Lunges and squats.

gu3st July 17, 2022

How come none of the Beauty and the Geek couples spin off into a highly intsagrammable and relationship and open a few night clubs, or something?

gu3st July 13, 2022

@mamamiauser123 Nope. I don't agree with that at all. At the very least there should be a warning at the top of the article. Nor was the fact necessary for a look at the actor's life. MM used to be careful about spoilers.

3 years out, sure.

Current season, absolutely no spoilers! Still mad.