TRIED AND TESTED: I slept in this $7 hair mask and woke up with the softest hair of my life.


Mamamia’s Tried and Tested series is your weekly review of the latest to hit our desks in beauty, health and wellness. You won’t find any #sponsored content here, just honest, relatable and independent advice. This week, Senior Lifestyle Writer Amy Clark found an epic $7 hair mask.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t been doing a lot of… things since I started self-isolating four weeks ago.

I’m not working out at home or taking up wholesome hobbies like knitting or baking sourdough. My diet’s never been worse (snacking counts as a meal, yeah?), I can’t remember the last time I wore a bra and I definitely have not watched every show there is on my streaming services.

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One thing I have been doing, though, is hair masks.

Although now is an excellent time to try training your hair to be less greasy if you’re working from home, I’ve actually been doing the opposite. For me, washing my hair regularly is a small task that makes me feel infinitely fresher and less gremlin-like. Even though my skin has kind of gone to sh*t recently (thanks isolation skin), my hair has never looked better.


I’d like to think that comes down to a new (to me) overnight hair mask: the Sephora Collection Hair Sleeping Mask, $7.

If you only just wrapped your head around the phenomenon of sleeping face masks (a.k.a thick moisturisers you can wear to bed marketing as ‘masks’), let me start off by demystifying what a sleeping hair mask is. Yep, it’s a very thick, hydrating conditioner you can sleep in.


This Sephora Collection Hair Sleeping Mask is available in six ‘flavours’ – I tried the Coconut one – and comes in two parts. The first part is the actual mask that looks and smells like coconut cream and contains a lot of ingredients, including coconut oil. The second is a cloth shower cap with fun prints on it that’ll protect your pillowcases while wearing the product overnight.

Unlike in-shower hair masks or leave-in conditioners, this hair mask works best applied on dry hair. Run a generous amount through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair from your ears down, and if you’ve got short and/or fine hair, you’ll get two uses out of one sachet.

Hot tip: time your mask for the night before you plan to next wash your hair because you’re going to have to wash it out anyway.

Once you’ve applied the mask, wind your hair up into a low bun and place the cap over your head. You can also plait your hair, wear it in two buns or even manoeuvre it into the cap worn out. Then, go to bed.

hair mask
Here's what the coconut version of this sleeping hair mask looks like. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.
hair mask
The printed cap is a bit cute, no? Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.
hair mask
Here's me with the mask in and cap on just before bed. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.
hair mask
And here's what I actually look like wearing it. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.

If you're wondering how the heck you're meant to sleep with this cap on all night and not end up with cream smeared over your nice pillowcase, don't worry because I've thought of that and you've got two options.

The best way I've found to keep the cap secure throughout the night is wearing an eye mask over the top. Yes, I look like a silk fighter pilot, but it blocks out the lights from neighbouring apartments and keeps the cap in place. If you don't own an eye mask or don't like wearing one, you can also replace your usual pillowcase with an old one you won't mind getting a bit messy should the cap slip off mid-slumber. That said, the mask soaks into your dry hair within an hour or two, so any mess would be minimal.

Fast forward to the next morning and you can jump in the shower and wash your hair as normal. Then, blow dry or air dry and marvel at how seriously silky and smooth your hair feels. I honestly haven't been able to stop touching, flicking and whipping my hair since.

hair mask
The end result is soft hair you won't be able to stop touching! Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.

Look, is this mask a bit gimmicky? Absolutely. Could you do the same thing with any old conditioner and a shower cap or cling wrap for free? 100 per cent. But did doing this hair mask bring a bit of affordable joy to my day? It bloody well did.

Feature Image: Supplied/@theamyclark.

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