Sarah Jessica Parker tried to 'stay away' from Matthew Broderick when they first met.

In a sea of Hollywood breakups and divorces, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick remain an elusive unicorn. The couple went on their first date in 1992 and over 30 years later, they're still happily together. 

In a new interview on The Howard Stern Show, Parker opened up about how the couple couldn't start dating when they first met in 1991. Broderick was introduced to Parker through her brothers, Pippin and Toby.

“We were both seeing other people, so it was illegal, and we stayed away from one another,” the And Just Like That actress said. 

“We understood that we had to do right by the other people and break up officially.”

Once they had each broken up with their respective partners, Parker and Broderick had their first date, and they have been (quite literally) inseparable ever since. 

“We’ve never spent a night apart since then, with the exception of work on location,” she told Howard Stern. “Or, his mother was ill for a bit so he went to take care of her. 

"But from that first night, we’ve never been apart.”

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Video via The Howard Stern Show.

If you're wondering who Parker and Broderick were dating when they first met in 1991 (you nosey thing, but also same!) then it turns out that SJP was reportedly still dating Robert Downey Jr. 

The tumultuous couple dated from 1984 to 1991. 

As for Broderick, it's unclear which woman the Broadway actor was dating when he met his future wife. In the years prior to marrying Parker, he was romantically linked to several high-profile women, including Helen Hunt and Jennifer Grey.

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Parker also had a colourful dating history, previously dating famous men ranging from Downey to Nicolas Cage and Michael J. Fox to John Kennedy Jr. 

You know what that's called? Range. 

Sarah and Matthew got married in 1997 in a surprise wedding. The couple invited around 100 friends and family to 'a party' which ended up being their nuptials. 

The couple share three kids together, a son named James Wilkie, and twin girls Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell.

Feature image: Getty + Mamamia. 

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