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melc74 May 7, 2022

Great article, fabulous msg for all the mums!

melc74 May 7, 2022

Beautifully written. Sorry that happened to you.  Terrifying. Hopefully things change in society, more truly needs to be done. 

melc74 April 1, 2022

@kate m I agree too. Definitely never a scenario where death threats etc are warranted, that's just insanity, however Olivia's behaviour was really appalling. 

She didn't give it a 2nd thought to present Dom's photos to the group and have it discussed on national TV. And as has been said,  no real apology.  She needs to take responsibility for her actions. And yes edited but her actions and comments can't all be pasted together

melc74 March 29, 2022

@Nydiaas Totally agree, leaving a 4yo alone is crazy. Once they are a bit older and can look after themselves,  it's great when the parents leave.

And the judgemental replies about the host doing too!  I did big parties when my daughter was young and they naturally progressed to smaller trips to the movies etc. Really disappointing that the point of the article was missed and people are judging tge author of the piece. 

melc74 March 24, 2022

Feel for this woman, just awful. Hate that cycle of trying to make everything perfect so he isn't annoyed or's exhausting.

How concerned she must be when the kids are with him,  its just no way to live πŸ˜”

melc74 March 16, 2022

Brilliant article and great ad....please please please can this be something our Govt do?

melc74 March 10, 2022

This article is amazing. It made me smile and she'd a tear. Those poor people living through that and yet their resilience still shines through. 

melc74 February 19, 2022

What is wrong with media outlets that do this? Look into anyone's past and you will find stuff we are all not proud of but as Grace says, to go after her as an abuse survivor? Just disgusting. That media outlet should publish her open letter as a form of restitution.

melc74 January 24, 2022

Great article. Haven't heard of Upparel do thanks for bringing them to my attention. 

melc74 January 22, 2022

The thickening of the waist line is REAL AF.

I have always been an hourglass shape, big boobs, big hips but a tiny waist. This too was my worst feel and it's been realised. 
At 48 I am now just roundπŸ˜‘
Not the end of the world but grrrrrr!
The up side is haven't had a period since May!

melc74 January 19, 2022

I'm divorced and the freedom to do as I please, is amazing, so much so that I don't know I want to pair up again. Never say never but it would have to be a great person/relationship. 

Trust me, once the dust settles its great.  He has moved on and of course things are great now with them but he'll soon do the same to her. 
You're friend in the marriage to a man she hates, is absolutely NOT living her best life. The need to have to have a man at all cost is insanity. 

melc74 December 26, 2021

A country of extroverts seems accurate.  I was stating at a qld resort once and a team of players from USA were staying also. 

Every morning,  once they arrived, we finished up and left.  So loud and no self awareness that they were pissing everyone off. That was about 25 yrs ago and still in my mind.
Also what's with bacon in pancakes with maple syrup... .yuck..  

melc74 September 17, 2021

Love Only Murders in the Building, so quirky and clever. Main characters are loveable. Don't mind the weekly drop but 1 half hour ep us not enough.  Two at a time would be good. Highly recommend 

melc74 August 7, 2021

Thank you for this amazing list! I'm in desperate need of some crime shots so this is perfection!

melc74 August 5, 2021

@Gemmabath What an amazing article. I will be sharing it with all my loved ones. You've hit the nail on the head on so many issues. 

Thank you for continuing to do great work and trying to get the right messages out there. πŸ‘β£

mamamia-user-468867314 July 7, 2021

Yeah, nah, I won't be watching it but brilliant recap Clare !

mamamia-user-468867314 June 3, 2021

@mjte yes exactly, people seem to forget all too quickly when election time comes around

mamamia-user-468867314 May 14, 2021

Great set ups, they were all nice in their own way and where does Sally live? I want to live there!

mamamia-user-468867314 April 21, 2021

I feel like, don't comment if you know little about the topic. And the fact the lead protagonist is not drop dead gorgeous is irrelevant,  women of all shapes, sizes and looks can be treated the way the movie portrays.

mamamia-user-468867314 April 19, 2021

This is so upsetting. Australia is a mixing-pot of amazing people from so many countries.  It's sickening that ignorant entitled people do these things. Im sorry this is happening to you and keep speaking up!