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melibeec February 2, 2024

What amazing humans Kris and James are. Such a beautiful story to come from a tragic event. 

melibeec January 24, 2024

So the comment about performances that feature a female character overcoming a great hardship are generally nominated.... well overcoming the whole shitshow that is the PATRIARCHY doesn't count!!??? FFS

melc74 December 14, 2023

Email sent,  wonderful idea drafting it for us.

I'm aware at 4.30am and reading this makes me sick and terribly sad. How is everyone just sitting by and letting it happen? 

melc74 December 8, 2023

@amcc9 Yes, I don't really understand what is meant by that last line.....

melc74 October 8, 2023

Knowing friends who have sent their girls yo a sane sex school, the boyfriend issues exist just as much. They meet at the bus stop, the girls school have functions with the local boys school.  You're not shutting that out in the slightest.

Co-ed is about existing in the real world.  And just something that didn't sit right, to say that girls gossip and participate in drama is disappointing.  It's used as a negative of course but truth be known boys are just as bad. This trope needs to end.

melc74 August 27, 2023

100% agree. I too have fallen in love with reformer pilates. Started a year ago at 48yo. I feel strong and bend and am not really a fan of exercise so needed something I loved to keep at it. Reformer is that for me!

melc74 August 19, 2023

Beautifully written as usual Jessie. 100% agree with all of this.  Breastfeeding was a nightmare for me, gave up at 6 weeks,  I has a lazy gewl who had a weak latch and always feel asleep. The lovely moments are breathtaking though, far out weigh the bad. And yes things are ever evolving but really dislike the "just you wait" people, you just enjoy the great moments. Such a precious time!

melc74 July 26, 2023


What a stupid comment 

melc74 May 12, 2023

Beautifully written Kee. So many ppl loved and cared for you in those formative years ❣️❤️❣️❤️

melc74 April 30, 2023

Just so shocking and heartbreaking.  Seemed like such a kind and funny and loving soul. His poor family and friends ❣️❤️❣️❤️😔

melc74 April 29, 2023

Great options, and mist are reasonably priced. My vote is the pink wrap, gorgeous! 

Good luck x

melc74 April 3, 2023

Just so much love and joy in these photos!

Congrats and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for sharing,  we are so privileged ❣️❤️❣️❤️

melc74 March 30, 2023

Omg, I loved this so much. Thank you for sharing Mia xx

melc74 March 22, 2023

Great article.  The more we share the more we understand each other ❤️

melc74 February 15, 2023

Great piece, Jessie. Annette Sharp is clearly stuck in the dark ages. Calling out her crap article is gold!

melc74 January 19, 2023

I shall not be reading the book so thank you for this "recap" 😁

As always love your writing and humour

melc74 January 6, 2023

@boymum really couldn't care less about his "good points", the man is a vile and young me should be explicitly explained that

melc74 December 21, 2022

Very funny as always. You're a gem Clare Stephens ❤️

melc74 December 16, 2022

I love your take on the invisible woman! We can remain present with our fabulously bright clothing. Love it! You look so healthy and well. Great role model for us beyond 40's 

melc74 August 21, 2022

@mab60 this "too nice" argument is old. They didn't get the girl cause things weren't right not cause they were too nice