'Bella Hadid just shared her 10-step morning routine. As a dietitian, it's all wrong.'

Question: What does your morning routine look like? I'll go first. 

Multiple phone alarms, lots of coffee, lots of swearing (cause, coffee now on shirt), maybe a crumpet (I FORGOT HOW GOOD THEY ARE) and lots and lots of running for buses.

Chances are, your morning routine shares some similarities to the above. Maybe a bit of toast. A smoothie. A tea instead of coffee. Running after kids instead of transport, etc.

For our friend Bella Hadid, however, her morning routine plays out a little... different.

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We know because she shared it. And it looks expensive and like it would make you need to pee a lot.

The 27-year-old supermodel posted her viral 10-step routine to TikTok, which involved supplements, green juice and an obscene amount of vitamins.

She starts off by mixing three different essential oils in a glass of water and drinking it, before throwing back 14 vitaminswashing it down a tall glass of green juice.


She then chugs a glass of goopy-looking sea moss gel (so. much. liquid!), following it up with something called 'fulvic detox' — which promises to help eliminate toxins in the body. She then takes a bite out of a croissant and downs some 'liquid ionic trace minerals' — a magnesium supplement. 

After taking all her vitamins and drinks, she applies some essential oils to her skin, slips on some crystal bracelets and sages her body, before some journaling.

Check out the entire routine below:

@babybella777 mornings with me before we start making things for you cc @Orebella ☁️🤍🫶🏼🪩 #orebella ♬ ♡ ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ ♡ - SoBerBoi

It's... a lot.

Enter: dietician, nutritionist and author Lyndi Cohen.

When asked what she thought of Bella Hadid's routine, she told us it seems quite "convoluted" and "pretty unattainable" for most busy people to keep up with. 

Read: it's not exactly realistic.

"I can't even imagine the cost of all the things she's putting into her body," she added. "It would be quite exorbitant. But I assume she can afford this. However, I don't think that most people would or should be spending their money in this way."

So then are all of these supplements and vitamins actually necessary or helpful? 

According to Cohen, you actually be doing yourself more harm than good — especially if you haven't sought out any professional medical advice about what to take and how much, beforehand.


"Taking a large amount of supplements can create an extra strain on your body to process through all the nutrients. But mostly, we just refer to this taking too many supplements as expensive wee. Because typically, your body ends up excreting any nutrients that it doesn't require out in your urine. Because it's not needed in your body."

She said that sometimes people think of taking a supplement like an insurance policy, and while this can be correct, it's important to remember that it does create a little bit of an extra load on your body. 

"Typically, for someone who has a healthy balanced diet, you certainly wouldn't need to be taking a whole handful of supplements that seems extreme and unnecessary."

In the comment section, one comment read: "If you have to take that many supplements, then you're not getting enough nutrition from your food."

Another person wrote, "Anything but eating a proper breakfast."

While Hadid's content isn't outwardly promoting dangerous content surrounding body ideals as such, her methods aren't exactly 'proven' and as Cohen said, shouldn't be seen as the 'solution' to overall health.

"What I love about her sharing her morning routine, is that there was no obsessive 'body check'," said Cohen. "She wasn't tying her morning routine to before and after or a certain weight. She was a little coy about what she actually ends up eating — she wasn't showing us what her breakfast looks like. And I think that was to her credit, because I think she understands that eating disorder is rife, and that she is in a very powerful position." 


"I think there are a lot of things that she does that aren't substantiated by science that simply because it makes her feel good — and part of health is doing what makes you feel good. We can't underestimate the power of the placebo effect in how believing something to be efficacious or believing something to work actually can help it work. So she's taking a whole lot of snake oil-type products that don't have any evidence to support them being used."

However, as Cohen goes on to say, if she really enjoys taking them, she feels healthy as a result of taking them and they are doing no harm, then that's okay. You do you.

"What I will say is that so often we see influential people following these convoluted routines, and we think that is the solution to health, we prioritise taking a handful of supplements overdoing the things that we'll have that will yield the biggest impact our wellbeing."

Meaning? Thanks to the confusing and influential world of social media, we've essentially become fixated on all the unnecessary stuff (like supplements and vitamins, etc.) and we're not looking at the bigger picture and taking into account the big players in health and wellbeing.


"We spend 80 per cent of our income on the thing that'll make 20 per cent of the difference, as opposed to the other way around. What we know from the research, which we talk about in my book Your Weight Is Not The Problem, is this idea of the hierarchy of healthy habits — taking supplements is at the very top of that."

"I think if you are sleeping more than seven to eight hours, you're getting a regular exercise that you enjoy, you are eating five servings of vegetables, you're ticking all of these boxes, then you might go and try and add in a few more of these that will specialised habits — the things that don't actually make the biggest difference to your wellbeing."

When it comes to Bella Hadid's viral morning routine, Cohen said the biggest problem is it "makes us think that these little micro habits are more important than the big fundamental things. Which is not true." 

"What we should be prioritising is getting rest, eating vegetables, cooking more at home, and finding enjoyable ways to move our body. It's far more effective. It's gonna yield far bigger results than spending a fortune on fancy supplements just because Bella Hadid does it."

What do you think of Bella Hadid's morning routine? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: TikTok: @bellahadid/Instagram: @nude_nutritionist.

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