‘A debate is raging over Gwyneth Paltrow’s "boyfriend breakfast" and this time I'm on her side.’

Like many celebrities have done before her, Gwyneth Paltrow took part in Vogue’s ‘73 questions’ video series.

And of course, with everything Paltrow does, controversy quickly followed. During one moment, she joked about using her Academy Award as a doorstop, which caused outrage online. 

But calm down terminally online people, there are worse things happening in the world than Gwyn making a silly little gag about an award she won, many years before she patented a candle with the scent of a vagina.

But another comment made by the Goop founder has gone mostly under the radar. When asked about the recipe she gets asked the most about, she replied, “My boyfriend breakfasts.”

A boyfriend... breakfast. My mind immediately went to Gwyn serving up her boyfriend on a buffet platter, maybe arranging a few rashers of bacon in his hair, piling waffles atop his head, and even sticking a few stray blueberries in his ears. 

But I would be wrong. Our Goop goddess is referring to the weekly breakfast she makes for her boyfriend, who is now her husband, Brad Falchuk.  

Forget about girl dinner, Gwyn only cares about making her boyfriend breakfast. 

You could even say Gwyneth Paltrow has 73 problems but a boyfriend breakfast ain't one.

For the uninitiated, Paltrow is famous for her boyfriend breakfasts. She first coined the term in October 2022, when she told her Instagram followers how she would cook for Brad on Saturdays.

“When Brad was just my boyfriend, I started a tradition of making him breakfast every Saturday morning,” Gwyneth wrote.

“Coming up with surprising menus, the prepping and cooking was a way for me to disconnect with the other stresses of my life and direct my focus on my boyfriend! It became this very special moment for us. They are called #boyfriend breakfasts to this day.”


In a follow-up article for Goop, Paltrow revealed that sometimes she doesn't actually eat the breakfast (there's bone broth to be had!), she simply makes it for her partner.

"Even when I’m not eating (I like intermittent fasting some mornings), I really enjoy the act of cooking—and cooking specifically for him," she wrote. 

In response to some criticism from her followers that her tradition was anti-feminist, she defended her decision to cook a morning meal for her man. 

"What’s actually anti-feminist, at this point, is prescribing what feminism is—including looking down on domesticity. I believe in a version of feminism where every person can express the traditionally “feminine” aspects of themselves as they see fit. It nurtures me—and nurtures many people, of all genders—to nurture," Paltrow wrote. 


"For me, it’s not anti-feminist to serve; it’s an act of service that’s about seeing the other person and understanding their needs. It brings a particular energy and intimacy to a relationship. Cooking is also, for me—and I think many type A people—relaxing and grounding. Embracing something so traditionally feminine and old-fashioned balances the hard-driving, work side of myself."

Gwyn said the tradition began because both her and Brad have shared custody with their ex-partners, meaning that sometimes they were child-free on a Saturday aka boyfriend breakfast time, baby! 

"They started when we were dating, both divorced parents. Sometimes neither of us had our kids on Saturday mornings, so it became a thing, and both of us still relish the energy it brings to our relationship," she said.

From here, Gwyn's article quickly derailed into a promotion for Goop's kitchenware line, as most Goop articles do.

So what does the breakfast involve? It's quite the production! Gwyn makes a 'boyfriend breakfast hash', a crab omelette, paleo eggs benedict, and a frittata. 

There's nothing more feminist than a frittata.

"Most mornings, I serve whatever I make right in the pan, on the table," Gwyn described on Goop. "There’s something so elemental about eggs still frying in ghee." 

Ah yes, eggs are rather elemental. As always, Gwyneth Paltrow is more relatable than ever. Never change, Gwyn.

Long live the boyfriend breakfast!  

Feature image: Vogue/YouTube. 

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