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mystal84 October 29, 2021

Thank you for sharing your story I have a 20 year old step niece with a bag it’s great to see these stories 

mystal84 October 28, 2021

The people in these roles are true angels such a thankless & often unheard about job 

mystal84 October 27, 2021

The comment about not liking “we don’t have a kitchen fairy” notices….. obviously you’re one of the people that causes these notices in the first place

mystal84 August 25, 2021

Honesty is the best thing any relationship wether it is professional or personal a couple or a throuple so I think half the battle is won already. I wish the ladies success as they move forward what’s the worst that can happen we’ve all been through break ups but also on the flip side have thought “what if”. Would love an update on this story just out of curiosity 

mystal84 August 25, 2021

I know plenty long term unemployed (by choice) people who send children to child care because it’s free & they “need a break” probably not what I’d call essential to be going at given time……

mystal84 August 6, 2021

Well done & hang in there incredibly hard to realise have a problem & to do something about about it. Wish you all the best on your journey. 

mystal84 August 6, 2021

This article literally hits nail on head I’m divorced (no kids) and lost nearly all social circle & now lots (to be fair not all) married women treat me with suspicion like author of article says you are going to steal their husband. 

mystal84 July 23, 2021

And this is why their numbers are out of control….. I live in QLD & our areas current restrictions is mask it is extremely rare to see anyone breaking this rule. They are in place for a reason 

mystal84 July 14, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 can’t agree more about the bra one I don’t wear one unless absolutely have to 

mystal84 June 10, 2021

💯 nailed on head (and I pack other halves lunch) mother-wife is so bang on 

mystal84 March 24, 2021

Good luck on her journey into motherhood she looks HAPPY isn’t that the most important thing here

mystal84 January 28, 2021

Yes the article isn’t about unpaid work as title suggests but I just want to throw in that us childless folk still have to cook, clean, maintain houses some of us are just not lucky enough to be blessed with children 

mystal84 December 7, 2020

I was 100% bottle/formula fed (my mum was in intensive care) never had any breast milk AT ALL I’m now 36 years old have never broken a bone & got perfect teeth & generally extremely healthy. 

mystal84 November 12, 2020

I refer to myself as a “Fattie” if I own the label people can’t use it to hurt me I often say it loudly & proudly and almost always met with roars of laughter 

mystal84 November 9, 2020

Wow I’m plus size & would never dream of wearing a bikini but that fuchsia city chic is AMAZING love it