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mystal84 February 23, 2024

Thank you for the honest article not many would be brave to admit any of this. 

mystal84 February 15, 2024

I got the ick when I seen add for his reality tv show pre Taylor this man is desperate to be in the spotlight…..

mystal84 February 8, 2024

By not commenting you create more interest/drama so possibly not the “chill” attitude you are trying to portray. You actually come across as more attention seeking then the hard launch which leaves nothing to speculation because all out in the open with nothing to hide so interest turns elsewhere because no scandal as such 

mystal84 February 8, 2024

I am assuming this will only apply to workers covered by EBA’s & not salaried staff which is where the loop holes will come into affect. Often those expected to take calls/emails outside of usual hours are on a salary so not protected. 

mystal84 February 4, 2024

@spiral thank you for your inspirational comment. 

mystal84 January 31, 2024

Your kids shoes probably cleanest thing that’s been on a hotel couch let’s be real. 

mystal84 January 29, 2024


mystal84 January 28, 2024

This has to be hands down the most funniest & yet accurate article I’ve read I am in fits of laughter nodding & agreeing to all those people (I’m the reporter) & before could even get to the line I was thinking I so have to send this to my group chat. Thanks Mamamia for giving me a good chuckle 

mystal84 January 27, 2024

Oprah IS Sophia 

mystal84 January 23, 2024

Once I learnt that actors pay for campaigns & nominate to be considered I lost all respect for the Oscars. These recent events just further cement that opinion. 

mystal84 January 20, 2024

This brings to mind the sex in the city episode when Carries shoes got stolen & who was to pay to replace 

mystal84 January 9, 2024

Great article thanks for sharing 

mystal84 January 7, 2024

I’m assuming she means UTI or something similar not actual physical bugs but like an “bug” being used as meaning germ 

mystal84 January 2, 2024

This article is me to a tee!! 

mystal84 December 22, 2023

The real crime the use of “cozzie livs” in this article I’m assuming the author means cost of living….

mystal84 December 21, 2023

This article needs to come with a warning 🔥 🤣

mystal84 November 24, 2023

Thank you for including some plus size options!! 

mystal84 November 5, 2023

This article was a great laugh which obviously if you don’t take everything to seriously what ur was meant to be 😀😀😀

mystal84 November 5, 2023

$65,000 is well above what I even earn in a year I feel this is still a very substantial win for 12 weeks “work”. Plus all the endorsements & events they will attend in the coming weeks/months 

mystal84 September 28, 2023

I was ready to say no no no until I got to the part about tricky people how true this is & far more safer then stranger danger. Have finished article with a new perspective. Obviously not for everyone but some very good takeaways in it