'Your coffee order tells me everything I need to know about you.'

A cup of coffee first thing in the morning is one of the major reasons why this planet continues to function.

Could you imagine if the world ran out of coffee beans? Everything will be thrown into chaos and we’d all be at each other’s throats. So, on behalf of myself and the billions of people that drink a cup o' Joe every day, thank you coffee for acting as our fuel.

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Most of us drink it, but how we drink it differs from person to person, and believe it or not, your coffee order says a lot about you. 

Think about it. Your friend who drinks a long black is far more driven than the mate that guzzles down a mocha (no hate to mocha drinkers, I'm one myself).


So if you're not a sensitive soul then keep reading, because we're about to make a judgement on the type of person you are based on your coffee order (instant coffee drinkers, proceed at your own risk).

Long black.

Long black drinkers love their Excel docs. Image: Getty.


If you drink a long black then nothing, and I mean NOTHING is getting past you. You're type A and proud of it. 

You enjoy your colour-coded Excel docs and will show it off to anyone who seems like they care. You're driven, focused and determined, but you also don't know when to switch off. You're constantly working and checking your emails, even if it's 2am on a Saturday, which explains why you need such a strong dose of caffeine. 

But while you may be organised and a great employee, one tiny bit of feedback sends you over the edge.


Nothing is more important to you than your morning routine. Image: Getty.


Latte drinkers really look forward to their morning routine. You prefer life to be straightforward, and you hate taking risks. While you rarely step out of your comfort zone, you're a delight to be around because of how reliable you are. Just like your coffee order, you prefer everything around you to be safe. You're punctual and the simple things in life make you happy (like your morning routine).

Iced coffee.

You play by your own rules and can't stand it when people tell you what to do. Image: Getty.


Iced coffee during summer is predictable, but if you're someone who drinks an iced coffee when it's freezing cold outside then you're a misfit. You play by your own rules and are the type of person to stand in the middle of a torrential storm and say, "Why is everyone running for cover? It's just drizzling." 

You can be stubborn, but a lot of fun, because you just genuinely don't care about what anyone thinks of you.


You're the honest friend, but you're also a bit polarising. Image: Getty.


If you're an espresso drinker, then you say it how it is. You're the honest, no-BS friend, and people come to you when they want no-nonsense advice. You have a strong personality, and you can teach people a lesson or two about assertiveness. You know what you want in every area of your life, whether that's dating or your career, but while you always get what you put your mind to, sometimes you might be a bit "much" for people.


You're on top of the latest trends and never judge anyone for their choices. Image: Getty.


Just like the cappuccino, you're adventurous and fun. 

You enjoy learning new skills and spending time with people from all walks of life. You're open-minded, which is your best trait, and you're always up for a good laugh. You're the person people come to when they want to know about the latest fashion trends or the best place to eat because if there's anyone who's on top of what's hot and what's not, it's you.

Flat white.

You think you're better than everyone. Image: Getty.


So you're a flat white drinker? I already know you think of yourself as a real connoisseur of coffee. 

You have a superiority complex and viscerally cringe every time you're around someone who orders a mocha (according to you, mocha isn't coffee). You're sophisticated, and no one has ever seen you with a hair out of place. But while you appear to be perfect on the outside, the people around you struggle to relate to you, because you're a closed book.


Two words: Grow up. Image: Getty.


Straight off the bat, you have a huge sweet tooth. You hate the taste of coffee but don't order a hot chocolate because you need the caffeine. 

You're most likely extroverted and the life of the party, but you still have some growing up to do. Procrastination is your middle name, and everyone knows that when you say you'll be somewhere at 1pm, you actually mean 2pm. While you're loveable and have a huge circle of friends, you need to take adulting a bit more seriously. 

Instant coffee.

No comment. Image: Getty.


If you drink instant coffee, then you don't care about anything but getting through the day. The only reason you even drink coffee in the first place is because you need a boost of energy - you couldn't care less about the taste or the consistency. You don't own an iron, and you're probably a little dishevelled, but that's okay because you just don't give a toss.

What is your coffee order and do you agree or disagree? Tell us in the comments section below.

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