There's something very telling if you always take a printed receipt.

If you're wondering if you're old, you don't have to look in the mirror. You don't have to ask your friends. Or check your birth certificate. All you have to do is consider the following question. Do I get a receipt printed?

Because in some very pressing news, apparently this makes you old. 

If you answered 'yes' to this question, chances are you're a Millennial, Gen X or older. If you answered 'no', you're probably Gen Z.

Indeed. Along with ankle socks, skinny jeans, side parts, eyeshadow and throwing your hands in the air while dancing (??) Gen Z has cancelled the humble paper receipt — and you guys, this is why we can't have nice things.

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Video via TikTok: 

In all honesty, though — it kind of makes a lot of sense. According to science ('TikTok') a lot of people don't even use wallets anymore. So where would they put paper receipts, anyway? In their giant barrel-leg jean pockets, probably.

But also, what if you have to return something? And you need a PHYSICAL receipt?? Is that not a thing anymore??


According to most of my Gen Z colleagues, no. No, it isn't.

One said, "I. hate. receipts. Unless it's a big purchase I'm nervous I'll need to return. Other than that I'll never get one, my bank does a really good job of categorising my purchases and I rarely shop in person, so I never feel the need for them."

And okay, but that makes a lot of sense?

"I have never kept a receipt in my life and I don't believe in it. I used to work at KFC and I found it so annoying that people would demand a paper receipt. Even if we'd run out of receipt paper, they would scream at me," another said.

There was one colleague who told me, "I like getting a printed receipt occasionally, it feels so cool and old school."


She continued, "Those times I do get a physical copy (which by the way I have no idea what to do with and if there's any real purpose) I have a voice in my head telling me I'm ruining the planet all on my own via my little pathetic print out receipt."

However, speaking to my Millennial colleagues the responses was veryyy different. In fact, it appears we have something of a fascination with receipts we can't quite explain. 

"I have a whole drawer of them at home that I can't bear to throw out... just in case," one told me. 


"I mostly say yes to them, but without any logic to actually why I'm saying yes. I don't need proof I bought a single packet of breath mints. I'm not going to return them. So why?" said another. "And my wallet is just stuffed full of them, which is apparently also uncool." 

Actually, the whole owning-a-wallet isn't even a thing anymore.

In fact, Holly, Mia and Jessie recently discussed the death of the wallet on a recent episode of Mamamia Out Loud. (Listen to the full episode below).

A TikToker and named Liz June posted the following video, confirming that if you own a wallet, you are old.

@liz.june I’ll be keeping my side part, emojis, and wallet - for now at least. #millennials #millennialmom #millennialsoftiktok #30somethingsoftiktok #30something ♬ original sound - Liz June • First Time Mom

"Millennials, apparently there’s a new way that we can age ourselves and it’s by having a wallet," June said in a TikTok video.

"Apparently Gen Z uses their phone as their wallet, so they have all their pay in their [digital] wallet, they have ID in their [digital] wallet... is this a thing? Did I miss the memo?"

And people in the comment section were CONCERNED.

"Call me old school but what happens when your battery dies…" wrote one person.

"I could never. I have too many certification cards and just cards in general that I use regularly. Not to mention if I need to carry dollar bills," said another.

Someone else said, "Don’t listen to their BS. In two years they will all have wallets and act like it’s some new must-have accessory that they discovered."


And look, we don't know how we got here but there are just so many things that apparently make Millennials and Gen Xers uncool and we can't keep up. 

Your mortality is now visible on everything from your ankles to your eyeliner and now the way you shop, and it almost always feels personal?

When we asked the Mamamia office all the things that prove you're a Millennial versus a Gen Z, other golden nuggets included: Crossbody bag versus shoulder bag (apparently if you're a Millennial, you'll likely prefer a crossbody bag over a cute, trendy shoulder bag??), bra versus no bra (we'll let you guess who likes their boobs strapped in), posting normal photos versus using 0.5 zoom photos (Gen Z will strictly only post unedited photos featuring huge foreheads, super long arms, tiny bodies, etc.) and more specifically, knocking on the door versus texting "I'm here".

Are you exhausted? We are. And no, we don't want a receipt.

Are you a fan of the paper receipt? Do you think receipts and wallets make you old? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Canva.

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