OPINION: 'There's a 2016 way to wear eyeliner and a 2023 way.'

Okay, a bit of shush, please. A BITTA SHUSH.

Because apparently there's a big difference between 'Millennial eyeliner' and Gen Z eyeliner — and I can't stop thinking about it. Like, it's truly rattled me.

Right now I have eleventy million deadlines. An overflowing inbox. Haven't eaten breakfast. But none of this matters, because there's a video showing me I've been wearing my eyeliner like the millennial that I absolutely am, and I'm going to need to know how to fix it, immediately.

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Video via Mamamia

I came across this tutorial by New York-based content creator Megan Bowen (@meganbowen_), where she basically shows how liquid eyeliner looked in 2016 versus how it looks in 2023 - and CAN SOMEONE PLS CHECK ON LAUREN CONRAD?

You okay babe x


"If your winged eyeliner is stuck in 2016 but you want it to look like it's in 2023, I'm going to show you how," she begins.

And yes, please. Do go on...

She starts by telling me there's one major difference between these two eyeliner looks — and the secret is all in the application technique.

She goes on to say the eyeliner she's using in this tutorial is Maybelline, and yes sweetie that's great. But the technique, TELL US ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE.

"Let me show you what you have been doing — we can correct it."


She said the old way of doing it involves starting with the eyeliner in the middle of our eyelid drawing a sharp line/wing outwards. 

"Again, this is the old way. It's no good anymore," she adds.


Instead, she applies it from the bottom of her eye and not in the middle like I've been doing for the past 117 years.

You WOT??


"Press your arm to your chin, find a steady hand and start at the bottom and extend up. I'm putting barely any pressure — creating a really thin line, from the bottom of my eye up, which follows my contour."

Using small strokes, she takes the line to the outside edge of her eye, following that angle "up and away".

The line on her top lash is thinner. Tight-lined. Sleeker and... cooler? 

She goes on the explain that it looks "so much younger, and so fresh".

"Add a little bit of waterproof mascara — and don't forget to curl your lashes. I mean, look at that — so good, such a difference. 

But, hang on. Does it really look better? 

Immediately, yes. 

She explained her eyes look "sleek, sexy and long," adding "I feel like it literally took five years off."

Anyway, the actual technique is insanely difficult to explain (what am I, a writer or something?), so take a peek at the video below:


Am I changing my eyeliner technique? I think.... yes. Yes, I am.

Obviously, everyone has the right to do their makeup as they wish — you do you, yada, yada, yada. 

But you gotta admit it. The 2023 version looks a fair bit cleaner. Elongated. Makes your eyes look better.

Brb gotta go practice.

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Would you try this eyeliner technique? What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram; @ @meganbowen_ 

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