These 7 tips from bra-fitters will completely change your life.

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Finding the right bra is like falling in love.

Once you’ve worn one that truly fits, it’s obvious that every other bra in your wardrobe has been oh so wrong for you. And like any boyfriend who thinks it's a good idea to transform your home office into a gamer’s paradise, an ill-fitting bra can ruin just your whole damn day.

As a modestly chested lass myself, I always considered investing in bras to be a necessity, but not a priority. I thought you were meant to find them a bit painful, and just accepted that they generally made my outfits look worse instead of better. That was until, at 32 years old, I finally braved that hall of mirrors and invited a perfect stranger into my change room to evaluate my underwear situation.

That’s where I learned it’s not just about finding the right cup size. You need the band size, style, level of coverage and material that feels right for you. That woman changed my life, and I’m happy to report there’s now an online resource that sums up what she taught me.

Enter, Myer’s Bra Fit Guide. Their guide lets you take control of your own chest-iny! It breaks down everything you need to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. 

From finding the right style for your breast shape to working out your cup and band size, so you can feel like you’re wearing a second skin (and not a medieval corset). There's even a handy international sizing chart for those of us who want to convert our Aussie size to European (and then revert back to US).

Image: Myer. 


Women's clothing sizing is an unknowable mess of catches and caveats, so naturally, we can use all the help we can get to decipher it. These tips from top chest-perts (okay, that one's a stretch) will help get you on your way...

A bigger cup size doesn’t always mean a bigger bust.

Jen Warnes is a TikTok creator and expert in bras for those needing a bigger cup but a smaller band. In her video, she shows us side-by-sides of bras with the same cup size and different band sizes, explaining how the cup size is actually determined by the difference between the bandwidth (under-bust measurement) and the chest measurement (over-but, or over the nipple measurement). 


So those with a smaller difference in centimetres between the bandwidth and chest measurement will end up wearing a smaller cup size. Of course, as Jen says, “It is confusing, I’m not gonna lie”. 

Every bra size has a sister size.

Image: Madison Anne. 

Now that we know cup sizes are so variable, a great tip for when your size is out of stock, or your usual size doesn’t feel quite right, is to know your bra’s "sister size". In her video on the subject, "TikTok’s bra lady" Madison Anne explains the idea by sharing a simple hack – if you go down a band size you must go up a cup size, and vice versa. 


So, if you’re a 12D in Aus sizing then your sister size would be a 14C or a 10DD. 

Learn the scoop and swoop (to stop spilling out).

In her video, creator Curvy Couture teaches us an important fitting technique to make sure we have the perfect size and fit. 

These are her simple steps:

  1. With your opposite hand, reach inside the bra cup and take hold of your breast from the armpit area. 

  2. Scoop the breast to sit fully in the bra cup.

  3. Adjust the under wire to lie flat against the body.

  4. Check that no breast tissue is spilling out of the top or side of the cup. 

  5. Ensure the centre is flat against the sternum.

  6. And you’ll have a perfect fit!

The sports bra fitting cheat sheet.

Bra fitting expert Madison Alexandra is here with her top tips for getting the best sports bra fit, and excuse me while I throw out all of mine. 

Her foolproof steps to the right workout support:

  1. The more coverage the cups offer and the firmer the band, the more support you will get. 

  2. For high-impact activities, go for a cup and band size style sports bra, rather than the generic small, medium, or large. 

  3. You want to only be able to fit two fingers between your body and the band.

  4. If you have breast tissue spilling out the top, you will have an unwanted bounce at the top of the bra.

A mobility-friendly method for putting on your bra.

For anyone working with motor or mobility factors, TikToker and undergarment educator Hurray Kimmay brings us her simple guide for putting on any bra.

Image: Hurray Kimmay.

  1. Start with the cups facing out and up. 

  2. Wrap the bra around your waist. 

  3. Do up the hooks to your side (or as close to the back as you can manage to avoid scrunching or twisting it as you set it in place). 

  4. Be gentle as you twist it around and slowly pull the cups over your breasts. 

  5. Finally, slip each arm into the straps!

3 tips for a perfectly fitting bra.

In her video, bra fit expert Jacqualyn Porter explains her top three tips for the best-fitting bra – a great place to start if you’re new to the world of excellent fitting bras. 

  1. Band fit: If you raise your arms and your bra is moving up with you, it’s not a good fit. 

  2. Cup: If there’s a grab between the top of the cup and your breast, it’s not the best style for you. On the other hand, if your breasts are spilling out the top, it’s also not the right fit. 

  3. The centre gore: The part where the wires meet in the centre should fit flat against your chest. 

And finally, what to do if your bra feels too tight.

To round us off, we have a few more pearls of wisdom from our undergarment educator, Hurray Kimmay on what to do when your bra feels too tight. 

First, your bra should be like shoes, it should feel comfortable. Secondly, you should always be able to breathe comfortably. Remember, bras should fit snugly on the body, akin to a well-fitting pair of leggings. 

If your bras feel uncomfortable, opt for softer or more stretchy materials, or go wire-free!

To find your perfect fitting bra, visit Myer's Bra Fit Guide

Feature Image: Supplied/Myer/Mamamia.  

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